Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Evaluations

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One unintended consequence of the proliferation of technology throughout the world is the negative impact on our health. More and more people are realizing that they are sensitive to electric, magnetic and high frequency fields (EMFs) … the electronic infrastructure that permeates our society and graces our lives with ease and convenience.

The sources of elevated electric and magnetic fields and EMFs include:
ELF (Extremely Low Frequency generated from daily appliances and wired devices)
Microwaves (cellular & cordless phones, radar, smoke detectors, wireless web)
Infrared radiation (lasers, alarm systems, motion detectors)
Broadcast applications (TV, FM/AM radio)
Radio Frequency coming from:

  • Cell phones
  • Wireless GHz phones
  • Wireless Internet Routers
  • Wireless Computers and Devices 
  • Smart Meters and Automoated Meters
  • Alarm Systems, Motion Detectors, Wireless Doorbell

Cell phone and Wireless Transmitters located on Public Buildings, Roofs, Church steeples, WIFI on street lamps, etc.

The wireless GHz and DECT phones seem to be a particular irritant to sensitive people. The wireless web is a close second. Hours of close range exposure to the base unit of these phones as well as wireless routers is leaving people feeling tired and sick. Documented patterns associated with EMR include decreased productivity and health issues that include:

Brain fog, scatterbrain, brain pressure

Tinnitus, headaches, feeling pressured

Loss of fine motor skills

Muscular, cellular problems

Some people report physical reactions when in elevated fields. People sensitive to these fields find that their symptoms go away and they feel better when their exposure is reduced. The good news is that the fields drop off with distance. Since so little is known about the long term impact of EMFs on our health, notice how you feel in different locations and situations. Practice the precautionary principle by prudently avoiding excessive exposure. Turn off and unplug appliances when they are not in use. Unplug your GHz and DECT phones and disconnect your wireless web router before sleeping. Stay as far away from the sources when you can, particularly when you sleep.

Although safety standards are in place for our electronic devices, the current standards are based on thermal effects. They assume that there is no problem if the power from a device is too weak to heat living tissue. The issue is that adverse effects are showing up below the thermal threshold, especially from long term, low level exposures. Pay attention to this and notice how you feel in different environments.

The Bioinitiative Report was published in August 2007 and is available via the web (www.bioinitiative.org). This lengthy report is a compilation of years of scientific studies across the physical, biological, engineering and environmental sciences. It is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of world scientists. The Summary for the Public (about 20 pages) is worth reading. The entire report is worth studying for those who want scientific evidence that backs up what people are saying and feeling.

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EMF Assessments for the home or office include:

  • Meaures of  electric, magnetic and high frequency fields in high use areas of house or office
  • Interpretation and evaluation of occupants’ exposure in key areas of house or office
  • Recommendations to reduce EMF exposure
  • Answering questions and addressing concerns

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