Mercury Retrograde December 13th, 2023 through January 1st, 2024

It’s Mercury Retrograde time again. If you’ve been following these cycles for a while, you know the drill:


  • Lighten up your schedule … allow space between commitments.
  • Don’t purchase electronics (including cars) … chances are they won’t be trouble-free.
  • Avoid signing contracts … if you must, select a time when the moon is not void.


Anticipate delays. They’ll happen. Just go with the flow and reschedule, if necessary.


Pack some extra patience and understanding. Be kind to retail employees. They’ll appreciate it this season.


Purchase your holiday gifts and mail packages prior to December 13th. Sunday, December 10th is really the last “best” day. The outcomes will be more positive.


If you get your shopping done early, you’ll have more time to slow down and enjoy the holidays.


Activities that begin with “re” are a good bet during Mercury Retrograde cycles. Thus, this three-week period is ideal for:


  • Reviewing and reconsidering … anything and everything.
  • Reading … messages in holiday cards and your favorite books.
  • Repairing … anything that needs fixing.
  • Renovating and redecorating … both work well this holiday season.
  • Releasing … everything that no longer serves you.
  • Research … looking for a new job? Check out your options. Submit your applications on Jan 2.
  • Renewing your energy … schedule a massage or a self-care treatment!


Overall, anticipate delays, traffic snarls, stressed and cranky people. Maintain a flexible schedule and a positive attitude. Stay above the fray. You can be the shining light in someone’s day! You’ll never know where you might have the greatest impact.