Valentine's Day Tips for Your Home

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, there are four key areas of your home that you might review and give some attention, if appropriate. These areas can help you to celebrate a relationship, strengthen a partnership, attract a partner, or more. The areas are:

  • Your Master Bedroom
  • The Partnership Gua
  • The SW sector of your home
  • The Center of your home

Your Master Bedroom
You spend a third of your life sleeping. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can rest and rejuvenate every night.

  • Place your bed in a command position. This is where you have a solid wall behind you, you can see the door, and the bed is not directly in front of the door.
  • Have soothing, pleasing colors. Peach is good if you’d like to attract a relationship, but not if you are in one. Skin tones are great colors for the walls, as are soft tones. The most important thing is to create a soothing environment that you really love.
  • Have two night stands … one on either side of the bed for balanced relationships. They don’t have to be identical. One night stand contributes to an imbalance in the relationship. Also, patterns have been noticed where single people who wanted a relationship had only one nightstand. When they added a second nightstand, a partner emerged.
  • Check your photos. Pair single photos up with a partner. A phenomenon within homes of single people is with single photos and art … pictures with one person or animal, rather than a pair or a coupe.
  • Put something meaningful in the furthest right corner from the entrance. This is the Relationship corner. This is an excellent location for something that represents partnership or relationship.
  • Remove clutter and all piles of paper, magazines, books, clothes, or laundry. These hold you back and contribute to blocked and scattered energy.
  • If a mirror reflects your bed and you don’t sleep well, remove it.

The Partnership Gua

This is the back-right corner of your house, every room in your house, your yard, and your workspace, from the entrance. Check to see what you have in these corners. To strengthen a partnership …

  • Adjust powder rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms located in the back right corner of your house. Too much water can drown, smother, or flood the relationship. Balance excess Water energy with Wood, Fire, and Earth elements.
  • Yellow, brown, red, pink, and orange are effective colors and tones in this gua.
  • Include representation of a relationship or partnership. One pair or set is enough. Too many pairs can be overwhelming. If you like crystals, two pieces of rose quartz is a nice enhancement in the Partnership gua.

Enhancing the back-right corner of the Partnership gua (the back-right corner of your home) doubles the strength of your cure or adjustment. It represents “Partnership within Partnership.” It’s very auspicious to place something meaningful here and to do so with intention.


The SW Sector

In Flying Star feng shui, the SW is in the same area as the Partnership gua in the Western system of feng shui, when working with a North-facing property. It’s the back-right area of the home, yard, or workplace.

If you know the orientation of your home, check out the SW sector. Look it over for attributes that strengthen partnership as well as items that might detract from it. 

Attributes in the SW corner that strengthen Relationships:

  • Earthy items … yellow and/or brown tones, brick, adobe, clay, pottery
  • Square shapes … squares represent Earth in the Chinese system
  • Triangle shapes … brings in the Fire element
  • Pairs of items … one pair is enough. Too many can be chaotic
  • A picture of a couple in a happy relationship
  • Crystals that denote love such as rose quartz or emerald.
  • Red and pink tones
  • Natural items
  • Love stories
  • Lights, candles, people and animals

You have lots of choices. The most important thing is to love and embrace your space. Be creative. Lovingly fill it with items that are meaningful and bring you joy.

Attributes in the SW corner that detract from Relationships:

  • Too much or too many items with Metal, Water and/or Wood energy
  • Pictures or art of single people or animals without a partner
  • Pictures that were taken during angry or sad times, even if the people look happy
  • Lots of water … it can flood or overwhelm people and situations
  • Too many (or oversized) mirrors
  • Overstuffed closets and drawers … there’s no room for anyone else
  • Single person themes.

Audit the SW sector of your space and evaluate what you have. Remove items that are not aligned with your intentions and add at least one new object that reflects and reinforces where you’re headed. The object you add can come from another area of your home. Often, people have the right items throughout their homes. Periodically rearranging items adds new life.


The Center of Your Home

The Center is the heart of your home, holding the pulse for everything that happens. This might be the physical center or another area close by. During 2023, Flying Star #4 is in the Center of every home. This star governs romance, travel, creative and academic/educational pursuits, self-development, wisdom, and intelligence. This is a wonderful manifestation area for 2023. Thus, it’s a great place for romance cures as well as for your Vision Board.

Favorable items for the Center during 2023:

  • Romance cures
  • Vision Board
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Leafy, green plants
  • Photos of loved ones
  • A blue Kuan Yin
  • Blue Crystals
  • 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo
  • A black vase
  • A bowl of fresh water
  • Mandarin ducks
  • Add green, blue and/or black

During 2023, it’s best to omit or minimize these items in the Center:

  • Candles … (it’s OK to make an exception for Valentine‘s Day)
  • Red, pink, and purple
  • Wind chimes
  • Lots of metal, heavy metal
  • Silver and white

As you can see, if you’d like to boost a relationship or attract a partner, you have many options and choices. The most important thing is to be clear about what you want, while staying away from what you don’t want. This is a good month to revitalize your space to build some momentum and to create a supportive environment. When you and your home are in alignment and emitting high, happy vibes, you’re more likely to attract your desires.

If you would like some help with this, contact Peg for a 15-minute complimentary consultation.