"Within days of activating FLFE, I noticed an increase in synchronicity in my life. Answers to questions were coming more quickly, problems were getting solved more easily and my creativity increased.

A day after activation, my husband came out of his office and mentioned that he solved a very challenging business problem that no one else in the company was able to solve! When I mentioned that FLFE might have helped, he said, "well it took a few days." I replied that "it only took a few days and that no one else solved it in that time either."

I've had various EMF mitigation tools in place for years. Since technology is always changing and getting stronger, I feel good that FLFE is always harmonizing the fields and keeping our property clear.

Our guest room houses our WiFi router (which we keep in a router guard) and electric service panel. Yet guests regularly comment about how deep they sleep in that room. They often say it is like sleeping in a cave. FLFE harmonizes any effects of the EMFs!

FLFE assists me when I do remote Personal Clearings and Space Clearings. Since having FLFE, clients mention how much better they feel after the clearings are done. This happened previously, but unsolicited comments come along more often. I respect my clients' privacy, so I only publicize comments when clients send along permission.

FLFE has been in place for a few years, and service enhancements come along regularly. I love this aspect of the service! I also love carrying FLFE everywhere I go by having it on my mobile phone. I know that I'm carrying a good vibe along with me.

The daily Boost is a fabulous benefit of the service. I activate this regularly. On several occasions, I activated the FLFE Boost to synchronize with a customer service call to a company or service provider. In each instance, the calls went smoothly and I was thrilled with the outcome. One such call was to an insurance provider, which saved me several hundred dollars.

I highly recommend FLFE. It's a service that returns a high reward in terms of quality of life."

~ Peg

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The FLFE System uses FLFE programs to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness and the thoughts in the field.

The FLFE System sends energy that is very similar to human thoughts or prayers. FLFE fields are highly regulated to ensure that the energy is consistently positive according to the chosen parameters (560 or higher on the Hawkins Map) which is different from the human mind, which tends to wander.

EMF Mitigation

Health Optimization

All FLFE subscriptions include the EMF Mitigation Program, which reduces the consciousness-lowering effects of EMFs.

It works by raising the level of consciousness of a device emitting consciousness-lowering EMFs. This results in the EMFs emitted going from being consciousness-lowering to neutral or consciousness-increasing in an environment.

The program also uses the energetic signature of the mineral shungite to harmonize, neutralize, deflect, and dissipate consciousness-lowering EMFs.

The EMF Mitigation program reduces 99% or more of all consciousness-lowering EMFs in an environment.

Enhanced Immune Support 2.0: The FLFE System adds life-force energy to the various parts of the Immune System of people in the FLFE field. In particular, areas of the immune system that are low in functioning are supported with additional life-force energy. The Innate Intelligence of the body can use the energy to increase functionality as needed. 

Hydration: FLFE has programs to increase absorption of water by the body. Drinking additional water is optimal. Hydration keeps all of the body processes functioning optimally and is essential for health and life. 

Antioxidants: The FLFE Program carries instructions to apply the benefits of antioxidants to the high-consciousness environment, to support the body in assimilating and producing more antioxidants.

GI Tract Optimization: The Gastrointestinal Tract program supports the body to use the energy-rich FLFE environment and the available program instructions to balance the positive micro-organisms. That includes having a healthy Candida balance, and increasing the operational efficiency of the GI Tract. We make no health claims, but we have had good reports from people on the program (more clarity of mind, more energy, decreased sugar cravings). Our kinesiology testing results show an increase in the operational efficiency of the GI tract over time.

Energized Food 3.0 supports food to be optimally absorbed and optimally utilized by the body. Life-force energy is added to food when it enters the body. 

Energized Nutrients: The FLFE Development team discovered that if individual nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins and essential compounds in food are specifically defined and energized, then the natural nutrient uptake by the body is greatly enhanced.

With FLFE I notice very strong energy, but very grounded. I am using the magnetizing process every day and things are manifesting very quickly. I also have FLFE on my phone and I find that same feeling of lightness and groundedness. Also, a feeling of connectedness, very clear thinking ... I used to have fuzzy thinking.. now my mind is very clear.

MW - New London, New Hampshire

May 2019

Wow! I felt the shift in the house as soon as I got home last night. My husband started talking with me more conversationally and I could feel the uplight of energy. I am so grateful. I knew our house needed a very strong energy clearing and right now, I don't have the money to hire someone really good to do it. FLUFF is totally effective and potent.

CC - Washington

November 2018


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