Business Feng Shui Services

Businesses, like people, have a personality and energy that is uniquely their own. For this reason, management has much to gain by acknowledging the key role that a healthy and supportive work environment plays in productivity, employee retention and improving the bottom line. Our goal is to help you strike a balance between investing in the well-being of your employees while achieving your long-term business objectives.

Your office or workspace and layout is crucial to the flow of your business, regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor, the CEO of a large company, or somewhere in between. The more you know and understand about your environment and how it impacts your business and your life, the more successful your business will be.

We look at the big picture as well as the details. We assess the energy flow, identify blockages to be removed, discuss options and propose adjustments to enhance the success of your business. Whether you realize it or not, you, your employees, clients, customers, and suppliers subconsciously project their inner thoughts and issues onto your business space. By enhancing the space and consciously portraying images and messages, you can design a successful path for your business.

We work with all types of organizations: corporate environments, small businesses, home-based businesses, educational and healthcare facilities, wellness centers, retail, restaurants, hotels, conference centers, spas, yoga retreats and public spaces.

Download the Bagua for Business. Contact Peg for a consultation to apply the bagua to your business and to maximize the flow of beneficial chi and business profits.