Optimize the Health of Your Home via Focused Life Force Energy

With most people spending almost all of their time at home these days, the quality of chi in your home is more important than ever. Your home has the ability to support you and your health or do the opposite and stop you in your tracks. This is an optimal time to raise the vitality of your home to fully support you and everyone in your space.

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) activates a high consciousness field for each property. As a result, EMFs are harmonized, geopathic stress is neutralized, negative energy dissipates, and more life force energy is available to you. Sending more positive energy to your body, helps to strengthen your immune system. What better time to effortlessly get some added support than during this global pandemic?

Improve Your Health with FLFE from Focused Life-Force Energy on Vimeo.


Give Your Home a Daily Boost of Consciousness

I encourage you to learn about the various ways FLFE adds value as a result of raising the consciousness in your environment. In particular, I like the half hour daily boost. Read this post to learn how. I activate the daily boost when I want to empower a situation or have a particularly good outcome.

Last month I turned on the FLFE boost before I placed a customer service call about our cordless vacuum. It turned out that our vacuum needed a new battery. When they told me the price, I asked if that was the best they could do. The customer service person then offered me a lower price. I counter-offered with an even lower price and then we settled for something in between. I ended up receiving a 38% discount after a 20% discount was initially offered. This was a fun addition to my day! I think that FLFE helped.


Learn About the Value of FLFE Programs

The FLFE Immune System Optimization program is one that is particularly helpful given our current situation with the pandemic. The Brain Optimization program is another benefit. Many people don’t realize the impact of EMFs on your health and well-being. As you spend more time at home, your body might be exposed to higher and denser levels of EMFs, depending on your devices (particularly wireless) and their proximity to where you and family members spend a lot of time. These are examples of the programs that FLFE includes with the Home and Mobile Phone/Personal Object subscriptions. 

Learn about FLFE programs. After clicking, scroll down the page, the descriptions are extensive.


Get a 15-day FREE-Trial

Expanded levels of synchronicity, easier problem solving, more creative solutions, overall good health, and a general level of happiness and ease are a part of my daily life. I know that FLFE is contributing to my good health and fortune. Try FLFE for free for 15 days.