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February 8, 2021

"Peg's work is life changing. Her connection to the Source is pure. In just one entity clearing session she uplifted my vibration to joy, love and health and my consciousness to peace and acceptance. I wholeheartedly recommend Peg's services."

TM, Netherlands, Feb 2021

‚ÄčTHANK YOU for doing this space clearing! Wow, what an amazing shift!! The moment I walked into my room, the hair on my legs stood up because the energy was so light and pure. After the clearing, it was the first time I had slept through the entire night without tossing and turning. I didn't want to get out of bed the next morning! There is air movement and flow in my room. It's like the emotional baggage has been lifted, and I FEEL it. The chi pre-clearing was exactly the emotions my roommate and I had been feeling, so I am just beside myself that you were able to pick up on that. Incredible, truly incredible work..

NN, Henniker, NH, USA

I just completed Chapter 7 of Money is an Energy Game! The timing was perfect, as I am now ready to shift my home office/art studio into two separate spaces. All your suggestions, diagrams and tips are helpful for my office space, as that is in an upstairs bedroom and your floor plan works beautifully. I have now cleared the space completely and did the vacuuming and window cleaning, which has helped me see the space in a new light.


I highly recommend Peg for Feng Shui, Coaching and Energy Clearings! "I've had the pleasure of knowing Peg personally and professionally, for many years. What stands out about her is that she really listens, and cares. I always receive very positive energy after speaking with Peg about her feng shui techniques and hearing about how she helped others with her coaching skills as well through the entire process.
When I first met Peg, I was fascinated. I was ready to see how it could impact my stagnant life. She came to my house with all the new updates, also consultations over the phone. Peg is extremely professional; she listened to all my concerns & dilemmas. Within a couple of days of making the bagua adjustments for my house and setting my intentions (that were well planned out), I started seeing results. Working with energy myself as a Professional Psychic Medium and Energy worker, it's important not only for myself, but my home and family energy must be balanced. Peg's patience and understanding, with her knowledge of feng shui and coaching goes beyond what you think is possible. Your body, brain, and home need adjustments regularly. I highly recommend her in your personnel and professional life. I use Peg every season, for personal goals, professional goals and creating balance with positivity. I truly cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone else, whether you are trying to manifest and shift energy, move into a new home or office, or just feel comfortable with excitement for the future with results.
She is truly amazing and is also a co-author of Money Is an Energy Game, which won a 2020 Gold COVR Award (Coalition of Visionary Resources). I'm really excited! I want to thank you for all your help. I believe the feng shui practice and blessings you did for me have started to take effect. I'm so excited about what else will come my way in the future! Thanks again, Peg. I genuinely appreciate your talent and good heart! It is with gratitude that I thank Peg for taking care of me and for being my feng shui consultant, friend, coach and expert. I recommend Peg's services wholeheartedly!

Spiritual Psychic Medium, Lana Louise.

August 5, 2020

You helped me overcome fear and family issues.

"You were SO helpful while working with me way back in 2015 to overcome my fear of spinal surgery. Not only did you succeed in that, but you also helped to overcome some family issues that I didn't even know were there! You rock!!!"


My Best Month Ever After an EF&H session!

Your work with me and on me, has resulted in the best month of sales I've ever had in February. It worked. Now I am reading your book "Money is an Energy Game" and it all makes sense. I've written my own Prosperity contract and I am working on my way to building a phenomenal company. Regardless of what is looming ahead of us. I know I can do it. Thank you so much. You have changed the way I've been looking at things, and you are going to play a part in how I make things different for women in society. It will take a decade, but it will happen.
March 18 2020


March 18 2020
EF&H ... A Transformative Breakthrough

Thank you again for your simply amazing guided emotional release with acupuncture - this is a transformative breakthrough on truly helping domestic abuse survivors and people trying to overcome PTSD, severe emotional trauma and other life challenges so we can all heal beautifully

Optimizing Your Office for Success and Prosperity. Tips from Success Manifesto Book
... my compliments on your chapter that focuses on Optimizing Your Office for Success and Prosperity. After reading, I honestly came in early next morning and rearranged my desk according to your Feng Shui Bagua for Business. Back center of my desk I have placed a plaque I received for my promotion, along with a couple of awards I received last year. My front left corner now contains my words of wisdom that I turn to for encouragement throughout the day. I can already feel the positive energy and the last two days have been the most productive I have had in weeks. I never considered how much of an impact connecting my office space with my work intentions could be. So thank you again for sharing your expertise.
And as an astrology enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Madeline Gerwick's chapter on the utilization of universal energies as well. This is incredibly insightful and I am certainly going to take her advice and begin focusing my energies on timing and the changes taking place around me.
Sincerely, Ryan Dearth, Townsquare Interactive, www.TownsquareInteractive.com
P.S. I am going to share your 8 Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business with my management team to see if this is something our company would be interested in when it comes to the development of our leadership groups.

