August 2021 Feng Shui Forecast



  • August 8th: New Moon in Leo … Children, Creativity and Joy Gua
  • August 22nd: Full Moon


July Recap … Your Family Gua

The check-in that aligned with July’s full moon and focus on your Family gua, began with the July 23rd full moon. Your Family gua is the center-left area of your home and every room in your home, from the main entrance, when you superimpose a 9-block grid, similar to a tic tac toe board, over your space. New moons are about new beginnings. The July 9th new moon was a time to spend with family and to reflect on your vision for your future. If you set intentions for the July 9th new moon, tune in and notice what’s happening.

Review the July Feng Shui Forecast.


August 8th New Moon in Leo … Children, Creativity, and Joy Gua

Each new moon ushers in new beginnings. The August 8th new moon in Leo correlates with your Children, Creativity, and Joy gua. This is the center-right side of your home, every room in your home, your workspace and your yard or land, when you divide your space into a grid of nine areas, like a tic tac toe board. The quality of energy in this area influences what you give birth to … children, ideas, businesses, projects, as well as what brings you joy. This area also is about finding your voice, speaking authentically, moving forward with your life. If you’re retired or heading toward retirement, the quality of energy in this gua is important.

Leo is a fire sign that represents your creative consciousness, living life to the fullest, embracing the spotlight, breaking free and realigning with your true self. Leo traits include personal charisma and magnetism, confidence, pride, generosity, benevolence, loyalty, respect, romance, joy and warmth, radiance, and playfulness. On the downside, Leo energy can be egotistical, childish, narcissistic, domineering, arrogant, self-centered, and overbearing.

The spiritual side of Leo can help you to shape your vision for the future. It helps you to direct your energy through creative thought and focus. Notice your hunches this month as well as synchronicity. Pay attention to your intuition and fill in the details. Play with multiple possibilities of all you desire, free of fear or doubt. Allow yourself to dream and to explore. Enjoy the process. The more you do this, the more that your aspirations develop and take shape.

During August, embrace the positive aspects of Leo energy. Lighten up, bring some whimsy and fun into your life, and cultivate joy. After a whirlwind month of July, I plan to do just that!


The right-center area of your home relates to Children, Creativity, and Joy.

Visualize a tic-tac-toe board over your home, yard and workspace, a grid of nine spaces. Stand at the entry to wherever you are. The center-right section is the Children, Creativity and Joy gua. This is the area of focus for August. It’s opposite the Family and Ancestors gua, which was last month’s focus. This area is about bringing more spontaneity, whimsy, and fun into your life.

Pay attention to this gua, in particular, if you’d like to:

  • Do more things you enjoy
  • Explore unknown, unexpected, or mysterious topics
  • Have more fun and more laughter
  • Connect or reconnect with people you enjoy
  • Have solutions to problems emerge more readily
  • Do innovative projects or tap into your imagination
  • Discover creative outlets
  • Strengthen relationships with your children
  • Bring more whimsy into your life
  • Genuinely feel lighter in spirit
  • Be more optimistic
  • Be happier

Take pictures of the Children, Creativity, and Joy areas and study them. What captures your attention? It’s easier to see things in photos that your eyes glaze over in person. How does the energy feel what you’re in the space? Is it fresh and uplifting? Does it have vitality? Does it feel vibrant? Is this an important area for you? Do you spend time here? Regardless, keep these areas well maintained, clutter-free and in great shape, even if there’s a closet, storage area or a garage located here.


Archetype: The Alchemist

The Children, Creativity, and Joy gua is associated with the Metal Element. The archetype for Metal is the Alchemist. A mysterious and secret ancient practice, legend has it that alchemists turned lead into gold. Did they really? Maybe or maybe it’s metaphorical. Alchemy is about transmutation. On a spiritual level, it’s about going deep, tapping into your raw feelings and experiences, and molding, shaping, and transmuting them to create order on the outside from chaos on the inside. In the book, Between Heaven and Earth, Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold tell us:

“Transmutation is the guiding principle for the Alchemist, who seeks the perfection of form and function. Through his power of discernment, he distills what is good and pure form what is coarse and primitive. In his striving to extract order from chaos, he molds situations so that people perform their tasks with elegant precision.

