Mercury Retrograde April 21st Through May 14th 2023

Mercury will be retrograde April 21st – May 14, 2023, in the sign of Taurus.


This cycle occurs three to four times annually for about three to four weeks. It’s a time to slow down, review what’s happening and let go of what’s no longer serving you. It’s a time to pause and reset. It’s also a great time for vacation. This is because you’re less likely to be bothered by delays.


Prior to Mercury going retrograde, it’s a good idea to back up your computer if you don’t do so regularly, repair your car if maintenance items have popped up, and lighten your schedule for the upcoming three and a half week period. Having space between appointments and a lighter schedule can help you to be more flexible and easily adjust to changes as they happen.


Mercury retrograde periods get a bad rap. Used wisely, this can be a wonderful time. This is a good time to let go of outdated, old beliefs, thought patterns, and habits that you may be hanging onto. They might resurface during this time and you may think: “I thought I already let go of that!” If old emotional patterns are resurfacing, tap them away. You can do the simple tapping method that I wrote about last month or contact Peg for a customized Emotional Freedom & Healing Release session.


It's also a great time for spring cleaning and to clear clutter. Clutter is anything that you don’t use or love. Begin with the easy things and what’s on the surface. Doing so helps you to go deeper over time, since what’s deep now will eventually come to the surface. If you dive in and dig deep at the outset, chances are you’ll get stuck and not make progress. A slow, steady approach to clearing clutter is long-lasting. All your possessions are embedded with your emotional energy and the energy of events that took place over the years. It’s these emotional ties that hinder clutter clearing. Clearing away things on the surface, opens a path for further action.


Mercury retrograde periods are also excellent times for a personal retreat or reflection. It’s a good time to go inward, release beliefs and thought patterns that are outdated or no longer serve you. Hanging on and living in the past requires a lot of energy and effort. Rather, make things easier for yourself. Lighten up and move forward.


Consider various word that begin with “re.” These are the activities that are ideal for Mercury Retrograde cycles. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


In your space …


  • Renovate an area
  • Refinish furniture
  • Rework ideas or a project
  • Repaint a room
  • Remodel an area
  • Repurpose an object
  • Recycle items you might be tossing out
  • Redo something
  • Repair what’s broken
  • Release clutter and things you no longer want
  • Repot plants


In your life ….


  • Read a book or article
  • Research a topic
  • Relax and enjoy yourself, friends, or family
  • Reflect on life or various situations
  • Retreat and refresh your energy
  • Review your plans
  • Rewrite anything that needs it
  • Reconsider where you’re headed
  • Rework an idea or a space
  • Release outdated beliefs and ideas or items you no longer love or use
  • Rediscover a favorite activity or what you truly love
  • Reconnect with family and friends


I’ll be enjoying a vacation week during part of this Mercury Retrograde cycle. My husband and I are planning to explore the Troy, NY area and the Hudson River Valley. It’ll be a fun week of new discoveries.


I’m also scheduling activities with extra time between appointments. This makes rescheduling things much easier.


Mark your calendar and plan ahead for April 21 – May 14. Slow down a bit and make the best use of this time. Used well, this cycle is a gift to help you renew and recharge your energy for the summer months ahead.