Mars Retrograde

two hands holding yin yang fire and water ball


With Mars going retrograde June 26 – August 27, a significant summer theme is to envision your future. What do you want for yourself for the next two years? Give it serious thought through August and write it down. Writing plans down can help you to think them out.

Have you been feeling unusually stressed or feel that things are coming your way faster than you can handle them? Perhaps you’re experiencing a lot of contrast or extremes … highs and lows … happy and sad times? This is the type of energy we’re in right now. Fasten your seat belt and hang on! In my life, I’m seeing challenges as a big puzzle to be solved. Rather than get overwhelmed or sidelined by them, put forth your best effort to do what needs to be done and to keep things in perspective.


Angry Energy? Release It!

Mars, the warrior, carries explosive energy. A pattern to watch for is anger emerging and erupting. Emotional patterns are held deeply at a cellular level. They could be patterns that you’ve built up over lifetimes and added to throughout this life. Ancestral patterns, ones that you inherit from your parents and grandparents, also run deep and many people may not even realize that they carry them.

Recently someone was telling me about anger that runs throughout her family. This person carries it. Her siblings carry it. Their father had it. This is how ancestral patterns run. Anger is one aspect. The patterns continue generation after generation until they are changed. Other patterns could relate to addictions, fear, abandonment, betrayal, failure and more.

The good news is that you can change your life by releasing deeply held emotional patterns! If you’d like to release anger or ancestral patterns, check out the Emotional Freedom & Healing MP3 recordings I have on the Polaris Business Guides website. If you’d like a customized Emotional Freedom and Healing release, contact me.

If you’re ready to change your life and you’re not sure what to do, coaching is a gentle way of bringing topics to the surface and identifying strategies to overcome them. Contact me if you’d like to discuss options. I’m ready to work with a few coaching clients this summer. You could be one of them.


Mars and Feng Shui: The Fame Gua

Each of the Five Elements is associated with planetary energy. Fire energy and Mars are paired. This makes sense. Mars is the warrior planet. It’s red hot and explosive. Fire is a transforming energy. It carries the potential to transform anger into joy. Fire expands outward. It represents excitement, warmth and fullness. Fame is the Fire gua that’s associated with Mars.

The Fame gua is the center back of your space when divided into a grid of nine blocks, like a tic-tac-toe board. This could be the center back of your house, every room in your house, your land as well as your business or workspace.

9 color bagua map


Too much Fire results in a lost sense of self, where you can’t get enough pleasure or stimulation, a feeling where you’re always looking for more. You also might fear separation, isolation and loneliness. It’s also anger out of balance.

If you are feeling angry or you sense explosive energy erupting from within, check your Fame gua (particularly in your master bedroom) and cool it down. Adding some Earth, Metal or Water energy will do just that. Both Earth and Water extinguish Fire. Fire melts Metal, so it is consumed, used up, or depleted in the presence of Metal. Wood, on the other hand, strengthens, feeds and adds to Fire.

Quick ways to adjust your Fame gua to cool Fire energy would be to remove (or minimize) plants and flowers (they feed the fire), and to replace red, purple, green and blue with yellow, white, grey, pastels or black. You could also add a mirror (Water), bring in pottery or seashells (Earth), or add something circular (Metal).

When Fire Energy is in balance, you feel motivated and alive. You’re aware of others, you’re compassionate, optimistic and develop deep connections. Too little Fire energy results in cold and clammy feelings, doubt, shyness, and a dull, heavy heart.

Summer is the season associated with the Fame gua. How synchronous that Mars will be retrograde at this time, encouraging you to pause and reflect on where you are and where you want to be headed for the next two years.

This summer take some time for yourself. Cool off in a pool, river, lake or ocean …whatever you like. As you do, see excess heat, heartache, anger or any explosive patterns dissolving. Allow new desires to come to you … they may be totally different than you’ve been anticipating. Take notes and put your plan together by the end of August. Then you’ll be ready to step forth in the fall.