Golden Spirals Are Pleasing, Healing, and Abundant in Nature!

                                                                                            (Photo credit: Molly Donahue, Sintra, Portugal)

Recently I took Maureen St. Germain’s Sacred Geometry course. This six-part digital program re-introduced me to some of the key relationships between mathematics and the wonders found throughout nature and our Universe. Typically, things that are pleasing to the eye are in a phi ratio (also known as the Golden Mean) or in a defined mathematical relationship to each other.


Phi is at the center of all creation. We see this throughout nature without realizing it. We see this in spirals, plants and flowers, seashells, ram’s horns and much more. We also experience phi in buildings and structures that are pleasing. Phi is in the relationship between the Sun, Mercury, and Venus; the way noise cancelling headphones work; and our DNA spiral.


The Golden Mean ratio is approximately 1.618. It’s an irrational number that continues indefinitely. According to Livescience.comPhi can be defined by taking a stick and breaking it into two portions. If the ratio between these two portions is the same as the ratio between the overall stick and the larger segment, the portions are said to be in the golden ratio.”


Maureen’s program is about relating phi to creation, manifestation, and your own expansion and healing. In particular, I loved tapping into the solfeggio frequencies. Tracing to ancient times, these are a quality of sound used to tune your DNA. You can download Kev Thomson’s version of the Solfeggio frequencies though your favorite music download program, such as Apple Music or Spotify. His 2013 album includes ten tracks of frequencies:

174 Hz - Pain reduction

285 Hz - Rejuvenated Energy Fields

396 Hz - Guilt & Fear Liberation

417 Hz - Undoing Emotional Patterns

528 Hz - Love & Miracles (DNA Repair)

639 Hz - Harmonious Relationships
741 Hz - Intuition, Problem Solving

852 Hz - Unconditional Love, Returning to Spiritual Order

963 Hz - Return to Oneness

5 Hz-Theta - Creativity & Intuition


I encourage you to listen to these frequencies as a meditation, whenever you take some “quiet time,” as background while working, or before you go to sleep. Reap the benefits of these frequencies as you allow them to penetrate your body and space.  


Shortly after completing the program, my daughter sent me some photos with very cool spirals. One was included in a paper she was writing and the second while touring in Sintra, Portugal. It was amazing synchronicity. The spirals captured my attention and drew me in. The structures are beautiful.


I encourage you to tune into the Golden Ratio and the Golden Spirals in your day-to-day activities. See what you notice. At this time of year, you might notice it as ferns unfurl in gardens, woods and at the edges of roads. During the summer, you’ll see it in sunflowers and seashells. You might notice it in building shapes and artwork. Look around your home and yard. You might notice it in rooms sizes and shapes, favorite décor or patterns, furniture, picture frames, and throughout your garden, among many other things. It’s everywhere. Chances are that the things that you find most beautiful have some sort of a phi relationship. Check it out.