There are 64 hexagrams or “chapters” in the I Ching. Each hexagram describes a unique energy. Taken as a whole, the 64 hexagrams comprise all of the possible shifts and changes. Here is a summary.

Hexagram 1:

Heaven over Heaven forms the condition for Creative Power. This is a time of accelerated growth. Take the initiative and direct your energy wisely. You have the opportunity to manifest personal desires and achieve happiness.

Hexagram 2:

Earth over Earth forms the condition for Natural Response. You are dealing with realities vs. potentials. Accept help from friends and associates and allow yourself to be led to the best possible position. Broaden your attitudes and opinions and view the world with an open mind. Others help you accomplish aims, it is not the time to act independently. Natural Response brings exceptional progress.

Hexagram 3:

Water over Thunder forms the condition for Difficult Beginnings. A realm of the unknown. Every new venture begins with some chaos. Concentrate on the current situation and build a foundation. Exceptional progress is in store for you if you do.

Hexagram 4:

Mountain over Water forms the condition for Inexperience. Know that you do not know what to do. Examine blind spots, ask for help, and discover what you must learn. Consider the advice of your Advisor. There is something new to discover as you continue to cultivate your character. "Empty vessels" have room to collect, gather and store what is needed or what would be helpful.

Hexagram 5:

Water over Heaven forms the condition for Calculated Waiting. This can be a challenging time since the elements involved are not under your control. The situation is out of any one person's hands. Stay focused in the present and use this time to align internal and external energy. Keep thoughts and words positive. Wait until circumstances are in your favor to act. Ultimately you will meet success.

Hexagram 6:

Heaven over Water forms the condition for Conflict. It is a time of spiritual maturing. The path you have chosen leads to a state of (inner or outer) conflict, obstacles, and opposition. Stop and reconsider your original premise. Consider all facets of the situation and weigh the merits of all options. Look at the situation from another's perspective. Stay away from open confrontation. Do not force the issue: misunderstandings cannot be overcome with force. Hold back on major changes until the time is right.

Hexagram 7:

Earth over Water forms the condition for Collective Force. You can tap into the energy of mass support if you communicate effectively and your goals are in line with the sentiments of society. Be supportive and generous with others. This is a favorable time to broaden ideals to encompass larger goals while leading people through education, generosity, and leniency.

Hexagram 8:

Water over Earth forms the condition for Unity. Unity brings good fortune. Take advantage of the opportunities that arise. If you are uncertain, return to your plan. Procrastination brings misfortune. The time is right to lead, be heard and influence others.

Hexagram 9:

Wind over Heaven forms the condition for Restrained. Your impulses, intentions and plans may be held in check by an unknown detail. Stay close to the situation you wish to affect. Attend to details and avoid aggressive action. Restrain yourself until your plan can be accommodated.

Hexagram 10:

Heaven over Lake forms the condition for Conduct. Everything depends on how you conduct yourself now. This can be a very positive time and it can also be one filled with challenges. Success will come through dignity, composure, courtesy, and thoughtfulness. It may be necessary to be discriminating with your choice of acquaintances. It can also be a time to cultivate your inner growth and further develop your self worth.

Hexagram 11:

Earth over Heaven forms the condition for Prospering. Cosmic forces are favorable to benefit from the harmony between Heaven and Earth. Ideal condition for new awakenings. There will be good fortune and progress. Maintaining peace of mind, with or without hard work, supports success and prosperity.

Hexagram 12:

Heaven over Earth forms the condition for Stagnation. Growth has stopped and things are at an impasse temporarily. Do not try to influence others. This is a time to hold onto your values, principles, and inner confidence. Remove yourself from any situation that causes conflict. This time will pass.

Hexagram 13:

Heaven over Fire forms the condition for Community. This is a favorable time for new endeavors. Society functions best when each member is gainfully employed, excelling doing something they love, and contributing to society's overall goals. Focus on the creation of structure, processes, and healthy disciplines to help everyone align with the greater good.

Hexagram 14:

Fire over Heaven forms the condition for Sovereignty. This is a time of increased personal power and clarity for you. Proper behavior will bring you success. Keep your ego in check and express compassion towards others in your relationships. You are in the spotlight. Focus on qualities in yourself that enhance goodness and well-being.

Hexagram 15:

Earth over Mountain forms the condition for Moderation. This is a time to balance extremes, moderate any unrealistic ideals, and harmonize interests. Concentrate on bringing equilibrium to your situations and relationships.

Hexagram 16:

Thunder over Earth forms the condition for Harmonize. Listen to your inner voice. You are in a position to harmonize socially and communicate your ideas and interests. Do so by aligning your values with those of society and gain the cooperation of others. Anticipate what is needed. Select enthusiastic supporters. The path of truth is always the path of least resistance.

Hexagram 17:

Lake over Thunder forms the condition for Adapting. Be flexible in your relationships and situations with others at this time. Release prejudices and opinions that may be holding you back. Adapting to goals that are harmonious with the times brings peace of mind and success.

Hexagram 18:

Mountain over Wind forms the condition for Repair. The object of your inquiry would benefit from an adjustment. The time is excellent for making amends or changes. You have the ability to change or repair your circumstances. Consider the path that led to this situation and do not be lulled into inertia by the magnitude of the task. The situation will develop new energy and inspiration once the problems are removed. Avoid slipping back into complacency.

Hexagram 19:

Earth over Lake forms the condition for Promotion. This hexagram correlates with the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This is a favorable time to progress toward your goal. Use this period to your best advantage, as it will not last forever. All of life is cyclical. This is a dynamic phase of inner growth. All activities and relationships have the potential to blossom now. Good fortune lies ahead.

Hexagram 20:

Wind over Earth forms the condition for Contemplating. Approach all situations with seasonality in mind: the Spring of new ideas, the summer of work and growth, the autumn of harvest and completion and the winter of rest. Reflect on the season of situation and you can approach it with a predictable plan. Honest contemplation will help you to explore new ideas, reflect, and modify any practices that need adjustment.

Hexagram 21:

Fire over Thunder forms the condition for Reform. An obstacle needs to be eliminated in order to achieve your aims. This block could be self-generated. Look to the truth within to resolve it. Examine your character and follow your principles, values, and truth.

Hexagram 22:

Mountain over Fire forms the condition for Grace. Fire at the foot of the Mountain creates a perfect time to bring clarity to your mind, happiness to your heart, and peace to your soul. This is an enriching time for self development and self expression. An exceptional time for inspiration.

Hexagram 23:

Mountain over Earth forms the condition for Deterioration. It is part of the natural order of ebb and flow. Contemplate this time with great care, particularly in financial and business matters. Build a secure foundation by consolidating relationships. Keep a low profile. Nurture your body and mind. Look for wisdom within. The time to move toward your goal will come again.