Ryan Dearth

Space Clearing Eliminates "Footsteps!"

Thank you for this summary. I haven't felt anything but positive vibes after the clearing and that's a good thing. My mom takes care of my children at home during the day and she said she used to feel someone following her around and used to hear steps. She says she hasn't felt that this week so that's good.

T. Soto

EF&H Clears Blockages to Selling a House

Dear Peg,
My husband and I used everything in the book, astrological timing, meditation, intentions, vision board, clearing, feng shui, you name it. I'm an expert in the field, I should know.

All seemed to move us closer to the right opportunity to sell his financially underwater home. We had a great realtor, a solid buyer, a good attorney but the bank wouldn't budge. Within 48 hours of the EF & H session you did with him, on his issues around ownership of the house he built we received word that the bank was willing to do the deal.

When we got word, I got a clear message. to ask my husband, what ONE thing did you do - that changed all this? And then I saw his worksheet he had created for working with you on his desk! All the other parts were already in place - to move forward quickly! It's not done yet - but I have a feeling everything is going to move so quickly - we won't have time to write this later! Thank you! We are so excited. I'm so grateful for your work in the Emotion Freedom and Healing technique.

Maureen J St Germain, Transformational Enterprises, New York, NY

Do you know how sometimes things just seem to happen at the right time? Such as people coming into your life at that right moment and it feels all the stars are aligned? This is exactly how I feel about working with Peg! One day, several years ago, I just happened to be standing in an office and saw her brochure. That same day several hours later I called her to make an appointment having very little knowledge of Feng Shui. I was looking for guidance to help with bringing more warmth and positive energy into my home. Additionally, I desperately wanted to start a family and strengthen my marriage. Peg is absolutely amazing and I truly feel blessed to have worked with her on these things. She is wonderful at helping to explain and work with someone who is open about the concepts of Feng Shui but might not understand or have used the principals before. Now several years later I am happy to say that I feel such a huge shift in our home. It's more open, warm and has made my marriage stronger. I am also a mom to a 7 month old now that is the absolute love of my life! Thank you so much Peg for opening my eyes to a whole other world.

Tara B. Windham

This time - using Peg - I hired her to work with both me and my assistant - each of us on our own specific issues. I didn't have time to write out what my needs were this time - but Peg identified the precise issue - that I had been meditating on - and articulated it beautifully. So we have the benefit of this fabulous Emotional Freedom and Healing work - and the marvelous work of Peg herself, and her contribution to the actual tool! What a gift! Thank you. Looking forward to writing another amazing experience.

Maureen J St Germain, Transformational Enterprises, Inc.

Significant Improvements with Relationships and Better Use of Money

"Since your consultation, things have been going well. Relationships in the house have improved significantly. Money is being better utilized-getting good value for things we've purchased and buying things we've needed but avoided. I've been very careful to only buy things that I really like and am working on leaving the bargain mentality behind. I've joined 2 groups of like-minded people and am feeling more connected to people outside the family. Feeling very grateful! I am still working on some of your suggestions. I have enjoyed many of the Feng Shui webinars. They've been helpful to maintain intention. I have been shifting my attention towards creativity. I intend to turn a "soon to be" spare room into a studio to paint furniture. Thanks for all your writings. I always read them and enjoy them!"

DW, Haverhill, MA

Healing Through Feng Shui

Dearest Peg,
Today was the "5 year anniversary" of a really big health challenge in my life. Any one of us may face one of those life changing health challenges at some point. Mine came unexpectedly in the form of a severe accident. Some major health challenges are definitely bigger and more complicated than others...

