June Feng Shui Forecast


May 30th New Moon in Gemini … Knowledge Gua

June 4th: Mercury moves forward

June 14th Full Moon

June 19th Father’s Day and the Helpful People & Travel Gua

June 21st: Summer Solstice 

June 28th: New Moon in Cancer … Family Gua


During June, work with your Knowledge and Partnership gua until mid-month. After the June 14th full moon, switch gears and put your focus into your Family gua.


We begin June two days after the May 30 new moon in Gemini. New moons represent new beginnings. It’s a time to reassess what’s happening and to refocus your energy. The new moon in Gemini corresponds with your Knowledge and Personal Development gua. This is the front-left corner of your house, your land, every room in your house and your workspace. As I indicated last month, Gemini rules communication and the search for learning, experiencing, and greater knowledge. This is a time to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, of the duality or polar opposites within you. As a part of the greater whole, actively embracing these aspects of yourself can lead to inner peace.


From a health perspective, the Knowledge gua correlates with your shoulders, back, arms and hands. If you have discomfort in these areas, audit the front-left corner of your house and every room in your house. Remove clutter and open up your space. Create channels to enable chi to flow more easily.


The first two weeks of June are a good time to review and reassess your Knowledge gua. The energy of this area directly corresponds to the Partnership or Marriage gua in the back-right corner of your space. This is the gua diagonally opposite the Knowledge area. Together, these areas represent your inner and outer relationships.


First and foremost, create an environment with clear and coherent chi flow. This is one that is clutter-free, well organized, clean, and has a nice vibe and chi flow. If this is a challenge for you, start small. I find removing trash to be an instant chi lift. As I result, I drop trash and recycles off at our “dump” most Friday mornings. It feels good to begin the weekend on a high note.


Another action to get things moving in a positive direction for you is to gather items that you haven’t used in a long time (or never use). Re-evaluate them. If they have a place in your life, activate them and use them. If not, move them along to people who can use or appreciate them. You can gift, donate, sell, or recycle them. If they need repair, do it or put a plan in place to do so. Leaving items hanging around month after month and year after year, lowers the chi of your environment. It’s time to dislodge such items and give them new life.


A friend recently purchased her first house. It also came furnished. For many first-time home buyers, this would be a blessing. This friend, however, has a full one-bedroom apartment that she hasn’t lived in for two years, two full storage units, and until recently, a full car that she was also using to store items. She moved in with her parents when Covid began and most of her stuff has since sat idle, including her car. Rather than evaluating everything and choosing what she’ll move into her new home, she’ll be consolidating everything. She has room to store it, in her basement, garage and small summer house. Perhaps she’ll review her items and thin them out over time. If not, she risks experiencing blockages in many areas of her life in her new house.


Both the Knowledge and Partnership guas are Earth areas. Thus, some of the cures and adjustments are similar, depending on your space, circumstances, and intentions.


Enhancements for the Knowledge and Partnership guas include:


  • pottery, brick and clay
  • seashells
  • yellow, brown, and earthy colors
  • square shapes
  • mountain shapes and images
  • flat or horizontal surfaces and shapes
  • plaid patterns

State blue is a supportive color for the Knowledge gua and pink and/or yellow are great colors in Partnership.


Earth is strengthened by the Fire element. Items that contain red, sunbursts, triangular, cone or volcanic shapes, sparkles, leather, and people and animals, will strengthen Earth qualities in any gua. It’s great to have some red or fiery items in your Knowledge gua to spark your inner self-discovery and journey. In the Partnership gua, a photo or sculpture representing a partnership is supportive too.


Reinvigorate your Knowledge and Partnership areas early in June. Doing so with intention is even stronger. On June 14, do a mediation and reflect on your dreams coming to fruition. Set an intention to see evidence that this is so. When asking for evidence, I specify that it be obvious and that I notice at least three messages. They might show up in conversations, an ad, license plate or billboard, a headline, something I’m reading, a common theme … you name it. Messages are all around you and are abundant. What’s important are the ones you notice. They are fun and reinforce that you’re on the right track.