Hexagram 24:

Earth over Thunder forms the condition for Repeating. Thunder is active in the womb of the Earth. You are repeating a cycle in your life after a period of stagnation or frustration. The paths leading to growth are revealing themselves. Allow the improving situation to develop at its own pace. This is a time when like-minded people can work together toward a common goal. It is an ideal opportunity for self-knowledge. Set a goal. Repeating brings progress.

Hexagram 25:

Heaven over Thunder forms the condition for Innocence. Be prepared for a surprising, refreshing, turn of events. Align with the flow of the cosmos before taking action. The path to your goal is indirect. Rely on principles and virtues, not clever strategies. For optimal results, act innocently without conscious purpose and without ulterior motive. The unexpected helps stimulate new solutions. Act without thought of compensation or gain in stature.

Hexagram 26:

Mountain over Heaven forms the condition for Potential Energy. Knowledge is accumulating. Keep still and hold onto what is correct in the face of pressure. Continue to develop your character and cultivate beneficial relationships. Keep still under pressure. Treat others with gentleness, patience and forgiveness.

Hexagram 27:

Mountain over Thunder forms the condition for Nourishing. The correct nourishment of yourself and others is the current focus. Pay attention to what is being nourished and make certain it is above reproach. An enlightened person cautiously expresses herself and carefully regulates what she absorbs. Note the quality of what you give to others; support and nourishment will return to you in kind. Cultivate constructive opinions and attitudes to properly nourish your character. Express moderation.

Hexagram 28:

Lake over Wind forms the condition for Critical Mass. The time is right to act independently without fear. Important, serious and meaningful possibilities are coming to a head now. This could feel like a time of crisis. It is a good time to take a stand. Make decisions about your next move.

Hexagram 29:

Water over Water forms the condition for Danger. The real danger is brought about by your immediate environment. Meet and overcome your difficulties through correct behavior. A time of challenge can bring out your best. It is a favorable time for inner development.

Hexagram 30:

Fire over Fire forms the condition for Synergy. Qualities of Fire include illumination and intelligence. This hexagram of fire over fire (double fire) represents an opportunity for leaders to inspire and enlighten others. Create synergy within yourself.In personal relationships, aligning your desires can bring good fortune. Alleviate pressures quietly.

Hexagram 31:

Lake over Mountain forms the condition for Attraction. The Universe is held together by a complex network of various forms of attraction, which create all things. Your position of power influences the current circumstances. Allow your goal to influence and change you. The attraction is reciprocal.

Hexagram 32:

Thunder over Wind forms the condition for Continuing. Work within established systems to bring about order, unity, and security to you and your community. Introduce new thought while adhering to the foundations that support sound growth and a well-ordered life.

Hexagram 33:

Heaven over Mountain forms the condition for Retreat. Withdraw from struggle and opposing forces at this time. This is a time to go within, reflect, and develop inner wisdom, strength, and reserve. When the proper time to advance comes, you will be ready.

Hexagram 34:

Thunder over Heaven forms the condition for Great Power. Your influence is tremendous at this time. Being certain that your objectives are honorable, this is a favorable time to strengthen relationships and do good work from within established conventions.

Hexagram 35:

Fire over Earth forms the condition for Progress. Fire is radiant energy. The sun rising above the earth is a time of rapid progress. This is a favorable time to make personal and professional progress, as long as your aims are sincere and benefit the greater good. Good ideas are best put to use serving others. Progressive action meets great success.

Hexagram 36:

Earth over Fire forms the condition for Censorship. You are confronted by forces that challenge your convictions and goals. This is an ideal time to step into the background, listen, observe, and conceal your feelings, while maintaining your principles. You can transcend this challenging time. Avoid challenging the opinion of others. Letting things pass, even if you do not agree, is a good way to stay clear of trouble.

Hexagram 37:

Wind over Fire forms the condition for Family. Inner radiance is carried by the outer wind. This is a time to approach relationships as Family. Healthy families embody three qualities: love, faithfulness, and proper conduct. In order to improve your family, company, nation, or world, begin with yourself. Actions speak louder than words. Concentrate on your character. This is a time of good fortune.

Hexagram 38:

Fire over Lake forms the condition for Contradiction. Seeing both sides clearly provides the opportunity for ultimate unity. Weigh the opposing viewpoints and use common ground to bring about mutual accord.

Hexagram 39:

Water over Mountain forms the condition for Obstacles. When water meets an obstacle, it stops flowing. A pause in motion allows the water a chance to gather strength, build up, and eventually flow over the obstacle. This hexagram is about obstructions that are most likely in your own thinking or of your own doing. A saying that best fits this hexagram is "You are caught between a rock and a hard place." Retreat, reflect, and self-correct to remove the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles in your path. Any strong negative emotions (such as fear, frustration, anger, blame, shame) are an indication that your energy is out of balance. A trusted friend or counselor may help you to identify the best way forward.

Hexagram 40:

Thunder over Water forms the condition for Liberation. It is within your power to resolve issues, release stuck emotions, and stalled patterns which have blocked your progress. Forgive past mistakes and transgressions. Clear the ground for new growth, taking firm action now. The future is promising.

Hexagram 41:

Mountain over Lake forms the condition for Decline. This is a natural transition and swing of the pendulum. Accepting the decline and simplifying your life will help you improve timing and avoid serious mistakes. This is a favorable time for inner development and attending to business at hand. In personal relationships, be accepting and as reassuring as possible, while devoting time to refining your character.

Hexagram 42:

Wind over Thunder forms the condition for Benefit. This is a very favorable time for energies directed toward worthwhile endeavors and those of service to others. Generous actions can enhance all relationships.

Hexagram 43:

Lake over Heaven forms the condition for Resolution. Threatening forces are in a position to be eradicated. This must be done in the open and without violence. Deny your adversaries power by moving in the direction of what is good for common welfare. Raise issues frankly and honestly, without judgment. Bonds are strengthened as resolution springs from your heart.

Hexagram 44:

Heaven over Wind forms the condition for Temptation. If a temptation with the power to throw you off-course presents itself to you, withdraw your attention. Avoid wasting your time. Stay focused on your interests, convictions, and goals.

Hexagram 45:

Lake over Earth forms the condition for Assembling. Will you be participating in a group assembly? Strong bonds will be developed through shared common goals, The time is right to drop defenses. Be sincere and have a goal in mind. Shared bonds and goals unite people and groups. Alignment with goals brings confidence and well-being. Good fortune.

Hexagram 46:

Earth over Wind forms the condition for Advancement. Modest, steady actions toward a goal brings advancement. Continuous effort is required, so do not pause. This is an excellent time for breakthroughs in communication and relationships. Work on the self is focused on the will and meets success. Know what must be done and carry it out with unwavering effort.