I sought out an alternate path to healing and growth after several years of debilitating pain, physical incapacity and life changing medical complications. Even with the best efforts of some of the most remarkable medical providers in the country and world, standard Western medicine was simply not helping me. Rather than continue through life on a complicated treatment plan of high doses of chronic pain medication, painful spinal injections, limited mobility and a severely restricted life style, I searched for a new approach and chose an alternate path to healing and growth.

Looking back, I had no idea that opening up my view to considering an alternate path was not really that hard after all ... I discovered that if you are willing to look, you will find it.

I considered the benefits of Feng Shui as a form of alternative healing and began making inquiries.

Blessedly, Peg Donahue was warmly recommended to me and together, we began finding the second path of a life changing journey. With Peg as the scout, navigator, explorer and even rest stop coordinator at times, I have embarked on a remarkable two year sojourn of healing.

With Peg's knowledge and wisdom of Feng Shui and I Ching, I have found the inner resilience to follow this new second path and continue on it as I find new opportunities, new outlooks and new blessings in my life and the life of those I love. I have integrated new health treatment options and new ways of reframing how I view the world.

As Peg and I collaborated on how Feng Shui would enhance my health and the health of my family, I began to immediately see major improvements in our lives and noticed new blessings literally flowing towards my family and me.

Many of my previous health challenges have moved into the rear view mirror of life and as I round the next bend in my life path, I look forward to their disappearing from view completely. There are so many possibilities and opportunities in life that if you are willing to consider working with Peg Donahue, your life will be so much more joyful and you and your loved ones will be blessed with abundant good fortune.

In our home, our living room represents helpful people and spiritual blessings. Today at the time of my five year anniversary health challenge, I rang a lovely Tibetan wind chime to thank and give blessings for all the helpful people in my life. A very special prayer was said for Peg Donahue and for her gifts of Feng Shui and I Ching. I hope the wind carried the spirit of deep gratitude for a person who has helped me have a second chance at life...

eBlessings, Peg!

A Grateful Client, MA

Feng Shui for the Bedroom

Hi Peg! Here's an update ... I am unplugging the portable phone each night. Have yet to buy a regular landline, keep forgetting. The lack of 'static' is definitely noticeable when I unplug the portable. I am sleeping better now. Thanks for that important piece of info! I did the Three Secrets cure at a timely moment. I also moved my bed and like it SO much better. Continuing to work on things, just wanted to drop in with an update. Thanks again for all your help and take care!!

Carol C., FL

Successful Release of Defensive Reactions

Dear Peg,
I have a lovely report to give you. One of the areas that we worked on was the fact that I was finding myself being a little defensive/reactive to someone giving me wrong directions while I was driving. This is a pattern that I encountered quite a bit in Europe, with an unwelcome backseat driver. If you remember ...I felt that I was attracting this.

Yesterday while we were on our way home, driving, I moved into the lane that I thought I should be in, and my husband (and welcome navigator) said "no you need to move one over." I didn't move over and I said "I'm okay." Again, "you need to move over one more lane" and he spoke in a more excited way. Again I said, "I'm okay." Then he became forceful with his instruction and I said "I'm going to stay in this lane," (I knew I was right) and "I don't care." My voice and tone was lighthearted comfortable and at peace. In a few more seconds, he could see that he was wrong. And he apologized. I will tell you I was so at peace about it that I didn't even need him to do that.

This is a humongous change from my "Before." I'm so grateful for the EF&H work, and your brilliance in helping me bring out the very best in me. I love EFT/EF&H and I often use it on myself. But I always call you for the really big stuff. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Maureen J St Germain, Transformational Enterprises, Inc.

Feng Shui Changes are Deep and Profound

"I was reflecting on the Feng Shui changes that I have accomplished and their impact. It occurred to me that Feng Shui is more than changing the furniture configurations and adding colors and clearing the clutter etc...it is a profound and deep energy shift that permeates every facet of your life. It is like a ripple in one's energy field and it just continues to expand outward beyond our body and the walls of one's home. It is holographic. And once set in motion it flows and flows and flows - an energy unto itself. So powerful!"

J.S., Santa Fe, NM

September 2019
Shifts After A Personal Clearing
Two days after a Personal Clearing ...