Defining and refining, the Alchemist is the keeper of standards and measures, the source of aesthetic and moral values, the defender of virtue, principle, and beauty. He is the master of ceremony and discipline. Like an abbot ensconced in his sanctuary, serene, detached, unflappable, he instructs us in the meaning of ritual and doctrine, providing the structure that enables people to apply the metaphysical to the mundane.”

Alchemy is rooted in the worldview that everything is alive and contains a universal spirit. This is similar to the feng shui premise that everything is alive, connected and always changing. Transmutation is the process of changing from one form to another. In your space, notice the quality of chi that flows throughout. Does it feel fresh and alive or stagnant and slow? You have the power to change the chi of your space if you wish. As you do, you also transform yourself. During August, begin by assessing the chi in your Children, Creativity and Joy gua. In my house, this is part of our living room and front porch. It’s where I relax, meditate, read, assemble puzzles, and watch TV. It’s an area that brings me joy.


The Children, Creativity and Joy Gua and the Lake Trigram

The feng shui bagua is rooted in the teachings from the I Ching, the oldest book of divination. Eight trigrams with different combinations of yin and yang energy form the basis for the bagua. The Children, Creativity and Joy gua, characterized by the Lake trigram, is represented by two solid lines on the bottom capped by a dashed line on top.

Lake is an energy represents lightness, frivolity, and joy. The Youngest Daughter, the baby of the family, is associated with this area. She benefits from the others that have come ahead of her. With a solid foundation from the support of her family, her energy is playful and light. It invites openness, encouragement, deep communications, kindness, generosity, pleasant moods, cooperation, expansiveness, pleasure, and pride in all you do and ultimately, success. Whimsical, playful, colorful, and creative items go well in this area.


The Children, Creativity, and Joy Gua and Health

The Children, Creativity and Joy gua is associated with your lungs, large intestine, and skin. The origin of this is found in the Five Element system. The element is Metal.

In your body, there’s an ongoing process of transmutation represented by your lungs, large intestine, and skin … all of which are associated with Metal. Your lungs are a source for inspiration, opening and expanding inner space as you breathe in. This space helps you shape new ideas and feel emotions. Your large intestine, digests and metabolizes your food, while separating the waste and releasing what you no longer need. Your skin protects you from outside invaders. Together, your lungs, large intestine, and skin are responsible for many processes of separating, distilling and transmuting form and matter into chi and energy.


The Children, Creativity, and Joy Gua and the Five Elements

Evaluate the center-right areas of your home, every room in your home, your workspace, and yard. Look for how the Metal element is represented. It might be through color: white, gray, silver or light, pastel shades; shape: circular, oval, or arch shapes; or form: metal décor … anything made from steel, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, etc.

Earth strengthens Metal. Once you size up how Metal is represented in these areas, look for ways it’s supported by the Earth element. It might be by color: yellow, brown and the autumn palette; square or boxy shapes; and things made from the Earth such as pottery, adobe, brick, seashells, and other natural items, as well as heavy furniture that hugs the ground.  

Metal energy is diminished and depleted by the Water, Wood and Fire elements. This is useful when you have too much of the Metal element. In every space you want each element represented. The amount or level depends on the particular space. You balance spaces by playing with the elements through color, shape, and form. It’s fun to do this. I encourage you to play with these energies this month. Have fun and see what you discover about your space.

Any room can fall within your Children, Creativity, and Joy gua. Regardless of the room and its use, you can play with the mix of energies to bring more joy, fun, whimsy, and spontaneity into your life.  This is a great area for a gathering room, playroom, or porch. In addition, Metal-type rooms include organizing areas, bill-paying areas, and closets.

Here’s an overview to help you recognize each of the Five Elements in your space:

Metal energy helps bring clarity to a space. Metal items include:

  • All metal: gold, silver, brass, aluminum and more (pots & pans, lamps, picture frames, sculptures…)
  • Marble, granite, flagstone
  • Natural crystals and rocks dug from deep in the earth.
  • Circular, oval, and arch shapes
  • White, gray, and pastel shades.

