Residential Feng Shui Services

Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place where you nurture your family, share your food, celebrate your successes, mourn your losses, face your challenges and develop your potential. It is where your dreams take shape, where love and solace co-exist, and where you can freely be yourself. Your home is your most intimate reflection of who you are and how you live.

Feng shui is a practical and powerful tool that helps you navigate this labyrinth of home and self. The principles of building enable you to create a home that contributes to positive health and well-being. Each consultation brings the art and science of these practices to you in an easy to understand manner.

Feng Shui Consultations

By working with your objectives, with the orientation of your land and home, with the bagua (an ancient tool), and with the 5 elements found in nature - water, wood, fire, earth and metal - Feng Shui Connections helps you to energetically balance your home so that it supports and enhances your life. Spiritually, Feng Shui Connections strives to help you make the connection between your outer and inner environments - to know your place in the realm between heaven and earth.

The energy of your land is evaluated as part of each consultation. The shape and contour of your land has a significant impact on your daily life. It is even more important than the inside of your home. Since you enter and exit from it every day, it has a profound impact on your attitudes, your personal energy patterns and your chi. In addition to looking beautiful, the right landscaping will encourage beneficial chi flow, help to strengthen irregularities in your plot (such as slopes or odd shapes), balance the energies around your house and in your gardens and support your intentions and objectives. Before you make a major investment in landscaping and landscape design, call for a consultation to maximize your budget.

Every aspect of your life is reflected in your space. Your possessions absorb the energy of the events that take place in the space. Have you acquired new furniture or made changes? Colors also have particular energies and help set the tone for a space. A consultation helps you to understand the patterns and make appropriate adjustments. Local consultations are done in person. Long distance consultations are done via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, telephone or other service. Short phone consultations and feng shui "tune ups" can also be arranged.

New Q&A Service

Are you curious about feng shui or how to bring your space into alignment with your goals and intentions? Do you have one or more questions you'd like answered without having a full consultation? If so, send your questions along and I'll answer them for you in either a written response, a short recording or a 15-minute Zoom or Facetime call.

Send along your question(s) and supporting information such as a photo or a floor plan, if they would be helpful.

One question is $49.00, two questions are $80.00 and three questions are $99.00. I'll send an invoice for online (or other) payment. If a particular cure or adjustment is required, you may be asked to send along red envelopes as well. If so, this will be explained after I hear from you.

Questions might relate to placement of furniture, best placement for a mirror, the type of mirror to use, supportive colors, desk placement, adjustments to a particular area to support your intentions, clarification about conflicting information you may have heard, etc.

For example: What are some ways to energize my Career gua to support finding a new job? (Send one or more photos of your Career gua for review.)

Help! I don't sleep well. What feng shui adjustment would help me? (Include a photo of your bed and bedroom.)

I'd like to attract a partner. What feng shui adjustments do you recommend?

Send your questions to me at


Are You Buying or Selling Property?

Feng shui can help:

  • Improve the vitality and energy of your home
  • Bring more balance
  • Adjust to a recent life change or challenge
  • Get back on track after a series of unfortunate events
  • Support better health
  • Land a job or new career
  • Assist with down-sizing
  • Create sanctuary at home
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Make room for a partner
  • Attract more money
  • Buy or sell property
  • and much more...

Real estate is a more than a financial investment: it is a major investment of your personal time and energy. Whether you are buying or selling your home or business, you want the process to go smoothly and produce the desired results. For buyers, it's critical that your new home or office meets not only your functional criteria, such as number and size of rooms or location, but also your "intangible" criteria, which might be stated as the feeling you get from being there. For sellers, you want your property to "put its best foot forward" in order to attract the right buyer.

We've all had the experience of walking into a building and immediately feeling welcomed, safe and "at home." We can relax, let our guard down and even luxuriate in the colors, textures and aromas in the space. Other places, we feel "on edge" or vaguely uncomfortable. As a prospective buyer, it's often very hard to pinpoint the source of these feelings and we often write them off as irrational, instead of paying attention. Feng shui and building biology can help you to identify the sources of those different energies, and to know what remedies are needed.


Feng shui is a proven tool for analyzing the suitability of a property

whether it's a business or a home.

Those vague "feelings" are actually a form of energy (ch'i), just like light or sound. When the ch'i flows freely in a supportive environment, your life is more likely to flourish. Call today if you would like a:

  • Buyer's Consultation
  • Seller's Consultation
  • Agent's Consultation

Business Feng Shui Services

Businesses, like people, have a personality and energy that is uniquely their own. For this reason, management has much to gain by acknowledging the key role that a healthy and supportive work environment plays in productivity, employee retention and improving the bottom line. Our goal is to help you strike a balance between investing in the well-being of your employees while achieving your long-term business objectives.

Your office or workspace and layout is crucial to the flow of your business, regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor, the CEO of a large company, or somewhere in between. The more you know and understand about your environment and how it impacts your business and your life, the more successful your business will be.

We look at the big picture as well as the details. We assess the energy flow, identify blockages to be removed, discuss options and propose adjustments to enhance the success of your business. Whether you realize it or not, you, your employees, clients, customers, and suppliers subconsciously project their inner thoughts and issues onto your business space. By enhancing the space and consciously portraying images and messages, you can design a successful path for your business.

We work with all types of organizations: corporate environments, small businesses, home-based businesses, educational and healthcare facilities, wellness centers, retail, restaurants, hotels, conference centers, spas, yoga retreats and public spaces.

Download the Bagua for Business. Contact Peg for a consultation to apply the bagua to your business and to maximize the flow of beneficial chi and business profits.