November 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

cornucopia with gourds and green apples


  • November 7: New Moon in Scorpio
  • November 23: Full Moon in Gemini
  • Venus Retrograde Ends: November 16
  • Mercury Retrograde: November 16 – December 6


Focus on Prosperity, Gratitude and Abundance

The November 7 new moon in Scorpio correlates with the Wealth gua this month. This is the back left of your space, every room in your space, as well as your land. The Wealth gua also aligns with the money aspect of the Venus retrograde cycle we’re in. If you’ve been feeling that you don’t know how to get what you want, clarity around this may come to you this month.

To help bring clarity and flow related to Prosperity, Abundance and Blessings, I recommend that you audit the back-left areas of your home, yard, or workspace and then make at least one adjustment prior to November 7th. Alternatively, give these areas a solid fall clearing and cleaning. Then, set your intention on the day of the new moon and watch how situations shift and begin to come to light with the November 23th full moon.


Audit Your Wealth Guas or Spaces

To audit your Wealth guas, take some photos of the back-left corner of your house, your master bedroom, your workspace or office (if you have one) and your yard … and study them. What do you see in the pictures? Do you like each of your spaces? Does anything capture your attention? Is there anything that might be blocking or limiting a free flow of energy? What can you adjust or change?

Write down your first impressions. Are your spaces appealing? Do they feel like areas where you would enjoy spending time? If you could make one change, what would it be?

Next, spend a few minutes assessing the Five Elements in these spaces. To help you out, here’s a link to a worksheet you may print under the Resources tab of my website. You can audit your space by writing down the elemental aspects of everything that’s in your space. Items can have multiple energies. For example, a green wool blanket would have Wood and Fire elements. Green represents Wood energy and since wool comes from an animal, it has Fire qualities.

Every space will have some representation of each of the Five Elements. You want this. In the Wealth guas, having more Wood and Water energy is very supportive. It contributes to flow, blessings and prosperity. As you step back, tune into your space and assess how it feels to you.


The Wealth Gua is Governed by the Wood Element

The Wealth sector is a Wood area in the feng shui bagua. Wood energy is a vibrant, life-enhancing energy. It is strengthened by Water and weakened by Fire (fire burns wood). Its vitality is also depleted by Earth and Metal. Wood consumes Earth (picture tree roots emerging from the Earth) and Wood energy is reduced by Metal (visualize how an ax chops wood).

Thus, Wood and Water energies help to create a vital lifeforce in the Prosperity area and objects with Fire, Earth and Metal qualities can be effectively used to balance the space.

In your Wealth guas, look for:

  • Plants and flowers, including silk, plastic and dried material
  • Plant based fabrics, such as cotton and rayon
  • Floral print upholstery, wall coverings, draperies and linens
  • Art depicting landscapes, gardens, plants and flowers
  • Column shape: columns, pedestals, poles and stripes
  • Green and blue colors
  • Items that represent blessings in your life
  • Things that you treasure.


Add the Water Element to Strengthen the Wealth Gua

It’s a stormy day as I’m writing this post. It’s a reminder that Water nourishes Wood. Rain, snow and all forms of precipitation fall to the Earth and are absorbed into the soil, feeding the root system of our plants and trees. Too much Water contributes to flooding and overwhelm. Too little leaves an area parched and dry, contributing to wildfires. Just enough creates a lush and vibrant environment.

In your Wealth guas, look for Water energy in the form of:

  • Water features or fountains
  • Reflective surfaces, such as glass, mirrors, cut crystal
  • Flowing, free-form and symmetrical shapes
  • Black, charcoal gray, midnight blue, and other very dark tones
  • Art with streams, rivers, lakes, ocean, pools, fountains

Having water or a representations of Water energy helps to strengthen the Wealth gua.


Use Fire, Earth and Metal Elements to Balance Excess Wood

If your Wealth area has many Wood and Water elements, objects with Fire, Earth and Metal elements will tone it down and help to balance it. Look around to see how these elements are represented in your space.