Earth energy grounds and anchors your space. Earth items include:

  • Pottery, earthenware, bricks, and clay
  • Seashells and natural items
  • Square shapes
  • Oversized or heavy furniture that hugs the floor.
  • Yellow, brown and earth tones.

Balance the Earth and Metal energies in your space using Water, Wood and Fire.

Water energy helps to create flow. Water attributes can help you to feed and strengthen Family relationships.  Water is represented by:

  • Water features and water itself
  • Mirrors, windows, glass, reflective and shiny surfaces
  • Black and very dark colors
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes
  • Pictures of lakes, rivers, harbors, ocean views

Wood energy is about growth and expansion. Wood elements can assist in deepening roots and strengthening Family bonds. Wood is represented by:

  • Fresh flowers, plants, and trees
  • Floral fabrics and patterns
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns
  • Vertical rectangles
  • Green and blue

Fire brings dazzling, sparkling energy to a space. It is represented by:

  • Fire, flames, lights, sunlight, candles
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond, and cone shapes
  • People and animals
  • Electronics and electrical items
  • Red, burgundy and the red palette


Tips to Enhance Your Children, Creativity and Gua

I encourage you to be creative with this area. Lighten it up and play with your space. Be creative and also do it in your own style.

Here are some suggestions for your Children, Creativity and Joy gua:

  • Toys, puzzles, and games
  • Creative art and whimsical pieces
  • A windsock or windchime
  • Pictures of children
  • Fun crystals in different colors and shapes
  • Musical instruments
  • Play music you enjoy and/or sing
  • White, gray, or soft pastel colors
  • Books to stoke your creativity
  • Fun Affirmations
  • Images of people enjoying themselves
  • Lake pictures, art, and images

As you make changes, remember to do the Three Secrets Reinforcement with each cure or enhancement that you place. The Three Secrets process is a way to strengthen your intention and to transfer it to the related object you place or the action you take.
Contact Peg if you need the process for the Three Secrets Reinforcement.


The Importance of the Family Gua

Pay attention to the opposite gua as well. The Children, Creativity and Joy gua is the area diagonally opposite Family and Ancestors. This area was last month’s area of focus. If you worked with Family last month, you should be in good shape. Family represents your past and where you came from. Children and Joy, on the other hand, represents what you birth, the future, and where you’re headed. Bring some whimsy and fun into the Children and Joy gua. It’s also about lightening up as well as finding your voice and speaking authentically.

The two areas work hand in hand. If you’re enhancing your Children Creativity and Joy gua, refreshing your Family areas add a boost.


Write Your Intention and Meditate on August 8th

I recommend that you refresh and revitalize your Children, Creativity and Joy areas during the first week of August. Then write a clear intention about your future, prior to the August 8th new moon. Put your written intention in a red envelope, energize it with a blessing and then place it in your Children, Creativity and Joy gua. Write your intention in the present tense, using positive words, just as if it’s happening for you now. For example: “My days are filled with loving children, creativity, fun and joy. I am blessed!” The more specific you are, the more targeted the direction of resulting energy will be.

Do a mediation on Sunday, August 8th, visualizing having fun and enjoying the finer pleasures of life. Skip over how things will happen. Open to the possibility of living your dreams. Give thanks in advance that it’s already happening. When you’re excited about the possibilities, magic happens. You might muse with delight wondering how things will unfold. Curiosity is powerful.


Check-in at the Full Moon

The full moon is two weeks later, on Sunday, August 22nd. Reflect on your intentions for the month and notice what’s happening. Pay attention to small changes. They gain momentum and turn into bigger ones. For example, perhaps a friend comes to visit, encouraging you to put your work or daily routines aside for a few days, do some spontaneous activities, and just have fun.


Contact Peg for a Children, Creativity and Joy Gua Consultation

Would you like some clarity about how to strengthen the energy of your home (or office) or set intentions related to Children, Creativity and Joy? Would you like to dissolve obstacles and move forward? Contact Peg for a complimentary 15–30-minute consultation to explore the possibilities and put you on a path to success.