Hexagram 47:

Lake over Water forms the condition for Adversity. This is a time to make progress through action and not words. When faced with adversity, remain emotionally stable and optimistic. Hold your fears in check. Adversity can be transcended through proper conduct, will, and determination. Hold onto your vision.

Hexagram 48:

Water over Wind forms the condition for The Source. The Source is the inexhaustible pool of collective nourishment and truth available to each of us. With a peaceful and reflective approach, go deep inside to gain clarity about the matter at hand. The deeper you go, the more meaningful your insight may be. Practice acceptance over judgment.

Hexagram 49:

Lake over Fire forms the condition for Changing. A gradual transformation may be in order to avoid stagnation. Approach change with a correct attitude. Avoid haste and excessive behavior. Timing is very important. Allow time for the process to unfold as you gain the trust of others and regret disappears.

Hexagram 50:

Fire over Wind forms the condition for Cosmic Order. When the development of the individual and the needs of the cosmos are in harmony, Cosmic Order exists. To flourish, align your aims and desires with the needs of the flow of the cosmos. Great deeds are possible when you act in harmony with the Cosmos.

Hexagram 51:

Thunder over Thunder forms the condition for Shocking. The sudden force of double thunder represents very powerful and intense energy. Similar to spring, the time is right for new growth to burst forth. This energy can be unpredictable, bringing you close to the inner workings of your nature. Although fear may inspire you to make initial changes, the sudden force of stored energy ultimately yields progress. Use this time to inspire yourself to make personal changes that will increase your vitality and success.

Hexagram 52:

Mountain over Mountain forms the condition for Meditation. The Mountain is about stillness. As you calm your mind and quiet your ego, you transcend inner turmoil. It is a wonderful way to ground and center your energy, renewing body, mind and spirit. True objectivity will help you to know when and when not to act. Cultivating inner peace will help you to act in harmony with the times, avoiding impulsiveness. Stop your thoughts and experience being fully present.

Hexagram 53:

Wind over Mountain forms the condition for Developing. This is a time natural unfolding of events. Allow the situation to develop gradually. Success comes as you maintain a clear vision of your plans while adapting to established traditions.

Hexagram 54:

Thunder over Lake forms the condition for Subordinate. This is a time to withdraw into the background and spend time strengthening your inner vision. If you are beginning a new job, correct early mistakes quickly and quietly. Acting as a subordinate, you can avoid error. Develop a long range ideal and focus on the future with clarity of purpose.

Hexagram 55:

Thunder over Fire forms the condition for Zenith. You are at the peak. You fulfill your potential, achieve your goals or exhaust the possibilities. Move quickly. The Zenith is a brief period. Make the most of the matters at hand. Success and prosperity are imminent. Once on top, decline begins. It is a part of the natural cycle. Expect such change. All that you are creating will sustain you through the decline. Your successes will serve as the foundation for later growth. This is an ideal time for self discovery.

Hexagram 56:

Fire over Mountain forms the condition for Traveling. You are moving through the situation at hand. You will move on. Clearly define your goals. Be honest and obliging. Avoid long term commitments in personal and social relationships. Maintain your integrity.

Hexagram 57:

Wind over Wind forms the condition for Penetrating Influence. Imagine a steady and gentle wind. The power of the mind through concentration is enhanced. A vision of what you want to accomplish, along with patience, and a long-term commitment brings success. Gradual, inconspicuous effort in a consistent direction brings progress. A gentle approach is key.

Hexagram 58:

Lake over Lake forms the condition for Encouraging. The "Lake" trigram is called "Joy." True joy is achieved gradually and steadily. Stand firm in truth while being kind, generous, gentle and accepting. Spend time with like-minded friends. Encourage and be encouraged by others. Communication is enhanced and cooperation leads to success. Encouragement from others will help you to be successful, just as you do the same for them.

Hexagram 59:

Wind over Water forms the condition for Reuniting. It is a time to experience the collective flow. Reunite with family, including "work" families. If in business, help people to reunite with their reality by offering functional products and services that appeal to the widest possible audience. There is an advantage to correct persistence.

Hexagram 60:

Water over Lake forms the condition for Limitations. This is a time to set practical limits related to money, time, energy, emotions, and behavior, to bring future opportunity. Life without guidelines can be confusing and unsettling. Practical rules and regulations limit extravagant practices, help conserve resources, and bring balance. For steady progress and true meaning, define and observe reasonable limits in all you do.

Hexagram 61:

Wind over Lake forms the condition for Insight. This is a time for achievement through the power of insight. Be open and free of prejudice. Move beyond mind into pure observation and acceptance. Negotiate in disputes and moderate rigid ideas. Rely upon your inner strength and character.

Hexagram 62:

Thunder over Mountain forms the condition for Conscientiousness. This is a time for inner development and humility. Pay attention to detail and practice self control. Watch finances carefully and be conservative with expenditures. You will find good fortune by staying "below the radar" and quietly performing your life's work with dignity and diligence. Winter is an excellent time for deep, inner development.

Hexagram 63:

Water over Fire forms the condition for After The End. You have reached equilibrium and the end of a phase. Rather than relax, this is the time to contemplate and prepare for what is next. Changing circumstances and relationships provide the opportunity to strengthen your position and character. Take care of details along the way to help you successfully move toward what is next. Misfortune can be avoided through proper planning and foresight.

Hexagram 64:

Fire over Water forms the condition for Before The End. This hexagram is a reminder that the outer world will come into order only after the inner world has done so. It is also a reminder that "thoughts create things." This is a time to quiet your ego and focus on creating a solid inner foundation and inner balance for yourself. Allow good judgment and discernment to prevail as you proceed with caution. A rebirth, of sorts, is in order. Before The End brings progress.

Changing Lines ... the changing lines will be added as they are used.

Hexagram 1: Creative Power
Changing line 6: Adjust your ambitions so that you may achieve your dream.
Changing line 5: Others look to you for guidance and inspiration as a result of your clear thinking.
Changing line 4: Follow your intuition, whether it is to go inward, serve society or be in the public view.
Changing line 3: Stay focused on your vision and integrity to avoid distractions.
Changing line 2: It is in your interest to align yourself with someone in your area of interest.
Changing line 1: Wait for the opportune time to take action to achieve your aim.

Hexagram 2: Natural Response
Changing line 6: Hold onto your vision as you quietly work to reach your goals.
Changing line 5: Be modest and discrete in all you do. 
Changing line 4: Develop an inner reserve and maintain a low profile.
Changing line 3: Do the best job possible, anonymously. Recongition will come later.
Changing line 2: Success will come easily when you embrace the truth.
Changing line 1: Make preparations for the coming change.