Hi Peg,
I felt compelled to write this email about the changes I'm seeing already.
Although the people who miraculously left my life due to entity meddling haven't returned just yet, I'm optimistic. It has only been a day.
Rather I am seeing changes within my inner world. I feel more calm and in control. I am able to make decisions and I'm feeling that my mental clarity is improving as well. I do feel lighter and as though I'm not dealing with extra baggage. The changes are surprising me to the point that I have noticed my facial expression changing as well, making me look more radiant and content.
In order to keep seeing positive changes I also am changing my diet to a more healthier one and drinking more water. I will keep you updated on what other changes are coming my way.
I'm considering another clearing in a few months' time. Thank you again.

Two weeks later...
Hi Peg,
I felt compelled to email you about my changes I am still seeing. I am continuously feeling more amazing each day. The aspects of my life which were a blur before are now clear for me to see. I have found some type of inner peace. I don't know if it's the clearing or a placebo but I am feeling these changes within.
I had told you about a guy who had not talked to me after our date even though the chemistry was off the roof and how I could not understand why as I am very intuitive and good at reading people. Well, you'd be interested to know he's back as well! It has been a week and we have talked a few times. He has admitted to missing me! Wow! I am still in awe.

GB, Australia

I notice very strong energy, but very grounded. I am magnetizing every day and things are manifesting very quickly. I also have FLFE on my phone and I find that same feeling of lightness and groundedness. Also a feeling of connectedness, very clear thinking ... I used to have fuzzy thinking.. now my mind is very clear." MW, New London, NH, May 2019

The Benefits of Focused Life Force Energy

Dream Coaching Success

I look forward to every Tuesday at noon!! Peg Donahue has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I feel anything is possible for me now. I hold all the power.

S. Penta, Hampstead, NH

Amazing experience

Moving into a new (to us) home and took opportunity to have Peg come and cleanse the house of the previous occupants as well as help us determine furniture placement, color, etc. inside and out. Work has begun - will be sharing our before and after photos. The initial improvements are working wonderfully. Our new place already feels like home and we see ourselves putting down deep roots; much due to Peg getting us on a serene path from Day 1. Highly recommend her service!!

Martin K., NH

Very Supportive and Positive
I have worked with Peg on two occasions (for two different homes). She was well prepared, did lots of advance research, and made sensible recommendations for our family. She was so helpful the first time that I called her again when we bought a new home. She is positive and conveys a sincere interest in helping others. I recommend her services to you.

Cindy C., MA

Significant Improvements with Relationships and Better Use of Money

"Since your consultation, things have been going well. Relationships in the house have improved significantly. Money is being better utilized-getting good value for things we've purchased and buying things we've needed but avoided. I've been very careful to only buy things that I really like and am working on leaving the bargain mentality behind. I've joined 2 groups of like-minded people and am feeling more connected to people outside the family. Feeling very grateful! I am still working on some of your suggestions. I have enjoyed many of the Feng Shui webinars. They've been helpful to maintain intention. I have been shifting my attention towards creativity. I intend to turn a "soon to be" spare room into a studio to paint furniture. Thanks for all your writings. I always read them and enjoy them!"

DW, Haverhill

Eight Keys is a Transformative Program

The Eight Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business course is an invaluable resource that is transformative for individuals operating in both the business and personal worlds. The central theme that runs throughout the course shows how our personal lives, thoughts, and actions have a positive or negative affect on our business or work. The presenters do a marvelous job of integrating a robust collection of class material, including principles, exercises, and professional experience. The course offers over 50 practical, purposeful, and easy to use tools. I consider the Eight Keys to be a life changer in the way I think about money, wealth, abundance, and prosperity for our small business and in our personal lives. Without hesitation I highly recommend the Eight Keys course to anyone looking to have a more prosperous and joyful life.

Gary Murrow, Singing Tree Publishing, Olympia, WA

Son's Health Issues showed improvement after shifting his bed:
"I can highly recommend Peg's work. She figured out that my son's health issues are also relate to an allergy and with the right sleeping direction, some room adjustments he is now so much better. The 9-star Astrology she did for us was great to understand our situation and how to make the best choice at certain times of our lives !! THANKS"

N. A. L., Andover, MA, via Facebook

A Client shared this experience after the EF&H Paper Piles & Clutter Release:

