Mars Retrograde: Apply the Five Elements to Your Strategic Plan


Mars is the hard driving planet that represents energy, action, physical vitality, and drive. It symbolizes male energy, freedom, action and war. Venus, the planet of love and feminine energy is Mars’ counterpart.

Every two years Mars goes retrograde for ten to twelve weeks. This is the time to step back and write a strategic plan for yourself and your business (if you have one). It’s a favorable time for research and considering your options. It’s not the time to begin new projects.

Mars went retrograde on September 9th. You’re in tune if you’ve been wondering where you should be headed. Between now and November 13th, after which Mars goes direct, give some thought to your direction for 2021-2022. Reflect on what motivates you and makes you happiest. Write your plan and begin to implement it by New Year’s.

Mars represents Fire energy. Fire provides the drive and the seeds for transformation. Anger is common during Mars retrograde, as we’re seeing daily in the public arena. If you’re feeling angry, step back and reflect on the root cause. Do a meditation to reduce your anxiety and calm yourself. New solutions might come to you as you do.

Depending on your intentions, a Five Element reflection may help you better understand how you’re feeling and how to approach your two-year plan. Consider the following Five Element archetypes. With which one do you identify?

Wood: The Pioneer
Wood energy drives growth and initiative. It’s about movement and expansion. Think of trees and plants bursting forth in spring or how a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. The Pioneer is driven by purpose. Visualize taking the initiative as you break new ground to move your ideas forward and put your plans into action. The Pioneer emphasizes goals and might ask: “What am I going to do for the next two years and how will I do it?”

Fire: The Wizard
Fire energy is transformative. Daily we watch how the western wildfires are turning vast acreage into wasteland, soon to be transformed in new ways. The power of fusion enables Fire to change things. The Wizard, charismatic, compassionate, and intuitive, expands dimension. The Wizard might ask: “What is my scope for the next two years, how broad is it, and how do I contain it?”

Earth: The Peacemaker
Earth energy soothes, connects and unifies. Earth seeks moderation and harmony. With an eye on community, Earth is driven by service and loyalty. Earth negotiates for the best outcome for all involved. The Peacemaker, focused on stability and orientation, might ask: “What is my role and how can I best serve over the next two years?”

Metal: The Alchemist
Metal energy contracts and transmutes. Metal seeks order and organization. With a focus on purity and mastery, Metal cuts right to the heart of the matter.  With a sense of righteousness, as Metal takes shape, it might set bouandaries and declare “What I am and what I am not willing to do for the next two years.

Water: The Philosopher
Water energy is reflective and comtemplative. Water runs deep, delves into mystery and reveals the truth. It is durable, imaginative, knowledgeable, and honest. Reflecting on origins (the past) and destiny (the future), Water might ask: “Where am I headed for the next two years?”

Do you identify with any particular elemental style? If so, you might prepare your strategic plan from that particular focus. You can still include “who, what, when, where and how.” Just do it from the perspective of the particular elemental archetype.

If you’d like to brainstorm and further explore this approach, contact Peg. Mars Retrograde Five Element consultations begin at $75.00 per half hour (a savings of $15).