Focused Life Force Energy Raises Consciousness, Harmonizes EMFs, and Clears Negative History from your Land

With such an unprecedented year underway, Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a service that can help you to rise above the daily buzz through a higher level of consciousness. With a higher level of consciousness, I find that life unfolds easily from one day to the next. I’m also well aware of what’s going on globally without being dragged down by it.

You can subscribe to FLFE Everywhere, Property, both, or a lighter and lower-priced version called Smarter EMF. I subscribe to FLFE Everywhere and Property. The advantage is that I always have a high consciousness field on my property and I also carry a high consciousness field wherever I take my mobile phone. There’s also an option to subscribe to a lighter service called “Smarter EMF” service.

FLFE has added new immunity programs to help you fight off any flu, cold, infections and Covid-19. You can also, harmonize EMFs and get support for 5G.

The Smarter EMF service, FLFE Everywhere and FLFE Property, include the following:

1. EMF Mitigation (including 5G)
2. Brain Optimization
3. Energized Nutrients
4. Enhanced Immune Support

FLFE Everywhere and FLFE also include the following:

1. Focus on Health, including: Immune support, hydration support, antioxidant support, GI Tract Optimization, Energized Food and Energized Nutrient support, Liver-Kidney-Gallbladder Optimization, Brain Optimization, Anti-Stagnation, enhanced Grounding, and enhanced personal energy.

2. Energizing support: for more personal energy and more life-force energy in the environment for plants, pets, and you.

3. Overall Enhancing including: support for better sleep, deeper meditations, enhanced concentration, and support for creative endeavors.

4. Daily Boost: 5 minutes for FLFE Everywhere and 30 minutes with FLFE Property subscriptions.

FLFE Property also includes: Grounding & Clearing.  Any negative history of the land is cleared, as well as geopathic stress, and other types of environmental interference (underground water flow, traffic, etc.), plus enhanced grounding.

Learn more about the various FLFE benefits. Once you’re there you can poke around and learn more through evidence and testimonials. The FLFE Learning Centre (top right tab on the website) provides a treasure trove of information.

When I want an extra boost for an important activity, I turn on the FLFE Daily Boost (30 mins) for my property. I find that this helps with smoother communications and easier problem solving. I activated the Daily Boost during a phone call my daughter recently had with her boss. The call went well … much better than she anticipated. I’ve also activated the boost for important meetings and service calls, such as with insurance companies. I’ve been pleased with the result each time.

If you’re a FLFE subscriber, I’d love to hear about what you’ve noticed. If you’re not, give FLFE a try for FREE for 15 days. The free trials are so easy and there’s no commitment. You can do a free trial for each service and then decide if you’d like to continue. Learn more.

See the FLFE page on the Feng Shui Connections website for more experiences.