"Just wanted to share an experience I had yesterday. I had an "aha" moment in the middle of the day to make a list of what I needed to clutter clear, room by room. When I got to my downstairs office (which is the worst & which I want to convert to a guest bedroom), I looked at it with "new eyes" for the first time. I didn't have that visceral, gut-clenching reaction that I usually do when walking into that room! And I was able to break it down into segments (eg. I'll just clear the bookshelf one day, just the CDs/DVDs another day, just the desk another, etc) and when I did this, I felt so much better. It didn't feel overwhelming anymore - it felt completely achievable, almost as if my fear of starting had been blocking my real vision of seeing it for the way it was. I also feel so much "lighter" and that I am able to throw out all the accumulated papers/files (that I haven't looked at in the past 3 years) much more easily. It doesn't seem like the monster I'd envisioned! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


Help Bringing Family Into Alignment:

"Peg Donahue is a remarkable and knowledgeable woman. She began teaching me things long before I started my work with her. Her work is conscientious and thorough. She has helped bring our whole family, our home, and our lives into alignment through conscious placement, choices, and words. Every time we begin to make the changes that she has suggested, things begin to shift. Emails begin pouring in and the phone starts ringing. The energy of our work, our communication, and relationships has more ease, refinement, and clarity. I highly recommend Peg. Her brilliance and insight is invaluable."

Amy Spencer

Success Selling a House:

"After 4 Years on the Market After I did the cure you provided me we received an offer on the house (our first in 4 years). To make a long story short, after three months of contract extensions the deal fell through. We were stunned and shaken. For me, the contract falling through was the straw that broke the camel's back (almost). To say the least, I was in a very bad place - but, I started thinking about you, your advice and your focus on "intent". So, I got my act together, worked on my intentions and waited with every expectation that a solution would come along. And... the following week a realtor showed the house to a couple, who made an offer within minutes of walking in the front door. Their offer was more than the first contract, and they wanted a quick close. I'm not sure why they ever looked at the house, since it did not meet any of their criteria, but we've closed, they've moved in and LOVE the house. And... two days after we signed the contract we had two different couples wanting to put in back-up offers, AND the next week a couple who had looked at it two years ago walked into the real estate office and said they were ready to buy the house. Since then other things seem to be falling back into place. I guess what I'm trying to let you know is just how much of an impact you've had on my life. I can't thank you enough for sharing your gifts and knowledge with me, and the rest of the world. I will be forever grateful."

JB, Hilton Head, SC

A Life Changing Experience ...Including Marriage

"I first contacted Peg to do a Feng Shui Consultation. I was looking to enhance my love life as well as my financial situation. After an initial consultation we did some Feng Shui remedies and slowly but surely I began to feel the difference. I started getting more dates and my work situation improved. I also took advantage of the Change Your Life in 30 Days class, which certainly helped me change my outlook in life as well as to take control of my future. The class was very helpful especially in helping me stay positive and attract all the things I wanted! I wrote down all my intentions and how happy I would be when those things happened. Soon, I began dating an ex-boyfriend which was quite the surprise to me, and on Christmas day he proposed. Now we are planning a summer wedding and I am very happy with the results!"

A.L., Methuen, MA

Design Suggestions Brought Personal Pleasure and Resale Results

Peg's home consultation was a pleasant, welcoming experience. She created a comfortable atmosphere while offering insightful suggestions that made our home feel like home. Implementing her tips, our rooms felt warmer and energized. Peg's ideas for the outdoors, while easy to do, brought new life and welcomed us home as well as be much more inviting to our guests. Peg provided easy to understand and easily to do ideas that we could implement gradually. While we personally thoroughly enjoyed the changes that made our home feel the best it had in all the years we lived there, we have no doubt that when it was time to sell, these changes were instrumental in our home selling quickly and smoothly. I again contacted Peg when we were getting ready to build our next home. Her comments on things to look for in each area/room are key as we review floor plans and make tweaks. I highly recommend a consultation with Peg!

Trudie Y., ME

Moving Forward via Dream Coaching

For the past several years I have the good fortune to work with Peg on Emotional Freedom & Healing Release sessions, Personal Clearings, Life Coaching and most recently as my Dream Coach.

It is always an honor to collaborate with Peg. She is so knowledgeable, uses wisdom to provide thoughtful solutions that help sort through the clutter. Her intuition makes the process easy.

Peg helped me to become unstuck, taught me how to focus on the things I truly want and how best to set the intentions to make them a reality.

She has been a wonderful asset in leading me to a happy and prosperous life.

