Bone Spurs, 5G and Focused Life Force Energy


Did you see the recent headline or read the story about bone spurs, shaped like horns, are beginning to appear on human skulls? Researchers in Australia think it is due to cell-phone use. Our physiology is changing. The change is due to a forward head tilt to view screens, primarily in teens. This is shifting the weight of the head from the spine to muscles in the back of the head. The bone spurs are a result of this shift. They are growing in tendons and ligaments. Read more here:

The introduction of 5G technology is also causing concern worldwide. Although 5G brings many advances to technology and medicine, its effects on human health are unknown. Government officials in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland are asking for a closer look. In NH, a House bill was introduced in June to study the environmental and health effects of this evolving technology. An interim report is due in November 2019 and a final report is due in November 2020. A applaud the NH House for taking this important step. You can read about the bill here:

Focused Life Force Energy is a service that has the potential to offset the harmful effects of your environment by raising the level of consciousness of the fields around you. You send it to your home, mobile phone, or another personal object. Currently FLFE harmonizes EMFs and beginning August 1 they are adding a brain optimization program. I’m confident that they will address 5G technology as it continues to evolve.

If you haven’t tried FLFE, I encourage you to do so. You can try it free for 15 days for both your home and your phone. For me, it’s worth the $30.00 ongoing monthly fee. I see it as an investment in my health and well-being. It’s less expensive to take care of things on the front-end than to fix problems after they occur. The ever-increasing costs in our health system are an example of this. We pay very high costs on the backend while resisting taking preventive action on the front end. Type 2 Diabetes is one example. While much of this can be prevented through better nutrition and exercise, we continue to experience annual increases nationwide.

Since having FLFE in my home and on my phone, I continue to be amazed at the quick and creative solutions to problems. The week I was writing this post I resolved two longstanding issues on my bucket list. One problem related to technology and the other with taking action. Once I made them a priority, they were easily solved and took less time than anticipated.

Increased synchronicity is another pattern that I notice. I’ve always had a lot of synchronicity and now I experience more. It’s quite fun! I continue to accomplish more with less effort.

Other people with FLFE report that they are happier and have more energy. You might experience more vitality once your space is free from the draining effects of geopathic stress and electronic pollution. You might also feel calmer on a regular basis, in addition to sleeping more deeply.

Here’s what a friend of mine recently told me about FLFE: I notice very strong energy, but very grounded. I am magnetizing every day and things are manifesting very quickly. I also have FLFE on my phone and I find that same feeling of lightness and groundedness. Also, a feeling of connectedness, very clear thinking … I used to have fuzzy thinking. now my mind is very clear.”


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