Send Positive Thoughts to Water! It’s Essential to Life and Has Memory.

drop of water splashing


We live in a world that pulsates with energy, a life-force that is present in everything. This life-force, also known as chi and prana, can be very dense and slow or light and fast moving. Feng shui is the study of this life force in your environment and its effects on your life. Everything in your environment contributes to what happens in your life. This is why it’s so important to continually raise the vibration in your home and workplace through positive thoughts, loving emotions, beautiful music, healthy plants and food, objects that you love, and generally everything that helps you to feel lighter, healthier and happier. Water is an essential aspect of this.

In June 1999, Masaru Emoto published The Message from Water, which illustrates the effect of one’s consciousness and environment on water. He demonstrated this through a series of photos of water crystals that were exposed to specific thoughts, words and intentions. The water that was exposed to loving thoughts and high vibrations had crystals that were clear and beautiful, whereas the water that was infused with stress, anxiety, anger and other low emotions had crystals that were clouded, dense and far less beautiful. Clean water had gorgeous crystals and polluted water did not.

Fast forward twenty years. German scientists are now showing that water has memory. People are calling this groundbreaking. The results reinforce Emoto’s work and the importance of vibration on your environment and your life. Read more about their findings here: (Many thanks to my friend, Barbara, for sending me this study.) Although this concept might be new to the West, HADO science, the study of vibrational energy, has been a part of the Japanese language for centuries.

Both your body and the Earth are primarily comprised of water. It’s essential to human life and health. At birth, babies have about 78% of water in their bodies. The bodies of adult men are about 65% water and about 55% for adult women. Muscle cells contain more water than fat cells, so the leaner you are, the higher water content of your body ( ).

About 71% of the Earth’s surface is made up of water. Of this, over 96% comes from the oceans. The rest comes from lakes and ponds, rivers, glaciers, aquifers and water vapor (

I live at one of the cleanest lakes in NH. The quality of the water is one of the reasons we were drawn here over 30 years ago. The water has always felt very healing and the area very spiritual. I’m very grateful to live here full-time. During the summer, I’m part of a group that tests the water weekly, as we want to maintain its high quality. I’m also part of a weed-watching group, to track plant growth and to prevent intrusion of invasive species.

From a feng shui perspective, water has deep, reflective qualities. Science is showing us that it holds memory and vibrational patterns. As you send loving thoughts to water, they will spread throughout the world and also be reflected back to you in numerous ways. As the water flows, so will your thoughts, intentions and energy. Sending good thoughts from wherever you are helps to diminish our global chaos. As more people do this, we’ll turn the tide and create a healthier and more loving world and planet. We’re all deeply connected, and water is one of the primary elements that makes this so.