Father’s Day … Activate your Helpful People Gua

Father’s Day … Activate Your Helpful People Gua


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th. If you’d like to improve or strengthen your relationship with your father or a father in your life (stepdad, father-in-law, etc.), freshen up your Helpful People & Travel gua. This is the front-right corner or your home and every room on your home.


The I Ching is the basis of the feng shui bagua. The Helpful People and Travel gua is the area where the Heaven trigram expresses itself. The Heaven trigram (three stacked solid lines) represents “father” in the mythical family within the feng shui bagua. Heaven is yang energy, thus the connection with the masculine attributes and the relationship to father … think “Father Sky.”


Heaven energy is represented by the Metal element. Metal is characterized as being clear, precise, organized, and having excellent communications, order, and focus. These are masculine attributes which are supportive when in balance. When Metal energy is deficient, one may feel unprotected, have difficulty focusing, be sloppy, have no routine or no strong sense of purpose. When there is an excess of Metal energy, one comes across as abrasive, critical, judgmental, obsessive, compulsive, sarcastic, indifferent, and aloof.  Also, your lungs, large intestine and skin are the organs and body parts associated with the Metal element and thus the Helpful People and Travel gua.


If you identify with any of the excess or deficient characteristics, or have related health problems, check and adjust your Helpful People and Travel gua, as well as the balance of the Metal element throughout your house.


You might also:


  • Alleviate blockages. These could be a physical blockage due to clutter, a plumbing blockage, or even something outside, such as a tree or overgrown bush.


  • Look around for images in your space that represent your dad or a father figure in your life. Are they favorable pictures or objects? Do they hold happy memories? If not, swap them out for something more positive.


  • If any aspect of your space (including closets, desks and drawers) is disorganized, organize it. Remove items you no longer need or use. This automatically creates space and makes the process easier.


  • Add some silver, white or gray. These are Metal colors and are very supportive.


  • Include circular, oval or arch shapes. These are Metal shapes and strengthen the Helpful People and Travel area.


  • Also include items with Earth Element features. They include square shapes, low and flat rectangles, the colors yellow and brown, pottery and earthenware, bricks and clay. Earth strengthens Metal. They work together.


Whenever any aspect of your life is out of balance, or you have a specific intention to shift something, work with the related area of your house first (such as the front-right corner for Helpful People and Travel), that specific location (front-right corner) in every room in your house, as well as your land and your workspace. I often find evidence of a pattern showing up at least three times. For example, patterns related to Dad might emerge as displaying a photo of your dad that you never liked (or a photo that was taken during a hard time), a plumbing leak or a broken window (Water drains Metal), too much clutter, a blocked hallway, a stuck door, and more.


If you’d like help to identify the best approach to take, contact Peg. Consultations can be arranged to meet your needs.