Prosperity Tip of the Month: Maintain Energetic Alignment

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter and not harder.” Yet, how often do you push yourself to get something done (even when what you’re doing is not working) or allow what’s on your mind to consume more of your energy than it should?

When you’re in energetic alignment with your Self and you also tap into your Higher Self for direction and answers, life flows with gentleness and ease. You’re likely to experience more synchronicity each day, solutions to problems show up at just the right time, people readily reach out you (often when you think about them), you might experience more creativity and you’re likely to be more playful and have more fun, among other things. You also understand what other people are going through. You have empathy and compassion but know that others are on their own journey and they have to find their own way. For years I’ve said that “the work” is always on oneself. And, it is. You can change yourself but you can’t change other people. Send them love and positive intentions instead.

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