Prosperity Tip of the Month: Create Joyful Receptors


Just as “thoughts create things,” your body reinforces your emotions through cellular receptors. Thus, the happier and more joyful you feel, the more positive receptors your body creates and the more negative or upset you feel, your body quickly duplicates those receptors as well.

Remember that the tipping point is 3:1. Thus, the goal is to have three times as many positive thoughts, feelings and experiences as negative ones. If you find yourself coming up short, play a game with yourself and consciously move toward the 3:1 ratio.

If you haven’t been feeling great, acknowledge where you are and accept it. It’s your starting point. Each day, look for things to feel good about. Notice what’s happening and repeat the experiences that feel good, while pulling away from the ones that don’t feel so good.

Some ways to do this are to compliment another person and notice how good they feel. You might call a friend and give a boost to their day. Listen to music you enjoy. Play an instrument. Do a project or a puzzle. Cook something delicious. Spend some time in nature.

While on a recent walk, a friend noticed a small white animal run across the road. It hopped onto a rock wall, stood up and stared at us. It was adorable and brought a smile to our faces. It had deep black eyes and soft white mink-like, ermine fur. We think it was a stoat. Stoats are part of the weasel family. In Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speak, he writes that weasel energy “awakens your innate ability for silent and secret observation… It can teach you how to pursue your goals on any level with the greatest success. ” This goes along with the theme for the month for self reflection and meditation. It’s very synchronous.

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