Hexagram 3: Difficult Beginnings
Changing line 6: You may need to begin again if you have lost your perspective and can no longer see your difficulties realistically.
Changing line 5: Small efforts will lead to progress and good fortune.
Changing line 4: Help from others will assist you in attaining your goals.
Changing line 3: Get help from an experienced guide as you proceed on your path.
Changing line 2: In the midst of confusion and difficulty, it is best to wait things out.
Changing line 1: Keep your goal insight as you get help for any confusing obstacles.

Hexagram 4: Inexperience
Changing line 6: Avoid being a fool; let karma take care of the errant ways of others.
Changing line 5: Be an empty vessel as you seek advice from others. Listen. Good fortune.
Changing line 4: Your attitude may be unrealistic. If so, you may experience humiliation if you cannot be instructed.
Changing line 3: Doors will open as you seek advice from an Advisor.
Changing line 2: You can lead and inspire others through wisdom, compassion, and grace. Success is likely.
Changing line 1: Apply enough discipline and guidance to keep thing moving along properly.

Hexagram 5: Calculated Waiting
Changing line 6: Graciously accept help to turn the situation around.
Changing line 5: Relax and gains some perspective, while also continuing correct persistence.
Changing line 4: You are waiting at the very center of chaos. Remove yourself from the situation.
Changing line 3: Proceed cautionsly and conservatively to avoid attack.
Changing line 2: Your actions may be inviting difficulties into your life. Omit gossip. Do not defend yourself. Success will come.
Changing line 1: Stay focused on the longterm outcome. Stay calm. Problems will be worked out.

Hexagram 6: Conflict
Changing line 6: Tap into your higher self for direction and guidance.
Changing line 5: Look to an objective and fair authority to resolve the conflict, if need be.
Changing line 4: Gather your resources, The way will be shown when the time is right.
Changing line 3: Act honorably. Good fortune results.
Changing line 2: Avoid being drawn into open conflict. Retreat for the best outcome at this time.
Changing line 1: Avoid conflict or end it quickly. All goes well in the end.

Hexagram 7: Collective Force
Changing line 6: Align your priorities with your values. Do not give inferior people or ideas a voice in your affairs.
Changing line 5: Rely on an experienced person to lead the way and correct the situation.
Changing line 4: Retreat against insurmountable obstacles. A more favorable time will come.
Changing line 3: Vision and leadership is needed to avoid misfortune.
Changing line 2: Communicate with others for good fortune.
Changing line 1: Order and discipline is required before taking action.

Hexagram 8: Unity
Changing line 6: Review and reconsider your actions. Set a good example for others through love, patience, and tolerance.
Changing line 5: The time is right to trust those with whom you are brought together. Good fortune.
Changing line 4: Openly support leaders in your community while remembering allegiance to self.
Changing line 3: You may need to seek new people in your environment to meet your goals.
Changing line 2: Follow your intuition vs. looking for approval from others.
Changing line 1: Genuine, honest, unbiased associations will attract like-minded others to you and yield good fortune.

Hexagram 9: Restrained
Changing line 6: Be content with your initial progress. Wait for a better time to fully proceed.
Changing line 5: Continue to develop your character to attain wisdom and insight.
Changing line 4: Also be realistic. Revise your plans to achieve your goals.
Changing line 3: Minor opposition. Letting go brings inner freedom.
Changing line 2: Study the situation before taking action. A retreat leads to good fortune at this time.
Changing line 1: Avoid forcing your way. Hold back at this time.

Hexagram 10: Conduct
Changing line 6: Review your past conduct and adjust as warranted. Good and proper conduct will produce good results.
Changing line 5: Good fortune can be achieved through leadership, right action, awareness and caution. Learn from past.
Changing line 4: Be cautious as you move forward with your plans for the best outcome and highest success.
Changing line 3: Cultivate your personal power to fit your ambitious goals.
Changing line 2: Be modest and moderate with your goals for good fortune and success.
Changing line 1: Maintain simplicity as you move progress toward your goals. Avoid being obligated to others.

Hexagram 11: Prospering
Changing line 6: Accept the waning energy. Strengthen ties with those close to you, and submit to the wisdom of a Higher Power.
Changing line 5: Be impartial as you properly handle your affairs. You have support.
Changing line 4: Unite and communicate with those around you. Maintain a steady path toward your goals.
Changing line 3: Enjoy the present. A shift may be coming. Your faith and perseverance will guide you.
Changing line 2: Have a good attitude as you undertake difficult tasks. Be tolerant of people as you develop your vision for the future.
Changing line 1:Actions will meet with good fortune as you attract like-minded people with similar goals.

Hexagram 12: Stagnation
Changing line 6: Maintain a strong sense of purpose to achieve the best results.
Changing line 5: A change for the better is coming, built upon a strong foundation. A cautious and reserved approach is OK.
Changing line 4: Be in harmony with the cosmos. Focus on being modest and correct in your approach. Take the high road.
Changing line 3: Avoid using questionable methods and motives or shame could result.
Changing line 2: Quietly stick to your principles. Accept current stagnation; remain temporarily apart.Ultimate success.
Changing line 1: Disengage from the root of the problem. Persevere as you follow the path of least resistance.

Hexagram 13: Community
Changing line 6: Meet others halfway. Joining with others can bring good fortune.
Changing line 5: Together you can make progress and discover joy in unity with others.
Changing line 4: Resolve frustration and difficulties via discussion with others.
Changing line 3: Be aware: some involved in the situation may have different goals. Realign goals to make progress.
Changing line 2: Be inclusive. Stay away from exclusivity and elitism.
Changing line 1: Look for and omit, release, or move away from hidden agendas. Meet openly and practice correct behavior.

Hexagram 14: Sovereignty
Changing line 6: Consciously honor Universal knowledge and truth. Be openly appreciative to those who help you.
Changing line 5: Share the truth with those who are drawn to it naturally.
Changing line 4: Hold firm to what is correct. Avoid “tit for tat.”
Changing line 3: The opposition appears minor and advance seems possible.
Changing line 2: Abundant resources are available to you. You have the skills and knowledge to employ them.
Changing line 1: You are early in the process. Challenges may lie ahead.

Hexagram 15: Moderation
Changing line 6: Takes responsibility for yourself. Do not blame others. Further self development will yield many benefits.
Changing line 5: Decisive, inspired action may be necessary to achieve your aims and to maintain a healthy equilibrium.
Changing line 4: Continue to cultivate your character to reach and maintain balance in all aspects of your life.
Changing line 3: Unwavering commitment, hard work, and perseverance will bring you continued support.
Changing line 2: Inner moderation yields big benefits and strengthens your influence. Good fortune.
Changing line: 1: Carry out your endeavor quietly, thoroughly and competently, without announcing your aims, for good fortune.

