July 2021 Feng Shui Forecast


  • July 9th New Moon in Cancer… Family Gua
  • July 23th Full Moon


June Recap … Your Knowledge Gua

The check-in that aligned with June’s full moon and focus on your Knowledge gua, began with the June 24th full moon. Your Knowledge gua is the front-left corner of your home and every room in your home, from the main entrance to the space. If you set intentions for the June 10th new moon new moon and solar eclipse, tune in and notice what’s happening. Small shifts turn into bigger ones. The full moon is a time when more light shines. Things that have been hidden come into full view. The seeds you set on June 10th have taken root and changes are underway, even if you don’t currently see the full result. Stay tuned, continue to refine your approach, and go with the flow.

The Knowledge gua is about going deep within yourself. Through a process of self-discovery, you may find that you’re ready to release the parts of the past that have been holding you back or hindering you from living your best life. I call this taking inspired action. The work is always on oneself. When other people irritate you or “push your buttons,” it’s a clue that you have work to do. June’s Mercury Retrograde cycle may have brought such patterns to the surface.

I see feng shui as a dance between your outer space and your inner self. When you consciously arrange your home and workspace (the outer part), eventually you’ll be led to do your inner work. New moons in Gemini, such as we had in June, support your efforts and intentions in this area. Even if you weren’t trying, you may have had some nice self-discovery experiences last month. Did you? Does anything come to mind? Did you have any revelations about personal shifts you’d like to make? If so, act on them. Take positive steps forward.

As I was writing the July newsletter, I noticed two garden snakes on two consecutive days shortly before the full moon. One emerged from a garden as I was watering flowers and the second was on a hiking trail the following day. Snake energy is about change, transition, death, and rebirth. Snakes shedding their skin symbolize letting go of the old, bringing in higher wisdom, and seeing the world from a new perspective. Things continue to change rapidly. I’m curious about what’s ahead.

Review the June Feng Shui Forecast.


July 9th New Moon in Cancer …  Family Gua

Each new moon ushers in new beginnings. The July 9th new moon in Cancer correlates with your Family and Ancestors gua. This is the center-left side of your home, every room in your home, your workspace and your yard or land, when you divide your space inro a grid of nine areas, like a tic tac toe board. The quality of energy in this area influences your relationships with your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles, etc.

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon. Cancer traits include being caring, charismatic, passionate, intuitive, creative, sympathetic, family oriented, quick to help, and protective of loved ones. On the downside, Cancer energy can be impatient, emotional, and moody at times. Cancers love to spend time at home and creating harmony in the home. Cancers also love relaxing near water. This aligns nicely with the summer months.

The July 9th new moon is a time for nurturing people and projects. It’s also a good time to spend with family and to reflect on your vision for your future. Tune into your intuition. Pay attention to what captures your attention and follow your hunches. A positive communication cycle is coming into range, so take advantage of this if you have important information to share with others. July is also a favorable month to spend time outdoors, socialize, and fully enjoy the summer!


The left-center area of your Home relates to your deep Family connections.

Visualize a tic-tac-toe board over your home, yard and workspace, a grid of nine spaces. Stand at the entry to wherever you are. The center-left section is the Family and Ancestors gua. This is the area of focus for the month of July. It is associated with your deep roots and your connections to your parents, siblings, and ancestors.

What are your first impressions of your space? Does it look and feel good? Is the energy uplifting? Do you feel motivated or inspired to spend time here? Is it clean, well-kept and in good shape? These are things to consider as you survey your space.


Archetype: The Pioneer

The Family and Ancestors gua is associated with the Wood Element. The archetype for Wood is the Pioneer. The Pioneer is known for breaking tradition, traveling new paths, exploring the unknown, and pushing limits. Pioneers like to create, build, and produce. They venture out and direct their energy into paving the way for others to follow. Pioneers are also self-motivated. They are driven, ingenious, resourceful, and determined. Working well under pressure, they take risks and introduce change as they break new ground. Growth and innovation characterize the Pioneer.

