There are many forms and styles of Life Coaching.


  • Do your dreams and wishes remain a perpetual "Someday, I'll ..."
  • Are you frustrated when you see others achieving their goals and dreams while yours feel distant?
  • Would you like to learn a proven method for making your wishes and dreams come true?
  • Are you ready to change or would you like to learn more?

If so, engage with Peg Donahue to realize your dreams, using a proven process.

It’s a challenge to see your way out of a situation you wish to change when you’re in the middle of it. This is where a certified Dream Coach ® can help! A Dream Coach ® can help you set clear intentions for yourself and facilitate effective action. Many times we simply don’t know what we want. As a result, your life unfolds as a mixed bag of circumstances and events. Being clear about your dreams is the first step.

As a certified Dream Coach ® Peg Donahue helps you gain clarity about yourself, identify ways to eliminate obstacles and self-sabotage, and helps you create and implement a solid action plan. Once you get out of your own way and step into your power, whatever you want comes to you more easily.

With extensive experience in business management and personal development, Peg is uniquely qualified to help you realize your personal and business dreams. Blending her management skills and knowledge of feng shui, building biology, transformation, intuition, and Dream Coaching with principles of energy, prosperity and attraction, she guides you through a proven process to maximize your success. As you clarify what you want and set your intentions, obstacles dissolve and your goals are more easily manifested.

This proven 10 step process, happens over 12 one-hour sessions, either by phone, web, or in person. Each week you make significant progress on a part of the program that moves you forward. Peg guides and supports you all the way.

The ten step process focuses on:

  1. What Integrity Looks and Feels Like
  2. Your Life Purpose (Don’t worry! This will come to you.)
  3. Your Dreams and Wishes
  4. Your Doubts and the Ways You Hold Yourself Back
  5. Your Beliefs
  6. Your Past Failures and Lessons Learned
  7. Strategies to Carry You Forward
  8. Establishing a Dream Team to Support Your Efforts
  9. Living Life as a Dreamer … Making Your Dreams Come True
  10. Your Intentions ... Moving Forward

We begin with an “Intake” session and wrap up with “Moving Ahead.”

One of the best parts of this process is working with your “Doubter.” Peg will teach you how to name and learn from what you’re feeling (and what most likely holds you back) and to create strategies and action plans that will move you forward.Are you ready to achieve your Dreams? Contact Peg Donahue today to get started!

The program fee is $1,800.00, payable in three installments. This high value program includes a money-back guarantee. If upon completion you feel you did not gain value from the program, and you would like your money back, it’ll be refunded in full … that’s how much Peg believes in the power of this program to help move you forward in your life.

Here's a reflection on the value of the program from a few clients:

"For the past several years I have the good fortune to work with Peg on Emotional Freedom & Healing Release sessions, Personal Clearings, Life Coaching and most recently as my Dream Coach. It is always an honor to collaborate with Peg.  She is so knowledgeable, uses wisdom to provide thoughtful solutions that help sort through the clutter.  Her intuition makes the process easy. Peg helped me to become unstuck, taught me how to focus on the things I truly want and how best to set the intentions to make them a reality. She has been a wonderful asset in leading me to a happy and prosperous life."  JS, NH, USA, Aug 2021

“I look forward to every Tuesday at noon!! Peg Donahue has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I feel anything is possible for me now. I hold all the power.” SP, NH, USA, April 2018