Hexagram 16: Harmonize
Changing line 6: There is an opportunity for new growth.
Changing line 5: Awareness of obstacles helps prevent chaos and defeat. Do inner work.
Changing line 4: Be confident in the future. Your attitude will attract others to you.
Changing line 3: Develop self motivation to maintain your independence and self reliance.
Changing line 2: Remain focused on your fundamental truths and principles for best results.
Changing line 1: Stay on top of your situation. Avoid boasting.

Hexagram 17: Adapting
Changing line 6: You may be asked to lead another. Be unselfish. You will be rewarded.
Changing line 5: Set your sights and insist on the very best. You can attain it.
Changing line 4: Others have ulterior motives. Look beyond the current situation. Be independent.
Changing line 3: You will part ways with former inferior elements of your life. Be firm as you follow a superior path.
Changing line 2: Reexamine your standards and goals. Adjust to the times as it makes sense.
Changing line 1: A change is occurring. Communicate with those close to you while holding onto your principles. Be discerning.

Hexagram 18: Repair
Changing line 6: You can transcend this situation. Focus on personal development, spiritual growth, and universal goals.
Changing line 5: Assume the responsibility for a long needed reform. Those close to you will support your efforts.
Changing line 4: It is time to change the discord that has been tolerated and return to a state of harmony.
Changing line 3: Avoid haste as you correct past mistakes and move forward.
Changing line 2: Proceed with awareness and sensitivity to avoid repeating past mistakes.
Changing line 1: It is time to change a rigid structure that is limiting your life. Cautious reform will meet with success.

Hexagram 19: Promotion
Changing line 6: Others benefit from your wealth of experience. Great progress is anticipated.
Changing line 5: Choose competent helpers and allow them to do their work without interference.
Changing line 4: Appropriate behavior will enable you to overcome any difficulties.
Changing line 3: Maintain caution for a successful outcome. An easy promtion is possible.
Changing line 2: Continue to develop and maintain your inner discipline. Doing so will nourish and sustain you at all times.
Changing line 1: Be certain that your goals are worthy. Begin your endeavors with like-minded others.

Hexagram 20: Contemplating
Changing line 6: Develop your personal and spiritual selves to move beyond the current situation.Focus on universal goals.
Changing line 5: Contemplate the effect of your life upon others to gain an understanding of what the future holds.
Changing line 4: Identify the best causes, people, or organizations to join to exert your influence.
Changing line 3: Gain objective self-knowledge to make the best decisions for yourself.
Changing line 2: Develop a broader viewpoint to expand your influence within the wider world.
Changing line 1: Look beyond the surface and see the situation as a part of the larger whole.

Hexagram 21: Reform
Changing line 6: You will stray further from the path if you cannot recognize how your choices are leading you astray.
Changing line 5: Follow the course you've decided upon, while remaining aware and staying clear of potential obstacles.
Changing line 4: The job ahead is challenging. Stay the course.
Changing line 3: Reform is necessary although you may lack the power and authority to bring it about. Your efforts are justified.
Changing line 2: Take right action and follow a steady course of progression.
Changing line 1: Your first departure from the path warrants a mild correction.

Hexagram 22: Grace
Changing line 6: Follow a simple yet sincere path. Your radiance shines externally.
Changing line 5: You are more worthy than you recognize. Be sincere and you will meet with good fortune.
Changing line 4: Choose between or outer or inner path. the inner path is one of deeper self-knowlefge and simplicity.
Changing line 3: You benefit from Grace. Be sincere and humble as you continue your endeavors.
Changing line 2: Grace comes from within. This is a time to strengthen your inner vessel.
Changing line 1: Move forward with self-directed integrity and authenticity, Avoid false pretenses.

Hexagram 23: Deterioration
Changing line 6: The forces of Deterioration have ended. Power will return to persons of worthwhile vision.
Changing line 5: A change for the better is taking shape and opposing forces may come together through mutual cooperation.
Changing line 4: Defeat may be imminent.
Changing line 3: Always take the high road in your relationships with others. The circumstances will work themselves out.
Changing line 2: Be cautious as you adapt to present circumstances. You may be without allies at the present time.
Changing line 1: Wait for a more opportune time to pursue your goals. Be aware of unsavory people who may undermine you.

Hexagram 24: Repeating
Changing line 6: You must wait for the cycle to repeat itself to make a change at the beginning.
Changing line 5: Reflect on your inner self to gain the strength to make appropriate changes.
Changing line 4: As you move forward to a better situation, your current friends may not follow.
Changing line 3: Stay focused on your path. Avoid the lure of other paths.
Changing line 2: Follow good examples and do the right thing.
Changing line 1: Self disciple will help you to further develop your character and to move in the right direction.

Hexagram 25: Innocence
Changing line 6: Take no action towards something new. Even innocent actions can create chaos.
Changing line 5: A turn of events may be distressing. Allow the situation to work itself out. The solution will come of itself.
Changing line 4: Trust your inner guidance and all will be well.
Changing line 3: Unavoidable misfortune may come, along with new solutions. Remain open to learning.
Changing line 2: Devote your full attention to what you are now doing. This will help you achieve your aim.
Changing line 1: Spontaneity brings good fortune. Trust your instincts.

Hexagram 26: Potential Energy
Changing line 6: Align yourself with the tao for overall good fortune. All obstacles eventually give way.
Changing line 5: Avoid direct confrontation in this situation. Instead cut the roots to an uncontrolled force to redirect energy.
Changing line 4: Prior setbacks have aided your growth, creating a strong reserve of potential energy. Use it well.
Changing line 3: Be cautious as you keep your personal goals in mind. A path will open for you and others may join you too.
Changing line 2: Stay put and build your resources.
Changing line 1: It would be smart to clear obstacles on your path before proceeding.

Hexagram 27: Nourishing
Changing line 6: You are aware of your responsibilities to educate, nourish and influence others. You will bring happiness to many.
Changing line 5: Join with a strong and influential mentor or guide to nourish others, to preserve your strength.
Changing line 4: Nourishing others meets with success. Enlist creative people to help you.
Changing line 3: Develop nourishment from within. You are looking in the wrong places.
Changing line 2: You are able to take care of yourself. Withdraw from your reliance on inferior persons.
Changing line 1: Redirect your attention to your inner self, away from the focus on the prosperity of others.

Hexagram 28: Critical Mass
Changing line 6: Achievement of your goal may require sacrifice. Pay attention to the reality of what is happening.
Changing line 5: Acknowledge the realities of your environment. Ground your energy and stabilize yourself as you move ahead.
Changing line 4: Draw from your inner strength to achieve your goal.
Changing line 3: Identify and dissolve the obstacles in your way before moving forward. They cannot be overcome by force.
Changing line 2: Get help from people who understand you and share your vision and goals, to re-energize your situation.
Changing line 1:Pay attention to the details associated with achieving your goal. It’s OK to be cautious.

