July 2024 Feng Shui Forecast

July 5: New Moon in Cancer
July 21: Full Moon


July 5: New Moon in Cancer
We begin the month heading towards a new moon in Cancer on Friday, July 5th.  The Cancer new moon aligns with the Family gua. This is the left-center area of your home when you divide it into a grid of nine areas, like a tic tac toe board. It also applies to the left-center of every room, your land, and your workspace.

July is an excellent month to focus on family. It’s summer and it can be a very social month as you gather and celebrate with family and friends. When the moon is in Cancer, it’s a good time to nurture both people and projects. Pay attention to your intuition and your emotions this month. Follow your intuition and your hunches, and don’t allow your emotions to out-run your best self. If you find yourself out of sorts, retreat into your shell. Settle your energy, breathe, and emerge when you feel more balanced.

The Family gua is a Wood area in the Five element system. Wood energy is symbolized by the colors blue and green, flowers and floral patterns, trees and plants, stripes, and columns. A common myth is that wood furniture represents Wood energy. It does not. The Wood element is alive and vibrant. Look to nature for guidance. When you think about Wood energy, visualize trees! Wood furniture, on the other hand, is harvested wood. It is dried or dead wood. It is categorized as Earth energy in feng shui. Houses that are full of wood paneling, have a lot of Earth energy. If you have a lot of Earth energy, balance it with white, light pastels, and metal.

The Family gua is symbolized by the Thunder trigram in the I Ching. Thunder is represented by two dashed lines on top and a solid line on the bottom, when you stack them up. In the mythological Chinese family, Thunder is the Eldest Son. Both Thunder and the Eldest Son are known for having a burst of energy. They break barriers, push forth, and forge new pathways. Thunder energy can help you to break through obstacles and barriers.

The body parts associated with the Family gua are your feet. Your feet root you to the Earth and connect you with your family through your bloodline. Family connections run very deep. Be open to what captures your attention and also to new discoveries. Services such as Ancestry.com are helping people connect with long lost relatives while also unearthing secrets that may have been long buried or best left in the past.

Also, all of your body parts have a connection to your feet. As you massage your feet or have reflexology, you are also clearing blockages from various body parts and re-energizing them.

The liver and gall bladder are the organs and meridian networks associated with the Family gua. The liver meridian begins at the edge of your big toenail, continues across the top of your foot, goes up your leg and ends at the ninth rib. The gall bladder meridian begins at the corner of your eye, goes up around your ear and head, travels down your neck and shoulders, down your torso, around your hip, down your leg and across the top of your foot, ending at your fourth toenail.

Anger and frustration are associated with blockages within the liver and gall bladder meridians. If you find this to be a problem in your life or within your family, balance your Family gua.

6 Tips to re-balance your Family Gua

  1. Remove clutter. This is anything you don’t love or use, things that have been sitting around unattended, things that feel depleted, or are broken or discarded. Look out for piles of paper, clothes, books, your name it. Give everything a home.
  2. Clean your various Family guas… the left-center areas of your yard, house, every room in your house, and your workspace. I have an overgrown bush in this area of my yard that I’ll be trimming soon.
  3. Assess the Five Elements throughout your Family guas. Strive to have more items and décor that signify the Water and Wood elements, when compared to the Fire, Earth, and Metal elements.
  4. Place a picture of your family that was taken during happy times. Families come in all sorts of arrangements these days. It can be a blended family.
  5. Place a vase of fresh flowers or a beautiful plant for an instant chi lift.
  6. Include a picture, image, or sculpture of a beautiful tree. Tree roots run deep, similar to family roots.

Here’s a quick review of how the Five Elements show up in your space and possessions. To support the Family gua, emphasize décor with Water and Wood energy. Use Fire, Earth, snd Metal elements to bring balance.


Water brings reflective and philosophical qualities to a space. Water items include:

  • All water, water features, pictures and art with water (rivers, streams, lakes, ocean, etc.)
  • Glass, mirrors, reflective surfaces and shiny objects
  • Free form and symmetrical shapes
  • Black and very deep, dark colors.

Wood energy is about growth and expansion. Wood energy is represented by:

  • Fresh flowers, plants and trees
  • Floral fabrics and patterns
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns
  • Green and blue


Balance with Fire, Earth, and Metal Items


Fire energy is transformative. It is represented by:

  • Sunlight and the sun
  • Candles, lights, and sparkly items
  • Fire and flames
  • Red and the red palette
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond, and cone shapes
  • People and animals (including pictures)
  • Electronics and electrical items


Earth energy grounds, comforts and nurtures. Earthy items include:

  • Square shapes
  • Yellow, Brown and all Earth tones
  • Big items that hug the earth, such as heavy furniture low to the floor
  • Sand and Seashells
  • Bricks, Clay, and Adobe
  • Wooden furniture (because it is harvested or dried wood)


Metal energy brings clarity and organization to spaces and situations. Incorporate:

  • All metal: gold, silver, brass, aluminum and more (pots & pans, lamps, picture frames…)
  • Marble, granite, flagstone
  • Natural crystals and rocks dug from deep in the earth
  • Circles, oval and arch shapes
  • White, gray and pastel shades.


July 5th New Moon
New moons periods are the time to set intentions and sow seeds. Your intentions, wishes, ideas, etc., take root and begin to develop. Early development often begins underground, behind the scenes, or out of sight. You may think that nothing is happening. Just because you don’t see anything transpiring doesn’t mean it is so. Quite a bit happens out of sight. Your job is to set an intention, align your energy (and that of your environment) with it, believe it will happen, and energize the anticipated outcome.

July 5th is the day to set intentions related to family, align your energy with it, and fully believe in the outcome. Then tune in again two weeks later and see what you notice.


July 21st Full Moon

Tune into the full moon on July 21st. Notice what is coming to light related to family and ancestors since the July 5th new moon, particularly if you set intentions. The signs might be small at first. They will grow over time. Give thanks that what you have asked for is taking shape and beginning to emerge. Giving thanks in advance of something happening is a great way to help bring it to fruition. Set positive expectations, be patient, and be grateful then watch how things unfold.


Contact Peg if you would like help assessing or balancing your space. Sometimes a quick assessment vis Zoom or phone is enough to get you moving along.