JS, NH, USA, Aug 2021

Congratulations on the success of your book "Money is an Energy Game". The things you and Madeline Gerwick discuss are so important to humankind that I believe the title could very well be "Life is an Energy Game." As I'm reading your book I find that most of the principles in it are so similar to what I've learned in my 50 years of Nichiren Buddhist practice. We practitioners learn to overcome many obstacles, including money, health and relationships. I have created abundant wealth though this spirituality that includes the daily chant 'NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO.' You may learn more about this Buddhist practice at www. SGI-USA.org.

TR, FL, USA, August 2021

Use Feng Shui to Transform Your Home and Your Life

"Peg (Feng Shui Connections) has helped me in ways that I almost find hard to put into words! She is one of the most wonderful people and warm souls I have ever met. Her knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui is amazing. I had Peg come to my home to help with energy and different areas of my life. I had always felt some sort of stale energy in this space and I was looking for help to move it or achieve a better sense of home. Peg's suggestions and guidance to do this have literally transformed not only myself but how my husband and I feel in our home now. It's been several months and I am still fine tuning different areas and it continues to amaze me at how these small steps have achieved such a massive change in us and our home. I would highly recommend working with Peg for home and/or business. You will be so happy you did."

TB, Windham, NH

Opportunities Flow After Space Clearing

"I am so extremely grateful to you for coming to my home and doing a space clearing! I have been experiencing some awesome changes!"
As you know, I was unemployed for 2 years and I have only been able to secure a part-time position. Recently, I finished my home health aide training and I already have a new client! I plan to keep my part-time job until I can acquire enough clients to give me a full-time salary.

The extra money is a huge help right now! In addition, I was approved by Community Action in my town to receive a new furnace. My current furnace is 30-years old and on it's last legs! The furnace was installed only a week after you did the clearing! I have also been leasing a car and this month my lease expired. I didn't know how I was going to get another car because, while I was unemployed, I had trouble paying my mortgage and my spotless credit rating was "tainted". I had no resources to purchase even a used car. It turns out, my credit rating has already gone up because I've been paying my mortgage consistently for five months and I was able to get another lease for less money!

I was also given an opportunity to go to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend at the beginning of the month, and now I've been invited to a friend's condo on Old Orchard Beach this coming weekend! Because I haven't had a vacation in five years (and have none planned in the near future), these weekend trips are a real blessing!

The opportunities are flowing and I have no doubt they are a result of the space clearing in my home! Thank you again!

D.R., Haverhill, MA, August 2012
Life Shifts and Business Expansion
"Thank you so much for all of your wonderful suggestions for our home!

Thank you again!

D.R., Haverhill, MA

Life Shifts and Business Expansion

"Thank you so much for all of your wonderful suggestions for our home! Each and every time we work on the details and implement the tiniest changes, our lives shift. Our relationships and businesses expand as we make space in our environment. It is a truly amazing process!"

Amy Spencer

A House Comes Alive

"I wanted to share an update from your visit this past spring. Bob and I have begun painting some walls and truly feel the energy come alive. We've painted a version of cocoa brown on the fireplace wall and painting other walls a coffee (with cream). We've also painted the dining area wall the green. The area is feeling so much warmer and inviting. Bob says it's the best it's been in the 16+ years here.

We're very enthused and ready to continue bringing the paint cans out. Browsing colors for the bedroom as we continue the main area. Many thanks for all your recommendations. We continue to implement at a gradual pace and have loved the look and feel of everything."

Trudie Young

Feng Shui Classes Recommended

"Thank You, for offering Feng Shui classes and for sharing with us your knowledge. This was my first class and I have learned so much more (in one hour) with you and your students then on my own reading books only. I will continue taking your classes and will recommend them to others. Thank You."

L. P., Los Angeles

Profound Changes on Many Levels Along with Tangible Results

"We phoned Peg for a consultation after a difficult period with a rental property that was remaining vacant despite a great location, fair price, etc. and no previous experience with vacancy. As a couple we were also struggling to set a course with our individual and shared goals around living space, lifestyle, work and money. My husband was a great supporter of my interest in Feng Shui but for himself ... different story. He did agree to meet with Peg however and we both agree, several weeks later, that it has had a profound effect on many levels for our thinking and has yielded tangible results as well.

Within 48 hours of Peg's visit, our rental was under contract with great tenants who have an excellent financial picture and plan to stay for a minimum of 2 years. We took her advice on some immediate physical changes with the property and also set intentions as well for what we desired for ourselves within our own individual and shared experiences around work, lifestyle and finances.

