Long Distance Feng Shui Consultations

computer-with-personAlthough nothing replaces meeting in person, today’s digital and communication tools go a long way toward closing the gap. You can get help with the feng shui of your home, office, or business wherever you’re located.

I regularly work with people outside my local area using the phone, Zoom, Skype, and other convenient apps or programs. Today, access to the broader world is truly at your fingertips.

Every consultation, in person or long distance, includes the basics. You complete a questionnaire about your space, prepare a floor plan, and send these in advance of your meeting. For long distance consultations, you include short videos or photos of the areas you’d like to cover.

I use the information to analyze the bagua or layout of your space, reflect on your intentions and how your space might influence them, calculate your best directions, and to tune into the energy of your space in general. We then meet via phone or web for discussion, suggestions and exploration of options.

Long distance consultations are highly effective for most situations. In addition to reviewing your entire home or office, they work well if you’d like to:

  • Ease your way into things, to minimize overwhelm.
  • Learn and apply feng shui one room or one step at a time.
  • Focus on specific intentions, such as getting a new job or strengthening a relationship.
  • Concentrate on one area of your space or life.
  • Receive a specific cure or adjustment to shift a problem.

A long-distance consultation typically lasts from 20 to 90 minutes. A 20-minute session might be perfect if you are time or budget-limited or you have a short attention span.

If you’re curious about how a feng shui consultation might help you, contact me today. (peg@fengshuiconnections.com)