Take Advantage of Mercury Retrograde Cycles

planets on black background


During 2019, Mercury will be retrograde:

  • March 5 – 28
  • July 7 – 31 and
  • Oct 31 – Nov 20

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, technology and communication. During each retrograde cycle, the planet appears to back up in the sky for about three weeks. This period is associated with increased accidents, problems with schedules and communications, and havoc with electronics and technology. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap because it’s recommended that you avoid signing contracts, purchasing electronics (including cars) and arguing with people. If you plan, you can navigate these cycles with relative ease.

A good way to move through each Mercury retrograde cycle is to cut your commitments in half and allow extra time in your schedule. Know that some appointments are likely to get postponed or rescheduled. Also, be extra vigilant and allow extra space between your car and others on the road. If people are angry, observe without engaging or contributing to an argument. Let the other person be right or think they are right. Also, sign contracts and purchase electronics before and after these cycles, not during.

Mercury retrograde is an ideal time to do many activities that begin with the letters “re.” For example:

read, research, reference
reflect, reconsider, reappraise
reassess, recalibrate, redirect
redo, redecorate, refresh
renovate, repair, reform
repeat, recall, recapture
reclaim, recount, refund
release, regenerate, reuse
refill, refine, reciprocate
replace, repeat, repay
renew, remember, recommend

Mercury retrograde periods are a great time to catch up with things. They are also productive periods to clean things out and release clutter. Reading and writing are also worthwhile activities to pursue during these times. You might also catch up with friends, repair items that need attention, research and reconsider plans.

Planning and lightening up your calendar an also help you circumvent these periods with ease. Give it a try.