Amazing Synchronicity and Flow with FLFE!

I’ve had Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) in place for my home and on my phone for the past three years. For me, it’s an investment in my overall well-being. My husband, and daughter also have FLFE Everywhere on their phones. We’ve been healthy and happy. We consistently experience good fortune too. I think part of this is due to the good vibes that we have in our home and carry with us on our phones.

Recently, the day before my husband and I were leaving to fly to Nashville, TN, for a wedding, my husband decided he needed a new suit to wear. It was a Friday morning. We hopped in the car and drove two hours to our favorite men’s clothing store. When we arrived close to noon, we pulled into a parking spot directly in front of the store on a main city street.” Wow!” we thought. “This is a good sign.”

We went inside and the clerk asked what we were looking for. My husband explained that he wanted a grey suit and that he also needed it before we would be flying to the wedding the following day. The young man selected a suit off the rack. It was too big. The second selection was perfect, with the exception that the pants needed to be hemmed.

The manager came over and said it would be no problem. My husband tried on the pants and the length was marked. The manager suggested that we go have lunch while the pants were hemmed. We did and they were ready when we returned.

What a fun experience! We were in and out of the store in 15 minutes. This is a shop that typically requires at least a week for alterations, and they did it that day for no extra charge.

The FLFE Everywhere service on our phones raises the consciousness of our immediate environment within a nine-foot radius for 12 programs and within a 300-foot radius for three remaining programs. Basically, it brings you and your environment into harmony and others in harmony with you. Click the FLFE Everywhere link to read the details.

In addition to the suit event, we’re experiencing synchronicity on a daily basis. This includes connecting with helpful people, having smooth travels, being seated at restaurants without a long wait, connecting with people via phone, the web, or walking into establishments and easily conducting business. It’s like magic. We expect things to go smoothy and they do. It we run into obstacles, they are easily resolved.

If you have FLFE, remember to turn on the Daily Boost for an even better experience. I do this when I want to direct extra support toward a particular activity or intention. The Daily Boost is 30 minutes for your home and/or 10 minutes for your phone. To turn on the Daily Boost:

  • Log into your FLFE account.
  • Select “My Properties” or “My Mobile Phones” or ”Personal Objects”
  • Scroll down and activate the boost.

Focused Life Force Energy is a service that raises the consciousness level of your home (condo or apartment) or surrounding area. You can put it in place for your home, using your home address or carry it around with you via your phone or a designated personal object. You can also put it in place for your business. I really like it. I’ve noticed that I’m more creative, problems are easier to solve, I’ve been very healthy and life in general has been quite good.

FLFE helps you to:

  • expand your consciousness
  • sleep and meditate more deeply
  • boost your body’s natural healing ability
  • increase focus, concentration, creativity
  • energize your living/working space

FLFE also helps to harmonize EMFs, relieve the effects of geopathic stress, clear negative history from your land, and more.

If you’re curious, try FLFE for free for 30 days, without any obligation. If you’re already a subscriber, remember to do the daily boost for important activities. In addition to problem solving, I like to do the property boost when I have a significant activity underway or if I want more clarity about a situation. Check it out!