June 28th New Moon in Cancer: Create Harmony at Home


The June 28th new moon in Cancer correlates with your Family gua. This is the center-left area of your house, every room in your house, your land and your workspace. Cancer is an environmentally sensitive sign. Cancers love the comforts of home and enjoy creating warm, safe, cozy, spaces. When it comes to Cancer energy, think: personal sanctuary. Cancer traits include being intuitive, sensitive and psychic, emotional, loyal, committed. On the downside, Cancer energy can be impatient, passive-aggressive, and feel easily threatened. Cancer is depicted by the crab: a hard shell on the outside; soft and tender on the inside.  


Prior to June 28th, update your Family gua to for positive family relations or to strengthen harmony at home. The Family gua is governed by Wood energy. Wood energy is represented by plants, trees, flowers, and the gorgeous green that is abundant during late spring. In NH, we’ve been treated to a wide palate of green this season. It’s in the woodland moss, the unfurling of ferns, the trees leafing out, fresh grass, plants and flowers emerging. It’s all around and it’s been very vibrant!


Green is a calming and healing color. Be sure to have some in your environment, whether in your wardrobe, your home, your garden, etc. A vibrant green can help bring more peace in your day.


Healthwise, the Family gua correlates with your liver and your feet. If you have any problems with these, adjusting your Family gua could bring solutions to you more readily. Years ago, one of my clients mentioned that she was having repeat foot surgery. The first operation didn’t work and she needed a second one. During our discussion, she told me about her family. It turned out that family relationships were a huge obstacle in her life. We discussed ways to adjust her Family gua to support her intentions and her upcoming surgery, which was successful.


You don’t have to turn family relationships around to get positive shifts in your life. Rather, you need to adjust the way you think and feel about your family relationships and also create good feng shui in your space (particularly your Family gua). If direct and/or extended family relationships are less than favorable, make peace with them. You can’t change other people. You can change how you think and feel about other people though. Eliminate the thoughts and feelings that drag you down and come to a neutral place, at minimum. If you’d like help repositioning your attitude towards family, contact Peg. A half-hour coaching session could put you on a more positive track.


Healthy and beautiful trees are one of my favorite images and cures for the Family gua. Blood runs deep in families, as do the roots of trees. Hanging a photo or sculpture of a beautiful tree in your Family gua could go a long way toward helping to create strong and supportive family relationships. An even stronger method is to place positive intentions into the object and to bless it using the Three Secrets Reinforcements. If you’re not familiar with this method and you’d like to learn more, contract Peg.


Here are some of my favorite ways to shift the chi in your Family gua:


  • Add fresh plants or flowers
  • Incorporate vibrant green and/or blue into your décor
  • Hang a tree photo, painting, or sculpture of a healthy tree
  • Place your family tree here
  • Place a beautiful family photo taken during happy times
  • Add stripes or vertical columns
  • Include a water feature or art with water
  • Hang a mirror and place intentions into it … make sure you can see your full head.

Always place or reinforce your chi enhancers after you’ve cleaned or refreshed your space. If you add feng shui cures to a cluttered or disheveled area, you’re reinforcing that energy. It would be better to clean it up first or at least to begin thinning things out.


If your Family gua feels a bit stuck, hang a round-faceted crystal on a red string (cut to an increment of 9 inches), set an intention for positive shifts and do the three Secrets Reinforcement. This small action can really help to get things moving in the right direction for you.


On June 28th, do a mediation and set intentions related to Family. Writing down your intentions makes the process even stronger. I find that writing something down reinforces it. You can then place your intentions in a red envelope and place this in your family gua or a favorite location (such as an altar or prayer room). Then, check back with the July 13th full moon to see how things are shifting. I’ll remind you about this in July too.


Other June happenings


Mercury moves forward beginning June 4th, after being retrograde since May 10th. Give it a few days and beginning signing contracts and purchasing electronics June 6th or later.


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th. The corresponding gua is Helpful People and Travel.


The Summer Solstice is Tuesday, June 21st. Pause and reflect on this bittersweet day.


Would you like some help?

If you’d like a short consultation about some ideas and suggestions to adjust any areas  of your space, contact Peg. If you mention the June newsletter, save 20% and pay $75.00 for a half hour consultation.