Client Testimonial

The following testimonial is from a client whose journey has been inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. Her journey had led her to Regenerative Healing and Integrative Medicine. I’ll let you know when she opens her healing center!

Today was the ‘5th year anniversary’ of a really big health challenge in my life.  Any one of us may face one of those life changing health challenges at some point.  Mine came unexpectedly in the form of a severe accident.  Some major health challenges are definitely bigger and more complicated than others...

I sought out an alternate path to healing and growth after several years of debilitating pain, physical incapacity and life changing medical complications.  Even with the best efforts of some of the most remarkable medical providers in the country and world, standard Western medicine was simply not helping me. Rather than continue through life on a complicated treatment plan of high doses of chronic pain medication, painful spinal injections, limited mobility and a severely restricted life style, I searched for a new approach and chose an alternate path to healing and growth.  

Looking back, I had no idea that opening up my view to considering an alternate path was not really that hard after all ... I discovered that if you are willing to look, you will find it.

I considered the benefits of Feng Shui as a form of alternative healing and began making inquiries.  

Blessedly, Peg Donahue was warmly recommended to me and together, we began finding the second path of a life changing journey.  With Peg as the scout, navigator, explorer and even rest stop coordinator at times, I have embarked on a remarkable two-year sojourn of healing.

With Peg's knowledge and wisdom of Feng Shui and I Ching, I have found the inner resilience to follow this new second path and continue on it as I find new opportunities, new outlooks and new blessings in my life and the life of those I love.  I have integrated new health treatment options and new ways of reframing how I view the world.  

As Peg and I collaborated on how Feng Shui would enhance my health and the health of my family, I began to immediately see major improvements in our lives and noticed new blessings literally flowing towards my family and me.

Many of my previous health challenges have moved into the rear-view mirror of life and as I round the next bend in my life path, I look forward to their disappearing from view completely.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities in life that if you are willing to consider working with Peg Donahue, your life will be so much more joyful and you and your loved ones will be blessed with abundant good fortune.  

In our home, our living room represents helpful people and spiritual blessings.  Today at the time of my five-year anniversary health challenge, I rang a lovely Tibetan wind chime to thank and give blessings for all the helpful people in my life.  A very special prayer was said for Peg Donahue and for her gifts of Feng Shui and I Ching.  I hope the wind carried the spirit of deep gratitude for a person who has helped me have a second chance at life...” 

Anonymous, A Grateful Client.

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