Hexagram 29: Danger
Changing line 6: More appropriate solutions are required. Order will be restored as you wait for the blockages to clear.
Changing line 5: Doing less can accomplish more. The danger will pass.
Changing line 4: Take a simple, clear, straight-forward approach to solving your problems.
Changing line 3: You do not understand the danger. Proceeding will only make matters worse.
Changing line 2: Small, consistent efforts are possible at this time. No big change is possible.
Changing line 1: The time is not right. Begin again at another time to prevent going further astray.

Hexagram 30: Synergy
Changing line 6: Identify and eliminate the root source of the problem. Act in moderation. Be gentle with others.
Changing line 5: Things are changing for the better, even if currently accompanied by deep grief.
Changing line 4: Overly enthusiastic energies and endeavors can be exhausting. Strive for balance in all you do.
Changing line 3: Cultivate an acceptance of fate and go with the ebb and flow of life.
Changing line 2: Take a moderate path for the best results.
Changing line 1: Keep your goal in mind continually to minimize confusion and error as you begin your new path.

Hexagram 31: Attraction
Changing line 6: Ideas mean little without execution. What actions are you taking?
Changing line: 5: The depth of your influence in external matters comes from within.
Changing line 4: Maintain consistency and strength in your beliefs. Avoid manipulating others.
Changing line 3: Self control is the key to your success in this situation. Avoid indulging your whims.
Changing line 2: Take action after you are fully aware of what is happening for optimal results.
Changing line 1: Change is in the air. More must be done to make it a reality.

Hexagram 32: Continuing
Changing line 6:Balance and align your energy. A perpetual state of anxiety brings exhaustion.
Changing line 5: Apply appropriate effort for what you desire. Use earthly methods for Earthly things and spiritual for Spiritual.
Changing line 4: Reevaluate your desires and goals. Be realistic.
Changing line 3: Be consistent with your actions and reactions to minimize difficulty.
Changing line 2: Take consistent and gentle action to quietly influence and direct the situation. Avoid extremes.
Changing line 1: Do not embrace a method or system that is new to you at this time. Life-style changes evolve over time.

Hexagram 33: Retreat
Changing line 6: Retreat without guilt or doubt from the situation at hand. Overall good fortune.
Changing line 5: Retreat from the situation in a firm, friendly manner.
Changing line 4: If you are objective about your retreat, you will be more likely to easily adjust and make progress.
Changing line 3: If inferior persons surround you, it is difficult to accomplish your goals.
Changing line 2: You can exit the situation through a strong desire to pull back or through the guidance of a person you trust.
Changing line 1: Taking action now will only invite danger. Pull inward.

Hexagram 34: Great Power
Changing line 6: You will reach an impasse if you go too far. Quietly compose yourself in order to move forward.
Changing line 5: Stay on track. Good fortune will follow.
Changing line 4: Work toward your goal deliberately and quietly for the greatest effect.
Changing line 3: Boasting creates unnecessary entanglements. Concealed power is more effective at this time.
Changing line 2: Use your power wisely. Practice moderation. Avoid overconfidence.
Changing line 1: It is a mistake to proceed with your plan at this time. Wait.

Hexagram 35: Progress
Changing line 6: If you learn by being harder on yourself, fine. Avoid being harsh with others as you risk alienating them.
Changing line 5: Stay focused. Continue on your path for overall good fortune.
Changing line 4: Progress cannot be attained through questionable means or people. Retreat. The truth will come to light.
Changing line 3: Your progress is dependent upon the involvement of others. Maintain a common trust.
Changing line 2: Continue your efforts and maintain your virtues. An unexpected breakthrough may occur with authorities.
Changing line 1: Overcome others' lack of confidence in you through your warmth and generosity. 

Hexagram 36: Censorship
Changing line 6: Before long the challenging times will fade into the background and be a distant memory.
Changing line 5: Come into alignment with the current situation while keeping your ideas quiet.
Changing line 4: You can now view the current situation with clarity. Pull out if it seems doomed. If not, work it through.
Changing line 3: Take control of the situation. Gradually release ingrained patterns that no longer serve your best interest.
Changing line 2: A recent setback will inspire you toward positive action in a favorable direction.
Changing line 1: Accept the obstacles as a part of the process for the present. Trying to rise above them will be difficult.

Hexagram 37: Family
Changing line 6: Your sense of responsibility brings good fortune.
Changing line 5: A healthy relationship exists between the leader and followers. Good fortune.
Changing line 4 : Your sincere, genuine, and humble attempts to support others’ well-being will lead to a successful outcome.
Changing line 3: Select a moderate path to create order in the situation. Avoid indulgence.
Changing line 2: Focus on meeting the immediate needs of the group without force.
Changing line 1 : Define roles and responsibilities at the beginning of relationships and activities to support good fortune.

Hexagram 38: Contradiction
Changing line 6: You have lost perspective. Realize your mistakes for good fortune. Your friends are not your enemies.
Changing line 5: Look beyond opposition to to recognize someone who can help you. Overcome problems together.
Changing line 4 : In the midst of isolation or opposition, someone with an affinity will emerge. Mutual trust will overcome difficulties.
Changing line 3: Adhere to what you know is right and the situation will end well, even if you are opposed at every turn.
Changing line 2: You benefit from an unexpected encounter with an idea or person.
Changing line 1: If an estrangement is underway, allow it to be. Avoid force. A natural state will evolve.

Hexagram 39: Obstacles
Changing line 6: Allow wisdom to guide you to success in this matter.
Changing line 5: Your spirit, focus, and energy will help you to attract helpful people. Cooperation brings success.
Changing line 4 : Unite with one or more helpers to overcome obstacles facing you.
Changing line 3: If you find yourself struggling with an outside obstacle, return to your center and refocus your plan.
Changing line 2: Overcome obstacles by meeting them head on.
Changing line 1: If you have met an obstacle, wait it out. You will know the right time to move forward again.

Hexagram 40: Liberation
Changing line 6: Smart planning and good timing will alleviate the obstacle on your path to success.
Changing line 5: Only you can change yourself. Once you release that which holds you back, you will win the respect you deserve.
Changing line 4: Free yourself from entanglements with those who may be limiting your progress with helpful allies.
Changing line 3: Apply discipline and control to avoid humiliation by those who want to undermine you.
Changing line 2: Stay focused on what is correct as obstacles are removed. Good fortune.
Changing line 1: You have grown and changed. The path forward is free from obstacles. Solidify your position.

