Feng Shui and Your Health

Feng shui is the art and science of adjusting your space to enhance your life. This includes your mental and physical health. Are you aware of how your emotions, your body parts, and your organ networks relate to your space? Making adjustments to the areas that correlate with your health challenges would be very supportive for you. Taking action might improve health outcomes.


Familiarize yourself with the Health Bagua below. You may also print a copy from the Resources page on my website. I recommend that you highlight the words that reflect health or emotional challenges for you. Then reflect on these areas in your home and workplace. Does anything in particular pop out for you? Let’s begin with the basics:


  • Are the areas neat and clean, or cluttered?
  • Does the electric and plumbing work properly?
  • Are the windows in good shape? Are they clean and do they open and close easily?
  • Is it easy to move around in the space or is it crowded?
  • For hallways … are they narrow and constricted or comfortable?


Then go a bit deeper:

  • How do the colors correspond to the bagua area? Are they supportive?
  • What messages or images do you notice given what’s in the room or space?
  • Is there anything in the area that reinforces the health condition you’d like to shift?
  • What can you add to the area to help shift your health?


You might be surprised with what emerges.


One day I was meeting with a client who would soon be having repeat foot surgery. I knew little about her family. When I mentioned that your feet are linked the Family gua, she proceeded to tell me that she “divorced” her family many years ago! It made sense. She was carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that it was time to release. I suggested that she write a letter of forgiveness to her family, then read it aloud, and burn it. This would help her to let go of the pain she had been carrying for many years. The second foot surgery was a success and she remains healthy nearly 20 years later.


Another client let the snow pile up at his front door throughout the winter. The door was located in the Career gua. He developed a hearing problem. The doctors didn’t know what was causing it. After he cleared the snow, the problem eventually went away.


Another client disliked his job. He was also losing his hearing. In addition, his desk was located very close to a set of stairs. When I sat at his desk, I noticed that I was “up against the wall.” In addition, I felt like the chair could easily roll down the stairs. This was not safe. Meanwhile the larger part of the room was ahead of him just beyond the cubicle wall. He opened up the space, moved his desk, and his hobby, which he was passionate about, became his full-time work.


Sometimes the feng shui solution is obvious and other times it is very subtle. It begins with being candid about what’s happening and then being very observant about your space.


Begin with a review, using the bagua below. Do your own analysis and then contact me if you’d like to go deeper or you’d like some suggestions. Utilize my new Q&A service. One question is $49.00, two are $80.00 and three are $99.00. This is a good way to get some feng shui help without doing a full consultation. It might be just the thing to get you moving along.


Health Bagua


Wealth & Abundance


Hips, Pelvis, Thighs, Buttocks, Small bones, Gall Bladder, Nervous system, Respiration, Breathing System


Colds, Intestinal & gall bladder ailments,

Pelvis & hip problems, Connective tissue problems, Hyperactivity, Spine Trouble


Emotional: Frustration, Anger, Identity issues, Power issues, things from past


Fame & Reputation

Eyes, Brain, Heart, Blood, Glands, Small intestine, Circulation


Eye Disease, Brain dysfunction, Thyroid & glandular ailments, Mental illness, Upper gastrointestinal, Heart & blood conditions, Fevers, Perspiration


Emotional:  Stress, Burnout issues, Anxiety, Overindulgence, Impulsiveness


Internal Organs, Spleen, Stomach,

Digestion, Immune system, Flesh, Lower half of body


Stomach & Digestive disorders, Blood sugar imbalance, Skin problems, Tongue & throat issues, Congestion, Goiter, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes


Emotional: Depression, Codependency issues, Overwhelm, Mother issues


Family & Ancestors


Feet up to Knees, Liver, Gall Bladder, Big bones, Muscles, Voice, Throat, Ulcers, Tumors


Foot problems, Liver disease, Sprains, Muscle & Connective tissue damage, Joint & Nerve Disorders, Paralysis


Emotional:  Direction in life, Over-exertion, Phobias & Hysteria, Family secrets & childhood issues




Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Lymph, Nervous system


Overall health, Immune disorders, Infectious diseases, Tumors, Fevers, Circulation problems, Blood sugar issues, Blood pressure, Gall bladder problems, Diarrhea


Emotional:  Extremes & Excess, Worry, Stress, Delusions, Not being grounded


Children & Joy


Mouth, Lips, Gums, Teeth, Tongue, Lungs, Large Intestine, Skin, Esophagus


Breathing/Chest problems, Lung, Large Intestine problems, Colon, Skin disorders, Skull injuries, Fertility, Pregnancy issues, Speech Organs, Nose, Pelvic Disorders, Headaches


Emotional:  Grief, Sadness, Addictions, Rigidity, Chaotic behavior





Hands, Fingers, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas


Arthritis, Leg disorders, Muscular pain, Blood sugar imbalance, Constipation, Nasal Difficulties, Sinus


Emotional:  Fatigue, Lethargy, Doubt & Depression, Hypochondria Disconnection from Spirit




Ears, Kidneys, Bladder, Body fluids, Reproduction, Bones, Nervous system, Urinary Tract, Sexual Organs


Hearing & bone issues, Ear infections, Balance issues, Abnormal menses, Venereal diseases, Hemorrhoids


Emotional:  Communication issues, Melancholia, Nervousness, Fear, Rigidity,

Level of life force


Coppyright: 2023 Feng Shui Connections

Helpful People/Travel


Head, Neck, Brain, Pineal gland, Skull, Lungs, Skin, Colon, Large intestine


Migraines, Lung/Breathing problems, Elimination issues, Swelling, Broken bones, Skin disorders, Heart ailments



Emotional:  Mental tension & worry, Perfectionism, Rigidity, Control issues, Father issues