Give Yourself the Gift of Clarity!

Need a gift idea or would you like to do something special for yourself? Check out the offerings with Tricia Duffy Foggo at Bermuda Fog Astrology! Tricia is one of my five sisters and she’s an intuitive astrologer, based in Bermuda. She can help you gain more satisfaction from life in many ways. She can help you know yourself more deeply, get on the right track, transition to a different stage of life, choose the line of work that’s right for you, and more. She also loves working with charts for newborns and children!


Very gifted and skilled with her work, Tricia has a vibrant, sunny, and spunky personality. She takes a positive and optimistic approach and can help you navigate challenging times with a bit of ease. Life is easier with a roadmap, isn’t it?


Unlike me, Tricia is very active on social media. I love listening to her short updates about the various cycles, including the energy of the new and full moons. I’ve followed astrology since I was a teenager. It provides an accurate roadmap of the patterns in the world all around us. It also helps explain the energy behind when, how and why things happen.


I encourage you to check out Bermuda Fog Astrology and perhaps follow her on Instagram or Facebook.


If Bermuda is on your travel list, she’s also a Super AirBnB hostess!


An easy way to begin is with a Free 15-min Clarity Call.