Hexagram 41: Decline
Changing line 6: Follow Universal pursuis to garner support and benefit many.
Changing line 5: You are marked by fate. Nothing stands in the way. Good fortune.
Changing line 4: Diminish your shortcomings and bad habits to attract helpers.
Changing line 3: Bonding with one other person will be successful.
Changing line 2: Maintain your principles and sense of Self with all you do.
Changing line 1: Exercise moderation when helping or being helped by others to bring about balance.

Hexagram 42: Benefit
Changing line 6: You do not have the means to help others at this time. Hold back to avoid attack and misfortune.
Changing line 5: A true good deed on your part will bring you recognition and good fortune.
Changing line 4: Act as a mediator by being reasonable and suggesting ways to benefit all a top priority.
Changing line 3: You are likely to benefit from what might be considered unfortunate circumstances. Hold to your principles and you will be above reproach.
Changing line 2: Maintain fortunate forward momentum at this time by continuing to focus on worthy aims as you continue with your usual day to day life.
Changing line 1: You are blessed and in a position to help others. Maintain worthy goals that are above reproach.

Hexagram 43: Resolution
Changing line 6: You may be blinded by your own delusion. Remain alert. Have checks and balances.
Changing line 5: Be resolute and determined as you work around wide or deep roots of adversaries.
Changing line 4: If you meet with obstacles, let others lead you and allow a positive change of events to take root.
Changing line 3: Avoid antagonism as you take steps to reach your goals. Work with a group of supporters.
Changing line 2: Develop your inner strength. Be cautious and stay aware of potential pitfalls and danger.
Changing line 1: Build your strength and develop support. It may be too early to deal with the obstacle directly at this time.

Hexagram 44: Temptation
Changing line 6: Place your attention on your goals as you quietly retreat from inferior elements and people. Avoid making a fuss.
Changing line 5: Rely upon your principles and character. They are in tune with the cosmos.
Changing line 4: Maintain contact with people who may be less important to you. The relationships may serve you better, later.
Changing line 3: If you wish to join a group and it is closed, align yourself with an influential member to make progress.
Changing line 2: Stay on top of the situation by managing the weak spots.
Changing line 1: Limit the development of inferior elements to prevent them from becoming bigger problems.

Hexagram 45: Assembling
Changing line 6: Wait for a more favorable time to unite with others. Attempts to do so now will bring frustration.
Changing line 5: You can gain the confidence of the group through virtue and leadership.
Changing line 4: Join with others to serve a larger goal. Your sacrifice will yield success.
Changing line 3: Achieve your aim by aligning yourself with a key member of the group.
Changing line 2: Join with like-minded people who come to you naturally and easily. Be guided by inner truth. Be sincere and let the Universe (the Creative) do the work. Your sincerity is a driving force. Take action from a positive perspective that moves things forward.
Changing line 1: Unite with others and commit to shared goals. You will receive help by asking for it.

Hexagram 46: Advancement
Changing line 6: Right conduct, right action, and ongoing re-evaluation support and advance prospering. Avoid blind impulse.
Changing line 5: A steady and thorough step by step approach will help you to successfully reach your goals.
Changing line 4: Good fortune for your continual progress. Hold to your principles and sound practices.
Changing line 3: You are in a position to advance with ease and lack of constraint. Some caution may be helpful.
Changing line 2: Your sincerity will help you to achieve your goals, even with modest means.
Changing line 1: Advancement due to focused and industrious effort is favored at this time. Be confident. Good fortune.

Hexagram 47: Adversity
Changing line 6: Improving your attitude creates an opening for positive change. As you do so, the difficulty comes to a close.
Changing line 5: Stay focused on your goals. Things will improve.
Changing line 4: Temptations throw you off-track. Stay focused.
Changing line 3: Put your faith in situations and people that can support you. Do not allow yourself to become repressed needlessly.
Changing line 2: Your adversity may be coming from boredom and things coming to you too easily. Take on a worthy cause.
Changing line 1: You are in danger of falling into a trap due to your own self-imposed discouragement. Change this in order to get on a more positive track.

Hexagram 48: The Source
Changing line 6: This is a time for amazing good fortune. Share it with others.
Changing line 5: Apply your insight and wisdom to your life for ongoing growth and development.
Changing line 4: This is a time to re-evaluate your life and goals, for future contributions.
Changing line 3: Recognize any opportunities you may have overlooked. What action can you take to for your greater benefit?
Changing line 2: Fulfill your potential by being sought out for your gifts, talents and abilities.Contribute in meaningful ways.
Changing line 1: Avoid total reliance on self. Exchange with others. Communicate with them and learn from them.

Hexagram 49: Changing
Changing line 6: Your objective is being reached; the details need to be adjusted. Overlook the limitations to find satisfaction.
Changing line 5: Trust your intuition when bringing about change.
Changing line 4: A significant change is at hand. there will be good fortune if you are prepared and your motives are worthy.
Changing line 3: Thoroughly contemplate your changes before proceeding.
Changing line 2: Make the necessary changes with a correct attitude and a clear vision of the outcome.
Changing line 1: Wait until you are sure that it is an appropriate time to act.

Hexagram 50: Cosmic Order
Changing line 6: This is a favoravle time for all to benefit.
Changing line 5: Continue to develop your character as you gain insight and wisdom.
Changing line 4: Influence comes with responsibility. Be true to yourself and your character for good fortune.
Changing line 3: Use your talents to help things change for the better.
Changing line 2: Standing apart from others will help you to achieve your goal. Good fortune.
Changing line 1: Attaining a worthy goal may require an unorthodox approach. You can succeed with limited experience.

Continue to develop your character, insight, and wisdom as you achieve your goal. Be modest and receptive.

Hexagram 51: Shocking
Changing line 6: Retreat is the best course at this time, although others may criticize you for doing so.
Changing line 5: Change with the times for ultimate success, while remaining balanced and centered, internally and externally.
Changing line 4: Release resistance. Acceptance helps you learn what you need to learn.
Changing line 3: Choose a positive way or path to move through shock, particularly that resulting from fate.
Changing line 2: For the best outcome, remove yourself from the upsetting or dangerous situation.
Changing line 1: Shock can end up teaching a lesson for which you are grateful.

Hexagram 52: Meditation
Changing line 6: Meditate to reach beyond the situation and to penetrate the true meaning of things.
Changing line 5: As you center yourself and ground your energy, your language will be deliberate and conscious, without shame or regret.
Changing line 4: Your frame of mind is conducive to self mastery. Transcend your ego.
Changing line 3: Develop internal composure through meditation to move beyond deep inner conflict and resentment.
Changing line 2: You are swept along by your goals and the events you’ve set in motion.
Changing line 1: Seeing thing as they are, without ego, is necessary for advancement.

