October 2023 Feng Shui Forecast

October 14: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra… Focus on Balance
October 28: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

We begin October in the shadow of the September 29 full harvest moon. Many people are feeling overwhelmed, while others are angry. Both are extreme expressions of current times. It’s helpful to focus on balancing your inner and outer energies. If you give a lot of your time and energy to others, pull back a little and invest in your own well-being. If you tend to spend more time taking care of yourself, give some thought and directed action to helping at least one other person this month. Wherever you are in life, create the best version of yourself that you can. Nurture your well-being while also helping others.


October Eclipses

This year, October is also an eclipse month. A solar eclipse accompanies the October 14th new moon and a lunar eclipse coincides with the October 28th full moon. The October 14 solar eclipse is at 21 degrees Libra 8 minutes. While the lunar eclipse is at 5 degrees Taurus 9 minutes. If you have important planets within three degrees of either side (18 – 24 Libra or Aries; 2 – 8 Taurus or Scorpio), these eclipses could have an impact on you.


Both eclipses relate to major events moving quickly through your life. Big obstacles or crises may suddenly appear and then clear up. A secondary meaning of the October 14th solar eclipse is related to enjoyment as you help others in simple ways. A secondary meaning of the October 28 lunar eclipse is the risk of being pulled into a risky situation that lacks long term stability. Be on the lookout for such situations.


Eclipse events can occur 30 days before or after an eclipse. Thus, eclipse season runs from September 14th through November 28th.  


Area of Focus: Partnership Gua

The Partnership gua correlates with Libra season. The Partnership gua is the back right corner of your space as you enter your home, every room in your home, your land, and your workspace. The energy of this area is about you and an intimate partner. You can connect with the energy of this area to strengthen a partnership, attract a partner, release a partner, and also to move forward from a relationship.


Regardless of how this space is used (sometimes it’s a bathroom, garage, or storage area), you can make relevant adjustments to support your intentions. Sometimes, it requires a bit of creativity!


Begin by reflecting on your intentions related to Partnership. These are most likely to vary depending on your phase of life and unique set of circumstances. For example:


  • In healthy and supportive relationships, recognize and honor both partners.
  • To attract a partner, focus on the ideal qualities this person will have.
  • To strengthen a partnership, identify what you’d like to shift or reinforce.
  • If your partner is sick or in ill health, ask for easy solutions for healing and comfort.
  • If you’ve lost your partner, release the energy when you are ready to move forward.


Prior to the October 14th new moon, clean and revitalize the back right corner of your home and every room in your home. Remove clutter. Vacuum high and low, deep into the corners, include upholstery. Wash windows, lamps, and mirrors. Dust furniture, pictures, and wall hangings. Check lightbulbs; many burn out at this time of year. Discard old magazines and newspapers. Put away things that have been lying around.


After cleaning and refreshing the area, look around and see the various ways that “partnership” might be expressed or reinforced in this space. you might have a photo of the two of you, a pair of items, heart-shaped objects, two people or animals in a photo or sculpture. The colors may be supportive (pink, brown or yellow) or perhaps you have natural or earthy items such as pottery, brick, adobe, seashells.


If you feel that the back right corner of your home is not conducive to supporting partnership, reduce or omit items or energy that might detract from or block a healthy Partnership and then strengthen Partnership energy throughout the back-right corners in other rooms in your home.


Items that support healthy Partnership energy might include:


A beautiful photo of you and your partner, or of two happy people

A lovely pair of items … candlesticks, birds or animals

A vase of flowers

A table set for two

Comfortable seating for two

A sculpture of two people facing or embracing each other

Rose quartz or other crystals

Heart symbols, images, or shapes

Pink, yellow or lovely brown shades


There’s no need to overdo or crowd your space. Simple is best. One item or pair of items), placed intentionally, can go a long way to reinforcing your desires.

Earth Energy and the Partnership Gua

Also review the Five Element balance in your space. The Partnership gua is an Earth gua. Earth is strengthened by Fire energy and weakened by Metal, Water, and Wood energy. This doesn’t mean to completely omit the energies that weaken the gua. It just means to have more a stronger presence of Fire and Earth, compared to Metal, Water and Wood.