For the Fire element, note the presence of:

  • Red, burgundy or pink tones
  • Lighting, including electric, oil, candles, natural sunlight and fireplaces
  • Electronics and electrical items
  • Items made from animals: fur, leather, bone, feathers and wool
  • People, pets and wildlife
  • Art that depicts people, animals, sunshine, light or fire
  • Shapes such as triangles, pyramids or cones


Earthy items include:

  • Wooden furniture and accessories, wooden paneling, siding, roofing and decks
  • Big, heavy furniture that hugs the floor
  • Ceramic, earthenware, adobe, brick, tile and seashells
  • Squares, horizontal rectangles, and long, flat surfaces
  • Art depicting earthy landscapes such as deserts and fields
  • Yellow, brown and earth-tone colors (think Thanksgiving!)


Metal energy is found in:

  • Stainless steel, copper, brass, iron, silver, aluminum, gold and all metals
  • Rocks, stones, marble, granite, and flagstone
  • Natural crystals and gemstones
  • Circle, oval and arch shapes
  • White, gray and light pastel colors
  • Art and sculpture made from metal or stone


Items with Fire, Earth and Metal energy will help to balance Wood and Water energy.

Suggestion: print a Five Element worksheet and use it to audit your Wealth gua or one of your Wealth corners.


Clean Your Wealth Areas Before Enhancing Them

This is a great time of year to do deep fall cleaning, if you haven’t already done so. Cleaning is a good way to revitalize your Wealth areas before you place feng shui adjustments. Otherwise, you could be energizing low energy, which is exactly what you don’t want.

To release stuck energy from your any area of your home or business, I suggest that you:

  • Toss out trash. Thin out magazines, catalogs and paper piles.
  • Wash or vacuum lampshades. Replace burnt out bulbs.
  • Wash the windows and glass on picture frames.
  • Dust and vacuum: furniture, floors, deep into the corners high and low.
  • Clear clutter from closets and cupboards. Tidy up or Reorganize.
  • Move objects that have been sitting idle for a while.
  • Remove dried or dead flowers and plants. Trim and refresh the remainder.
  • Clear clutter from tabletops, desktops, bureaus, etc.

We lead busy lives these days and you may feel that you don’t have time to make changes. Taking one action with intention will be more effective that doing nothing.


8 Tips to Activate the Wealth Gua

  • Place a vase of beautiful, fresh flowers.
  • Add something you treasure, something meaningful.
  • Include an item that represents blessings in your life.
  • Hang a mirror so that it reflects something expansive or appealing.
  • Hang a beautiful crystal.
  • Add a fresh, green plant.
  • Bring in movement … such as a clock, something that whirls or twirls.
  • Add a little green, purple, red or gold.


Tune in to the November 23rd Full Moon

The November full moon is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Notice what comes up as family and friends gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. Also look for signs of your intentions taking root. It’ll be an active holiday weekend. It’s also a period for high growth … retailers will delight in this.


Summary of Action Steps for the Month:

  • Take photos of the back-left corners of your spaces.
  • Study them … see what captures your attention.
  • Write down your impressions.
  • Assess the Five Elements in your Wealth areas.
  • Make a few adjustments prior to the November 7th new moon.
  • Set your intentions on November 7th.
  • Tune in again with the November 23 full moon … what is unfolding for you?


Stacked Stones and Peg Donahue

If you’d like help identifying how to revitalize your Wealth gua or any Wealth corner, contact me. During November I’m offering 20-minute Wealth Gua consultations via telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom for $45.00.  You can help maximize our time together by sending a floorplan and/or photo of the area or areas you’d like to assess. If you fill out the audit worksheet, send it along and I’ll help you make sense of it. You’ll get at least three practical suggestions. To schedule an appointment, contact Peg at

Cost: $45.00 for 20 minutes.  Longer sessions will be prorated.


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