The Wood element is best represented by Spring, a time when new growth bursts forth. Vitality, determination, flexibility, and resilience are key attributes, along with upward expansion, action, change, and overcoming obstacles. In balance, Wood energy is confident and bold. People take appropriate risks, handle stress well, work through challenges and make good decisions. People whose leading element is Wood make natural leaders.

When Wood energy is deficient in people and spaces, people might express apathy, be sluggish, feel bogged down by life, are emotionally sensitive and irritable. Wood in excess is expressed by anger, hostility, impulsivity, irresponsibility, and impatience.

Do you recognize attributes of the Pioneer in your life? Are they expressed by you or others living or working in your space? Does the energy feel balanced? If it doesn’t, make some adjustments to your Family guas to smooth things out a bit.


The Family Gua and the Thunder Trigram

The foundation of the feng shui bagua come from the eight trigrams in the I Ching, the oldest book of divination. The trigrams represent eight basic energies of Water, Fire, Earth, Heaven, Thunder, Wind, Mountain and Lake. They are represented by a stack of three yin and yang lines. Yin energy has feminine traits and yang energy is masculine in nature. The Family and Ancestors gua is characterized by the Thunder trigram:  a solid line on the bottom, capped by two dashed or feminine lines on the top. It represents a firm foundation.

Thunder is an energy that breaks boundaries, forges ahead, and creates new pathways. The Eldest Son is the family member associated with the Family and Ancestors gua. The Eldest Son thunders forth and leads the way for the remaining family members.

A tree picture, sculpture or live plant with deep roots, or family photos taken during happy times are excellent symbol this trigram.


The Family Gua and Health

The Family gua is associated with your liver, gall bladder, triple burner, and your feet. The origin of this is found in the Five Element system. Guard against running yourself ragged and burning out. Family roots run deep. If you have trouble or imbalances in any of these areas, reflect on your relationships with your family and also check your space. In your home or workspace, look for aspects of the Wood element that may be out of balance, particularly in the Family and Ancestors gua. Wood out of balance might express itself as too many plants, too much blue and green, an excess of floral décor, an overabundance of woody fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim, seersucker, corduroy, jersey knit or elastic. It could also be an abundance of columns, vertical lines, long (vertical) rectangles, or stripes.


Family and Ancestors Gua and the Five Elements

In the Five Element system, Wood is characterized by blues and greens, floral patterns, fresh flowers, plants and trees, vertical columns, and stripes.

The feng shui color for Family and Ancestors gua is green. Picture the lively green color of the leaves and plants as they emerge in the spring. They have a wonderful essence and vitality. Having a fresh plant, green or something that represents Wood energy, is supportive in your Family and Ancestors gua. Although you might think of wooden furniture as representing the Wood element, it’s actually the Earth element because it’s harvested (dead) wood. The Wood element is about energy that is alive and vibrant.

Wood energy is fed by Water and depleted by Fire, Earth, and Metal. Visualize rain feeding the trees and plants, enabling them to grow and thrive. Use attributes associated with the Water and Wood elements as a base in your Family and Ancestors areas. Complement these with Fire, Earth, and Metal energies.

Any room can fall within your Family and Ancestors gua. Regardless of the room and its use, you can enhance Wood energy to deepen your connections with family. In addition to the Family room, Wood-type rooms include the office, work areas, garage, shed and gardening areas.

Here’s an overview to help you recognize each of the Five Elements in your space:

Water energy helps to create flow. Water attributes can help you to feed and strengthen Family relationships.  Water is represented by:

  • Water features and water itself
  • Mirrors, windows, glass, reflective and shiny surfaces
  • Black and very dark colors
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes
  • Pictures of lakes, rivers, harbors, ocean views

Wood energy is about growth and expansion. Wood elements can assist in deepening roots and strengthening Family bonds. Wood is represented by:

  • Fresh flowers, plants, and trees
  • Floral fabrics and patterns
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns
  • Vertical rectangles
  • Green and blue

Balance the Water and Wood energies in your space using Fire, Earth and Metal.