For example, if your Partnership gua is in the garage you can place two pieces of rose quartz in the back right hand corner. You might also “pair up” items (such as tools) or even tuck away a lovely picture of you and your partner … you don’t have to be able to see it.


In balance, Earth energy is nourishing, stable, grounded, comfortable, and unifying. If there’s too much Earth energy, the space can feel stifling, smothered, and overprotective. You might have muddled thinking, be constantly worried, or feel that you can’t do enough for others. When Earth energy is lacking or deficient, you might feel closed off emotionally or spiritually. You might also lack stability  or have survival concerns.


Here's an overview of the Five Elements you can use to gauge the elemental balance in your space. Balance does not mean equal. Rather, it’s a calm and harmonious feeling you have when you spend time in any particular space.


Increase the presence of Fire and Earth energy items in the Partnership gua:


Fire brings dazzling, sparkling energy to a space. It is represented by:

  • Fire, flames, lights, sunlight, candles,
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond, and cone shapes,
  • People and animals,
  • Electronics and electrical items,
  • Red, burgundy and the red palette.


Earth energy grounds and anchors your space. Earth items include:

  • Pottery, earthenware, bricks, and clay,
  • Seashells and natural items,
  • Wood furniture,
  • Square shapes,
  • Oversized or heavy furniture that hugs the floor,
  • Yellow, brown and earth tones.


Decrease the presence of Metal, Water and Wood items in the Partnership gua:


Metal energy helps bring clarity to a space. Metal items include:

  • All metal: gold, silver, brass, aluminum and more (pots & pans, lamps, picture frames…),
  • Marble, granite, flagstone,
  • Natural crystals and rocks dug from deep in the earth,
  • Circles, oval and arch shapes,
  • White, gray, and pastel shades.


Water energy helps to create flow. It also brings reflective and philosophical qualities. Water is represented by:

  • Water features and water itself,
  • Mirrors, windows, glass, reflective and shiny surfaces,
  • Black and very dark colors,
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes,
  • Pictures of lakes, rivers, harbors, ocean views.


Wood energy is about growth and expansion. Wood is represented by:

  • Fresh flowers, plants, and trees,
  • Floral fabrics and patterns,
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns,
  • Vertical rectangles,
  • Green and blue.


Eight Tips to Enhance your Partnership Gua

  • Pair single items with another like item
  • Consciously place two beautiful pieces of rose quartz
  • Include pottery, brick or adobe
  • Add a vase or pot of yellow flowers
  • Place a nice photo of you and your partner
  • Include square items … square frames, boxy furniture, square patterns
  • Set a table for two
  • Add some pink or yellow
  • Write out your intentions and place them in a red envelope in this area.


Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Placing one item with intention can carry more power than doing many things mindlessly and randomly.


Update Your Partnership Gua Prior to October 14th New Moon

Refresh your Partnership gua and the Partnership corners in each room, prior to October 14tht. These are the back-right corners, or the furthest right corners from where you enter the room and your house. As you make changes, remember to do the Three Secrets Reinforcement with each cure or enhancement that you place. The Three Secrets process is a way to strengthen your intention and to transfer it to the related object you place or the action you take. Contact Peg if you need the process for the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

October 14th New Moon Meditation
It’s great to do a meditation for every new moon and every full moon. Set your intentions with the new moon and then reflect on what’s been happening two weeks later at the full moon, when things come to light or become visible.

The energy of the October 14th new moon relates to qualities associated with Libra: balance, harmony, and connection with others. Reflect on your own desires in these areas and set your intentions accordingly.

October 28th Full Moon Meditation
The intentions that you set with the new moon have been taking root for the past two weeks. It’s time to tune in and to notice what’s happening. Also look for signs and symbols that coincide with your intentions. Pay attention to who contacts you and chance meetings or encounters you have. Keep in mind that eclipse events this month can present issues or situations that come and go quickly.


Would you like some help? Contact Peg for a Consultation

Would you like some clarity about how to align our Partnership gua with your intentions? Would you like to resolve a personal dilemma and move forward? Contact Peg for a complimentary 15–30-minute consultation to explore the possibilities and put you on a path to success.