August Feng Shui Forecast ... Break Through Old Patterns


August 11th Full Moon in Aquarius

August 27th New Moon in Virgo … the Center of your Home


As we head toward the August 11th full moon, focus on breaking through old patterns and enjoying life! There’s been a lot of heightened tension and explosive energy this summer. This is a time to examine patterns in your own life that may be hindering your happiness and success. Reflect on what’s holding you back or limiting you. Clearing your home of clutter, passing along things you no longer need or want, and creating more open space can help you to shift from the inside out. Your life is a personal journey. Other people can show you the way but ultimately each person has to do his or her own work. And the work is always on oneself! If you’re not happy, look inward to yourself and outward around your home. Do what you can to shift the energies to cultivate joy and happiness.


On August 11th, do a meditation and check in the with energies of the full moon. Reflect on the intentions you set for the July 28th new moon related to Children, Creativity, and Joy. What’s coming to light? Are you seeing signs that things are getting easier for you? Are you happier or having more fun? Perhaps you’re enjoying visits with family and friends, or solutions to challenging problems are emerging? Set an intention that you’ll see clear signs that you’re on the right path and that what you’ve asked for is coming together or unfolding before you. Remember, when you ask, it is given!


Throughout August, place your focus on the Center of your house and your own health and well-being. The energy in the Center of your home sets the pace for you and everyone in your house. A clean and calm focal point can do wonders to help keep everyone centered and balanced, on an even keel. If you are feeling off-center, create a nice focal point in the center of your home. Place something meaningful here.


Our dining room table is in the Center of my house. I like to keep the table clear and regularly place a beautiful vase on fresh flowers on it. The flowers bring us joy every day. This month I plan to thin out and reorganize tablecloths, napkins, and table runners that are stowed in a dining room buffet. It’s in the Center of our home. I have a lot packed into it and I know we don’t use everything we’re storing. I’ll also do some deep clearing and dusting. This room gets a lot of traffic and will benefit from being refreshed.


You can lighten up by thinning out the contents of cabinets and closets in the Center of your home of anything that you no longer love or use. You’ll create more space and breathing room.


The Center is Governed by Earth Energy

In balance, Earth energy is nourishing, comfortable, stable, grounded and unifying. When there’s too much, a space can feel stifling, smothered, and overprotective. You might have muddled thinking, constantly feel worried or feel that you can’t do enough for others. If Earth energy is deficient, one might have concerns about survival, have a lack of stability and feel closed off emotionally and spiritually.

In your space, Earth energy is characterized by:

  • Square shapes
  • Low, flat rectangles
  • Horizontal lines and horizontal stripes
  • Yellow, brown and colors in the autumn palette
  • Pottery, earthenware, adobe, brick and tile
  • Shells and natural items
  • Heavy furniture that is low to the ground

Earth energy is strengthened by items with Fire qualities and weakened by items by Metal, Water and Wood qualities. This means that if you want to strengthen the Earth element in your space, add things that have Fire or Earth attributes. If you need to tone things down and reduce Earth energy, incorporate items with Metal, Water and Wood qualities.


To strengthen Earth, add items that have Fire qualities:

  • Fire, flames, lights, sunlight, candles
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond, and cone shapes
  • People and animals
  • Electronics and electrical items
  • Red, burgundy and the red palette.


If the Center of your home is too Earthy, rebalance by adding items that have Metal, Water, or Wood qualities. These include:



  • All metal: gold, silver, brass, aluminum, etc. (pots & pans, lamps, picture frames)
  • Marble, granite, flagstone
  • Natural crystals and rocks dug from deep in the earth
  • Circles, oval and arch shapes
  • White, gray, and pastel shades.


  • Water features and water itself
  • Mirrors, windows, glass, reflective and shiny surfaces
  • Black and very dark colors
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes
  • Pictures of lakes, rivers, harbors, ocean views.


  • Fresh flowers, plants, and trees
  • Floral fabrics and patterns
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns
  • Vertical rectangles
  • Green and blue.

Healthwise, the Center of your home corresponds to your stomach and gut. If you have any health concerns with these areas, adjusting the feng shui in the Center of your home could put you on a faster path to good health.


Tips to enhance the Center of your home:


  • Place a beautiful vase of sunflowers or red and yellow flowers.
  • Use natural items: shells, brick, earthenware, adobe, tile.
  • Hang pictures your favorite people or animals.
  • Use triangle and diamond shapes to add some zip.
  • Use square shapes for more grounding.
  • Add a bowl of fruit to represent vibrant health.
  • Incorporate some pottery into your décor.
  • Need to be more grounded? Use brown.
  • Add a sun sculpture or some red for more vitality.
  • Hang a beautiful chandelier.


Refresh with Center of your home prior to August 27th. As you make changes, remember to do the Three Secrets Reinforcement with each cure or enhancement that you place. The Three Secrets process is a way to strengthen your intention and to transfer it to the related object you place or the action you take. Contact Peg if you need the process for the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

August 27 New Moon Meditation

Then on August 27th, do a meditation. Set intentions for your health and overall well-being. Take some time to write them down, sit quiet and then reflect on experiencing the end result of your intentions. Avoid focus on how they will unfold. Leave that part up to the Universe. Your job is to hold the intention and to hold the space for your intentions and dreams to come into form. Take the month to focus on this, to focus on yourself. You’re worth it!


Would you like some help?

If you’d some ideas and suggestions to adjust any areas  of your space, contact Peg for a consultation. If you mention the August newsletter, save 20% and pay $75.00 for a half hour consultation.