Valentine’s Tips for the Relationship Gua and Your Bedroom


February 14th is Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to strengthen your marriage or partnership or you’d like to attract the right partner, I recommend that you give some attention to your bedroom as well as the Partnership gua of your home and/or workspace.

Ideally, your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you release stress, get a deep, restorative sleep, and renew your energy. These days, bedrooms may also be serving multiple purposes, given that many people are also working from home.

Is your bedroom doing double duty as your workspace? If so, it’s best to shut off your computer and electronics at the end of your workday and put your work away or place it out of sight. Put your work to bed, before your put yourself to bed. If your bedroom is large enough, a room divider can help you separate work from sleeping. If you have a tight space, placing a beautiful cloth or even a large scarf over your equipment can help to keep it out of sight.

Ideally your bed should be placed in a power position. This is one where:

  • You can see the door.
  • You have the larger part of the room in front of you.
  • You have support, such as a solid wall, behind the bed.

If your bed is not in a power position, there are many remedies. Sometimes a bed is not in the power position due to geopathic stress. This is an entirely separate topic, and it overrules the best feng shui position. Do the best you can. If you’re unsure, ask for some help.

Your bedroom itself should be neat and free of clutter, such as piles of clothes, laundry, too many books, too many knick-knacks, etc. Soothing and restful colors contribute to healing and a deep sleep. Depression builds from the floor up, so keep piles off the floor. It’s best to have a place for everything and to get in the habit of putting things away.

When considering bedroom colors, flesh tones work well, as do light grays and warm muted colors. Stay away from very bright colors as these are too active. It’s hard to sleep in such spaces.

Light is another factor to consider. Low, dim lights contribute to a better sleep. It’s energetically disturbing to turn a bright light on and then off just before sleeping. If you enjoy reading before you go to sleep, get an amber reading light that blocks blue rays. You can purchase one for about $10.00.

Do you have a lot of photos in your bedroom? This is another aspect of subtle energy that can keep you awake at night. It’s best to only have photos of you and your partner in your bedroom. This is your personal space. Place your kid’s photos and family photos elsewhere.

Placing the feng shui bagua over your bedroom can provide more insight to help you come into better alignment with your intentions. The feng shui bagua is the symbolic map of life issues that we place over spaces. You place it over your house, every room in your house, your land and your workspace. Visualize it as a grid of nine spaces, like a tic tac toe board. Eight areas of life issues around the outer edges are connected to each other through the center block.



The Relationship/Marriage/Partnership life area is in the upper right corner. This the back-right area of your house and every room in your house, including your bedroom. In your bedroom, it’s great to activate this area to reflect partnership, if partnership is important to you. If you’re married, this is a great spot for a wedding photo.

At minimum, activate and strengthen both the Partnership gua of your bedroom, as well as the Partnership gua of your house, if you’d like to strengthen a current partnership or marriage or attract a new one.


Attracting the Right Partner

The Partnership gua is what we call an “earth gua.” The associated feng shui color is pink.  To attract the right partner for you, write down the attributes of the person you’d like to have in your life. If you’ve had a string of relationships that haven’t worked out, begin with those characteristics and turn them around. Use what hasn’t worked to help you clarify and define the type of person you really want to spend time with.

Secondly, place a symbol of Partnership or relationship in the back right area of your house and bedroom. You can do this for every room too. It’s nice to pair something up. One pair is enough as multiple pairs can cause too much activity and/or confusion.

Some of my favorite items include:

  • A beautiful picture of two people (facing each other) or two pictures with one person, each facing the other.
  • A pleasing picture of two animals or two pictures with one animal, each facing the other.
  • Rose quartz or emerald. Rose quartz hearts are beautiful. One or two pieces work well.
  • A set of mandarin ducks … this is a classic cure or adjustment.
  • Fresh flowers … they always enliven a space.
  • Hearts … you can place lots of them in this area.
  • A statue or art with any of the above.
  • A windchime can sometimes work to activate this space.
  • Pink, red, purple, or yellow colors and shades.

Prior to energizing or activating any space, make sure it’s clean and that it’s in good shape. Otherwise, you’re reinforcing existing blockages. You don’t want more of the same, but that’s what you’re likely to get if you empower what’s not currently working.

Setting a positive intention on the other hand, and then cleaning your space and thoughtfully placing a few items that symbolically represent what you want, followed by a meditation to reinforce your intentions and actions, can do wonders to get things moving in the right direction for you.

If you’d like help with the feng shui for your bedroom or to help attract the right partner, contact Peg for a consultation.