Fire brings dazzling, sparkling energy to a space. It is represented by:

  • Fire, flames, lights, sunlight, candles
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond, and cone shapes
  • People and animals
  • Electronics and electrical items
  • Red, burgundy and the red palette

Earth energy grounds and anchors your space. Earth items include:

  • Pottery, earthenware, bricks, and clay
  • Seashells and natural items
  • Square shapes
  • Oversized or heavy furniture that hugs the floor.
  • Yellow, brown and earth tones.

Metal energy helps bring clarity to a space. Metal items include:

  • All metal: gold, silver, brass, aluminum and more (pots & pans, lamps, picture frames…)
  • Marble, granite, flagstone
  • Natural crystals and rocks dug from deep in the earth.
  • Circles, oval and arch shapes
  • White, gray, and pastel shades.


Ten Tips to Enhance Your Family and Ancestors Gua

There are multiple ways to personalize and intentionally enhance each of the guas in your home. Be creative. Through the years I’ve found that most people have more than enough items in their homes that can be strategically placed to leverage the power of feng shui and bring the energy of your home into alignment with your desires. Working with one gua each month makes the process easier.

Here are ten suggestions for your Family and Ancestors gua:

  1. Happy family photos
  2. A beautiful tree (or picture) with deep roots
  3. Fresh flowers and plants
  4. Floral patterns or fabrics
  5. Vertical, rectangular picture frames
  6. Vertical art or sculptures
  7. Stripes and columns
  8. Greens and blues
  9. A water feature
  10. A mirror

Remember to do the Three Secrets Reinforcement with each cure or enhancement that you place. The Three Secrets process is a way to strengthen your intention and to transfer it to the related object you place or the action you take. Contact Peg if you need the process for the Three Secrets Reinforcement.


The Importance of the Children and Joy Gua

Pay attention to the opposite gua as well. The Children and Joy gua is the area diagonally opposite Family and Ancestors. Family represents your past and where you came from. Children and Joy, on the other hand, represents what you birth, the future and where you’re headed. Bring some whimsy and fun into the Children and Joy gua. It’s also about lightening up as well as finding your voice and speaking authentically.

The two areas work hand in hand. If you’re enhancing your Family gua, cleaning and decluttering your Children and Joy areas add a boost. The Children and Joy gua is associated with Metal energy. If you have excess Wood energy, Metal is a quick way to cut through it and rebalance.


Write Your Intention and Meditate on July 9th

After refreshing the Family and Ancestors areas in your home or workspace, write a clear intention about your family or ancestral relationships prior to, or on, the July 9th new moon. Put your written intention in a red envelope, energize it with a blessing and then place it in your Family and Ancestors gua. Write your intention in the present tense, using positive words, just as if it’s happening for you now. For example: “I am grateful to be blessed with a loving family.” The more specific you are, the more targeted the direction of resulting energy will be.

Do a mediation on July 9th, visualizing loving family relationships or whatever you’d like to manifest relating to Family. Skip over the logistics of how things will unfold. Know they will and give thanks, in advance, for your intentions taking root. Giving thanks in advance is one of my favorite techniques. It works! It bypasses your thought process and the ways something may or may not happen. When you get excited about already having what you want, the path to make it happen begins to unfold and seemingly magical things can appear.


Check-in at the Full Moon

The full moon is two weeks later, on July 23th. This is the day to reflect on your intentions for the month and notice what’s happening. Look for small changes first. Small shifts turn into bigger ones as they gain momentum. For example, perhaps you reconnect with a family member, there’s progress with an estranged family member, or you get together or arrange to meet with family members after a long absence.


Contact Peg for a Family Gua Consultation

Would you like some clarity about how to strengthen the energy of your home (or office) or set intentions related to Family and Ancestors? Would you like to dissolve obstacles and move forward? Contact Peg for a complimentary 15-30 minute consultation to explore the possibilities and put you on a path to success.