June 2024 Feng Shui Forecast

June 6: New Moon in Gemini
June 16: Father’s Day

June 20: Summer Solstice
June 21: Full Moon


June 6: New Moon in Gemini
We begin the month heading towards a new moon in Gemini on Thursday, June 6th. To put yourself in the best position to glide through each day this month, give some attention to your Knowledge Gua, prior to June 6th. This is the front left corner of your house, every room in your house, your workspace, and your yard or land. The front-left corner is the left-corner block closest to you when you divide each space into a grid of nine, similar to a tic-tac-toe board.

When the moon is in Gemini, it’s a good time to communicate, cultivate and express ideas, learn something new, connect with people you’d like to meet, promote yourself or your business, and more. Gemini ushers in a curious, breezy, and light energy, touching the mental realm. It’s a time to get your environment in order to help your put your best self forward. You might find yourself more inclined to align with your truth, have discussions to bring about change, and make decisions.

The Knowledge Gua holds the energy related to really knowing yourself at a deep level. It is about recognizing and connecting with your inner truth. From a health perspective, the Knowledge Gua relates to your shoulders, back, arms, hands and fingers. If you are one who carries the “weight of the world,” it could manifest as back pain or shoulder trouble. I have seen this in my practice throughout the years. People who worry about others, particularly family members and their choices, may also experience regular back pain or shoulder problems. The challenge is to adjust your space (clear out clutter!), let go of other people’s issues, and do the work on oneself.

The Knowledge gua is a wonderful area for reflection. In your home, this could be a meditation room or area, a study, office, or family room.  It could also be a corner in a room where you place a comfortable chair for quiet time and self- reflection. As I write this, I realized that my favorite meditation chair is located in the Knowledge gua of my bedroom, and I use it daily.

The Knowledge gua or corner is a great area for books and resource materials, a globe, various shades of blue, and earthy items. Outside, you might locate a meditation garden here.

The Knowledge gua also pairs with the Partnership Gua in the opposite corner (furthest right corner). When you know yourself at a deep level, it’s easier to be in a healthy relationship or partnership with another. Thus, get comfortable and be happy with yourself. As you cultivate inner peace, the right relationships will come to you.

Look around your Knowledge gua and notice what’s there. What captures your attention? Take some photos and review them. It’s easier to notice things in a photo that your eyes might gloss over in person.

The Knowledge and Partnership guas are Earth areas in the Five Element system. The Earth element is strengthened by Fire and depleted by Metal. Wood and Water also weaken it. Thus, if you have a lot of Metal, Water or Wood items or colors in the Knowledge or Partnership guas, rebalance the areas by adding items and décor with Fire and Earth characteristics.

In the I Ching, the source for much feng shui knowledge, the Mountain is the trigram for the Knowledge gua. The story is that sages and wise people would go to the mountain to reflect, gain knowledge, and develop their insight and intuition. You can also develop your insight and intuition by clearing emotional and physical clutter, enabling you to delve deeper within yourself. The Knowledge gua represents your inner relationship with yourself. The opposite gua, Partnership, represents your outer relationships with others.

Back, Shoulder, Arm or Hand Trouble?
Health-wise, the Knowledge gua relates to your back, shoulders, arms, and hands. If you have any imbalances or issues with these body parts, work with the Knowledge gua throughout your house. You have multiple areas … it’s the front-left of every room. Remove clutter, put things away that don’t belong out in the open, and open channels and pathways for chi to easily flow or move.

You also might audit the art and decor that you have in these areas What insights do you receive when you look at pictures on the wall or when you read the titles of books that are located here? Reflect on furniture and other possessions filling the spaces and notice the insights that come to you. Tune in and pay attention to your hunches and intuition. Do the items in your various Knowledge guas support your personal journey for connecting more deeply with yourself? Would some items be better placed elsewhere? Do you have items in other areas that would be better suited here?

Look around and explore what you have. Many times, you have items that support your intentions and endeavors located in areas where they are less effective. Aligning your art, décor, and possessions with the themes of each gua strengthens and leverages the energy of the gua. The result is that you’ll have to do less “heavy-lifting” to bring your goals and wishes to fruition.