My husband has, in a bear market, actually made money (!) and reports less fatigue and confusion at work following Peg's simple suggestions with how to organize his work space and even what to wear! We did a major 'clean out' of any and all items at home not currently desired or being used and with each clearing, we set the stage for inviting in more of what we want. Overall, the transformation has been at times subtle but powerful and at other times, downright jaw-dropping. Recently, I asked my husband if our consultation with Peg is impacting his daily practices and he gave specific examples of how he is more open, clear and able to be in partnership more effectively when in the past, he was full of fear and hesitant. It is of course difficult to 'track' where and how Feng Shui influences and effects these changes, but for us, the combination of all it has to offer was the perfect fit though we feel first and foremost that Peg's gentle style and diplomacy really was key."

Deb & Jim Cumberland, Foreside, ME

Business Goals "Effortlessly" Achieved

"About 18 months ago, Peg Donahue did a consultation of my home office and made a number of useful suggestions for improving the flow of the room. She also suggested that I make a list of three business goals, as I was interested in increasing my revenue. I created a short list of three specific goals, placed it in the prosperity corner of my office and eventually forgot all about it. I also made several small adjustments to various parts of my office, based on her recommendations.

Over a year later I was rearranging my office when I came upon my list of intentions. All three of my business goals-which had seemed so out of my reach at the time I wrote them- had already occurred, without almost any effort on my part. This is just one example of how I've used the power of feng shui to achieve a desired objective without having to chase after it.

Peg's style is warm, calm and grounded. She has a thorough understanding of feng shui principles, but easily explains them in laymen's terms. Time spent with Peg will be an investment that will repay you many times over."

G.W., North Andover, MA

Chaos Turns to Order and Rooms are More Appealing

"A little over a year ago my listing client and friend informed me that she had contacted a Feng Shui consultant to help her stage her home. She claimed that her mother had used a Feng Shui consultant and it sold very quickly. I asked, if I could attend the session. I was extremely pleased to meet you. My client took your suggestions to heart and made the necessary changes. The home sold in a short period of time with a full price offer. After meeting her and observing how well the suggestions worked out, I asked her to come to my home to help me put order to the chaos. Her suggestions have been taken. Aesthetically the room arrangements make everything more appealing. My life has been enriched by adding Peg to my life professionally and personally."

J.B., Concord, NH

Positive, Enlightening and Supportive Experience

"When we invited Feng Shui Connections to our home, we were not sure what to expect. We were delighted to meet Peg and have her view our environment. Her comments and observations were positive and enlightening. She was very supportive and helped us to realize that even small changes could help us to bring harmony and joy to our surroundings. We have made a number of changes, some large and some small, since her visit. Her advice and knowledge have helped us to really look at our surroundings and create a place we truly love and are happy in. We highly recommend Peg Donahue and Feng Shui Connections to anyone, or any business looking to improve the energy and organization of their home or work environment."

J. & D. W., Salem, NH

Life Changes, Soul Shifts, and Home for Sale

"I've been working with Peg Donahue for only 2 months and she effected many changes in my life to include that of the "feel" of my home not to mention my "soul"! Peg came into my life when I wanted to have my house sold.

A few Feng Shui remedies were put into place along with rituals conducive to home vibrations to match a buyer and add liveliness to a house she found (to my surprise) to be too quiet. The results consisted on manifesting a fabulous Feng Shui helper in the area of "helpful people" who did a wonderful job in putting all remedies in place even though he was not a believer, and frankly, it didn't matter, what mattered was that he wanted to wholeheartedly help and that he did. A new realtor also manifested, one who truly fell in love with the house and now is bringing traffic in, and the spirit of the house is now one of vibrancy, warmth, and social atmosphere.

Peg taught me many fantastic things. I felt like a kid in a candy store, what a joy it was working with her, but most importantly, she showed tremendous patience and care as she walked me down the path of meditation, writing intentions, visualization, and vibrational alignment with my higher self, God, or Universe. This is where she touched my "soul". I have so loved working with Peg that I continued with short private consults which by the way, I highly recommend as follow ups once you've had the opportunity of working with her. Thank you Peg for all you've done and continue to do! You truly are a gift to the world."

A.R., Ormond Beach, FL