Personal Clearing

Every day the results of activities, interactions, relationships in our lives are energetically stored in the cells of our body. Science supports this premise.

Personal Clearing is a process that releases non-beneficial energy from your body.
Non-beneficial energy manifests in many ways. It may surface as negative thoughts and feelings... such as anger, fear, shame, blame, lack of trust, anxiety, sadness, grief and more. It may also manifest as a series of patterns where you just feel stymied with hurdle after hurdle. It could be whatever doesn't feel good or bring you joy. Often we hold non-beneficial patterns in our subconscious where they are held below the surface. We don't know what or why something is happening because we are simply not aware or conscious of it.

It doesn't matter how or why the thoughts, feelings or experiences came about. What matters is your willingness to release them because whatever we focus on persists. The more focus we put into something, the bigger it gets. Whatever we feed, grows. When you want something to change, you have to change the way you look at it and change the story you tell about it. In other words, repeat your stories only if you want them to continue to happen that way.

A Personal Clearing is a gentle and easy process. It is done remotely using dowsing and a few other energy tools. I discuss the issues or patterns beforehand and select a favorable time to do the clearing. The process is transparent and can have remarkable results. Your issue may cease being problematic, you may change your perspective, you may consciously decide to change your story, people may respond to you differently, etc. It doesn't really matter how the shift occurs. What matters is that things change easily for you, that the shift just happens.

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