Activate the Knowledge gua, by removing items that don’t belong there, as well as items that have low energy. I enter the back door at my house via the Knowledge gua. I step into a porch where we have a bureau that stores many tools. The top of this bureau is like a magnet for my husband to drop a variety of miscellaneous items, which he soon forgets about. Prior to June 6th, I’m going to clear the top of this bureau and make it more aesthetically pleasing. I’ll place a plant there for the summer months make it a point to regularly put away the items that get dropped there.

Clutter is anything that you don’t use or love. Make the process easy on yourself by removing items that have little or no emotional impact first. As you do so, the deeper layers move to the surface and become easier to deal with over time.

Knowledge Gua and the Mountain Trigram
In the I Ching, the Mountain trigram is depicted as two dashed lines capped by a solid line on top. Since the ‘mountain” is the trigram associated with the Knowledge gua, mountain pictures, images, and art, do double duty in this area. You can enjoy your art while it is also helping you to connect more fully and deeply with yourself.

Set a goal to create an environment with clear and coherent chi flow. This is one that is clutter-free, well organized, clean, and has a nice vibe and chi flow. Another action to get things moving in a positive direction for you is to gather items that you haven’t used in a long time (or never use). Re-evaluate them. If they have a place in your life, activate them and use them. If not, move them along to people who can use or appreciate them. You can gift, donate, sell, or recycle them. If they need repair, do it or put a plan in place to do so. Leaving items hanging around month after month and year after year, lowers the chi of your environment. It’s time to dislodge such items and give them new life.


Since both the Knowledge and Partnership guas are Earth areas, some of the recommendations and adjustments are similar, depending on your space, circumstances, and intentions.


Enhancements for the Knowledge and Partnership guas include:

  • pottery, brick and clay
  • seashells
  • yellow, brown, and earthy colors
  • square shapes
  • mountain shapes and images (Knpowledge gua)
  • Books or a globe (Knoweldge gua)
  • a pair of items or images of two people or animals (Partnership gua)
  • flat or horizontal surfaces and shapes
  • plaid patterns


State blue is a supportive color for the Knowledge gua and pink and/or yellow are great colors in Partnership.


Earth is strengthened by the Fire element. Items that contain red, sunbursts, triangular, cone or volcanic shapes, sparkles, leather, and people and animals, will strengthen Earth qualities in any gua. It’s great to have some red or fiery items in your Knowledge gua to spark your inner self-discovery and journey. In the Partnership gua, a photo or sculpture representing a partnership is supportive too.


A single photo or a photo with one person is fine in the Knowledge gua. It’s best to have a photo or drawing with two people (or two pictures with single people) in the Partnership gua. It’s common for single people to hang pictures of single people. If you are single and you’d like to be in a relationship, double-up your single photos or hang pictures of two people who look like they’re happy and enjoying each other’s company.


Reinvigorate your Knowledge and Partnership areas prior to June 6th. Doing so with intention is even stronger. On June 6th, do a mediation and reflect on your wishes coming to fruition. Set a goal to see evidence that this is so. When asking for evidence, I specify that it be obvious and that I notice at least three signs. They might show up in conversations, an ad, a license plate or billboard, a headline, something I’m reading, a common theme … you name it. Signs and messages are all around you and are abundant. What’s important are the ones you notice. They’re fun and reinforce that you’re on the right track.


June 21st Full Moon

Tune into the full moon in June 21st. This is another good day to do a meditation. Notice what is coming to light related to self-knowledge, wisdom, and intuition, since planting seeds of intention on June 6th. The signs might be small at first. They will grow over time. Give thanks that what you have asked for is taking shape and beginning to emerge. Giving thanks in advance of something happening is a great way to help bring it to fruition. Set positive expectations, be patient, and be grateful then watch how things unfold.



Summer Solstice: June 20th

I love the days leading up to the Summer Solstice, the day when the sun is at its northernmost peak in the Northern Hemisphere. Dawn arrives earlier each day (until about a week before the solstice) and dusk extends late into the evening. This is a very special time of year. I’d love for it to slow down so that we can enjoy it longer.


For me, the arrival of the Summer Solstice is bittersweet as I realize that the days will begin to grow shorter by a minute or two each day. Not visible at first, it’s noticeable by early August, when many vacations are in full swing.


It’s a reminder that nature’s cycles are continuous. So be sure to adjust your schedule and spend more time outdoors while the days are long, if you love to do so. If you wait until you have time, you could easily miss out.


Read more about the Summer Solstice.