Space Clearing

All of your possessions and your entire environment are made up of energy. As a result, your possessions, your land, your house and every room in your house absorb the energy of the events that occur in that space as well as the energy of the people who spend time there.

Space Clearing is an effective way to release non-beneficial experiences, thoughts, beliefs, memories, and patterns from your home or business. A space clearing releases subtle energy in the form of negative patterns and shifts energy into a higher and more beneficial vibration. Consider a space clearing to:

  • Raise the vibration or frequency of your space
  • Shift entrenched patterns from negative people
  • Assist with a move into a new office or home
  • Release vibrations from negative or disturbing events
  • Uplift the energy of a foreclosed property
  • Shift a space after serious illness or death
  • To release ghost or spirit energy
  • Revitalize your home, office or business.

Space clearings are done onsite or remotely. Both methods are effective. Onsite clearings require more time and as a result costs more money. Summary reports via email are provided for remote space clearings.

Periodic space clearings are beneficial for every home and business. Some people like to have their space cleared a few times each year and others request it occasionally. Whatever your preference, try it and notice what happens in your life and how you feel as a result.

Call Peg to discuss the specifics if you feel your property or personal possessions could benefit from a space clearing.

Blessing Ceremonies

A Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful way to set intention for your space. Feng Shui Connections works with you to clarify your intentions and energetically imprint them in your home or business. Historically, Blessing Ceremonies have been a part of many traditions. In the west we are familiar with ground breaking for new construction and a house warming when you move in. Blessing Ceremonies are also helpful after a space clearing, at the beginning of each new year and to commemorate events that signify a significant shift in your life, such as marriage, birth of a baby, combining families or entering a new phase of life. Blessing Ceremonies are customized to your needs and intentions. Prices vary according to the time involved.