Feng Shui and Tree Energy … the World’s Oldest Trees


Every day I look at a variety of trees through my office skylights. I love seeing how the leaves change from one day to the next, as well as from season to season. From a feng shui perspective, trees represent Wood energy, a vibrant life-force.

In feng shui, Wood energy is also represented by fresh flowers and plants, vertical stripes and tall columns, vertical rectangles, many shades of blue and green and floral patterns. In balance, Wood energy is an active, vibrant, and rising life force. Too much leads to overgrowth and forest fires. When there’s too little, the energy is parched, brittle or dry.

Wood and tree energy are associated with the Family gua or the center-left sector of your space. Similar to family bloodlines, tree roots can run very deep and wide, or they can also be quite shallow. Tree energy is always changing and evolving. Some days it’s obvious and other days it’s very subtle.

I was intrigued when I read about a 2,600-year-old Black Cypress in the Black River region of North Carolina. In the Christian tradition, cypress trees represent death, life and transformation. Globally, cypress has been a symbol of mourning. Throughout Europe and the Muslim world, Cypress trees are known as cemetery trees. The relate to mourning, death and the underworld. If or when they are cut back too severely, they don’t regenerate. In the southeastern USA, cypress trees are common in the swamps.

2,600 years is remarkable, dating to well before the birth of Christ. Going deeper into the topic of old trees, it turns out that the top 10 oldest trees in the world range in age from over 80,000 years to about 3,500 years. The 2,600-year-old tree is too young to make the list.

Six of the world’s oldest trees are located in the USA: three in CA and one in FL, NV and UT. Of these, three of the trees are Bristlecone Pine. The other three types are Palmer’s Oak, Quaking Aspen and Pond Cypress. Worldwide, four of the ten oldest trees are Pond Cypress.

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As you interact with trees, notice their energy and life force. They truly enhance our planet and it’s our responsibility to care for them … similar to you and your family!