Hexagram 53: Developing
Changing line 6: You set a good example for others as you achieve your successes. Good fortune.
Changing line 5: If you are misjudged as you gain more influence, communications will clear up and good fortune will follow.
Changing line 4: Be flexible as you cultivate your success. Work around obstacles and difficulties.
Changing line 3: Allow things to develop naturally rather than take a forceful stance or provoke conflict.
Changing line 2: Feeling secure is a favorable time to share your good fortune with others.
Changing line 1: You can use criticism to your advantage by refining your skills. This is a time to establish strong foundations.

Hexagram 54: Subordinate
Changing line 6: You will achieve success by releasing your ego-driven agenda and sincerely following the Sage.
Changing line 5: Develop proper virtue within yourself. Use it to be of service to others, without regard to social stature. Success.
Changing line 4: Maintain your principles and wait for a better time to take action.
Changing line 3: Be aware of the role of your ego in attaining your desires. You may need to adjust your approach to attain your desires.
Changing line 2: Carry on with your vision to make progress, even though the situation is disappointing.
Changing line 1: You can influence the situation under the wing of a superior. Be tactful and reserved.

Hexagram 55: Zenith
Changing line 6: Securing abundance only for yourself can be isolating and out of step with the times. Remain selfless and help others.
Changing line 5: Seek respected counsel for exceptional good fortune and optimal results.
Changing line 4: Your situation is finally coming together to help you achieve your goal. Positive attitude; wise decision-making.
Changing line 3: Patience is required. Incompetence may be playing a part.
Changing line 2: Outside obstacles stand in your way. Be sincere and truthful for a fortunate outcome.
Changing line 1: Associate with those whose goals are similar to bring clarity, energy, and completion.

Hexagram 56: Traveling
Changing line 6: Stay clear of drama and distraction that pull you away from your goals for long term success.
Changing line 5: As you establish new roots, humility and generosity will meet with acceptance and success.
Changing line 4: You may feel unsettled about not yet reaching your goals. Stay focused on the end result.
Changing line 3: Avoid careless or offensive behavior, as well as interference with matters not of your concern.
Changing line 2: Someone is ready to help you and to provide support in your new ventures or endeavors.
Changing line 1: Always take the high road. Maintain your integrity and dignity through time of change.

Hexagram 57: Penetrating Influence
Changing line 6: Be firm in principle and express your goals and desires. Take decisive action.
Changing line 5: Continue your vigilance and influence to accomplish your aims. Periodically re-evaluate.
Changing line 4: Satisfy your needs by modestly confronting your adversaries.
Changing line 3: Refrain from too much deliberation about the issue at hand to maintain your initiative.
Changing line 2: Identify and remove hidden motives, including prejudices, for overall success.
Changing line 1: Be decisive and stick with it.

Hexagram 58: Encouraging
Changing line 6: Cultivate well-being from within in order to peacefully coexist with inferior elements in the exterior world.
Changing line 5: Be selective with your interactions with others. Avoid relationships with inferior people or elements.
Changing line 4: Turn your heart and mind to the higher principles to discover and experience true happiness.
Changing line 3: Cultivate and deepen joy from within. outside pleasures are a temporary diversion which arr best avoided.
Changing line 2: Maintain your integrity and focus on the truth of highest principles for good fortune. Avoid inferior people and activities.
Changing line 1: Detach from external drivers and develop happiness from your inner resources and principles.

Hexagram 59: Reuniting
Changing line 6: Avoid danger by departing certain situations when necessary.
Changing line 5: An inspiring idea will help others to put aside differences, find common ground and work together.
Changing line 4: Transcend partisan interests. Embrace far-reaching ideals that improve the welfare of the general population.
Changing line 3: Set your personal concerns aside and work toward common goals for the difficult task ahead of you.
Changing line 2: Adjust your attitude to overcome feeling  alienated. Develop strength from within.
Changing line 1: Address and resolve any discord as it first arises. Good fortune.

Hexagram 60: Limitations
Changing line 6: Restrict yourself. Allow others to choose for themselves. Limiting others may bring resentment.
Changing line 5: Be an example for others by experiencing the restrictions for yourself and making sure that they help to improve things.
Changing line 4: Adapt to each situation and incorporate any limitations or shifts into your life.
Changing line 3: Extravagance and excess lead to imbalances. Re-balance the situation.
Changing line 2: Lift excessive limitations you my have placed on yourself or the situation. Take action when you see potential.
Changing line 1: Although you may like to take certain action now, stay within practical limits of your time, energy, and budget. If you obstacles, stop.

Hexagram 61: Insight
Changing line 6: Avoid asking for help with ambitious goals. You are not well positioned currently.
Changing line 5: You are in a position of leadership on this matter as others looks to you for guidance.
Changing line 4: Gain deeper insight into the matter from a superior person or ideal. You may move ahead while leaving others behind. This is not a mistake.
Changing line 3: Balance comes from within and is cultivated over time. Don’t allow external relationships to drive your moods.
Changing line 2: Your words and actions significantly impact others. Your influence runs deep.
Changing line 1: Look inside for guidance and insight into proper action. Follow your principles.

Hexagram 62: Conscientiousness
Changing line 6: Adjust your amibitions for ultimate success.
Changing line 5: Seek help from others to accomplish your aims.
Changing line 4: Stay low right now. Do not forge ahead or force issues.
Changing line 3: Take conscientious precaution to avoid lurking danger.
Changing line 2: Your connections and affiliations with others are important at this time to help you become more secure.
Changing line 1: Set aside extraordinary plans in favor of something ordinary or traditional to stay away from danger at the time.

Hexagram 63: After The End
Changing line 6: Take inspired action to continue your shifts and to meet your commitments and responsibilities.
Changing line 5: Be reserved and graceful in public displays of triumph. Express humility.
Changing line 4: Be aware of the steps you take to enable you to move forward successfully.
Changing line 3: The attainment of a long-held goal may sap your energy. Allow qualified people to assist.
Changing line 2: You are vulnerable to outside forces. Do nothing and it will pass.
Changing line 1: You have set changes in motion and you may feel pressured to reconsider. Stay on course. You are correct.

Hexagram 64: Before The End
Changing line 6: Celebrate your shifts and anticipated well-being without indulging in excess. Maintain your vision.
Changing line 5: An honest assessment and correct principles will erode difficulties. A superior person can lead others to success.
Changing line 4: You can achieve your goal by overcoming difficulties with determination and discipline. Good fortune will result.
Changing line 3: Your goal cannot be accomplished single-handedly. You may need to begin again with like-minded supporters.
Changing line 2: Focus on your goal as you prepare for the time to take action.
Changing line 1: Do your inner work to prepare for the coming changes. The implications of outer actions cannot be seen clearly.