May 2022 Feng Shui Forecast


April 30th New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus … Wealth Gua

May 8th Mother’s Day … Partnership Gua

May 10th Mercury goes Retrograde through June 3rd

May 16th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio … Wealth Gua

May 30th New Moon in Gemini … Knowledge Gua


April 30th: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus

We begin the month in the shadow of the April 30th new moon and solar eclipse in Taurus. This correlates with your Wealth gua. If you didn’t do so already, tidy up the back-left corners of your house, every room in your house, and the corresponding areas of your workspace and yard, as soon as you can.


Taurus values beauty, comfort, and safety, fundamental aspects of feng shui. Taurus energy is also practical, grounded, calm, contemplative, and nurturing. This is likely to be an active new moon, due to the eclipse and planetary positions. It’s best to enjoy the energy of this new moon and to stay in the flow. Self-care is highly recommended too.


If an eclipse directly impacts you (i.e.., you have an important planet 7-13 degrees Taurus), you might feel it’s influence beginning 30 days before and up to six months after. The April and May eclipses are about accepting responsibility. You might reflect on the various ways you’ve been challenged to accept responsibility, to take control, or to make a commitment. It’s better to accept the responsibilities willingly rather than to have to accept them under duress or adverse circumstances.  A secondary aspect of the April 30th eclipse is to nurture and care for yourself. You might indulge in a fun activity, a deep and relaxing bath, one or more spa treatments, extra sleep … whatever your heart desires.  The important point is to take charge and give yourself some extra attention.


Your Wealth Gua is located in the back-left corner of your house, every room in your house, your land, and your workspace. I recommend that you review the Wealth gua in your home as well as the Wealth corners throughout the rooms in your house. First, look for clutter and blockages. Remove the clutter and open up any blockages.


Clutter includes:

  • Items that don’t have a home,
  • piles that have been discarded, ignored or untouched,
  • things that you no longer identify with,
  • décor you don’t care about,
  • clothes that need to be put away,
  • books, magazines, catalogs, or periodicals left lying about,
  • tools left out in the open,
  • trash bins that aren’t emptied regularly,
  • accumulated dust from an area seldom used,
  • things that are broken or in disrepair
  • items stored in cabinets or drawers that you ignore, don’t use, or don’t care about
  • anything and everything that you don’t use or love.

Blockages in your space

Blockages typically include something physical that is preventing the chi from fully flowing, something broken or disrepair, or something mental or emotional. Years ago, a client had a large cabinet that they didn’t like, in a key gua in their home. It was a gorgeous, handmade piece of cabinetry that had been a wedding present to them. The problem was that it wasn’t their style and they never warmed to it. It was a huge physical and emotional obstacle for them. Physical due to its size and location. Emotional because they wrestled with it. It tugged at their heartstrings. They felt that they should love it, yet they didn’t. After chatting about it we identified a great solution. They would offer it to a family member who loved it! They did, the item was relocated, and soon after the client’s intention manifested.


If you have anything like this in your Wealth gua, either remove it or re-energize it. You can re-energize items by repairing and cleaning them. If you’re not in a position to repair an item, set an intention to do so. This is better than ignoring it or telling yourself that you can’t do it, it’s too hard or too expensive to do so, etc.


Although I come across many discarded items in Wealth guas, the main culprit is unintentional neglect, accumulated dust and debris. This is easily remedied through a good cleaning. Putting your energy and attention into your space doesn’t cost money and it can do wonders to activate sluggish energy.


Recently I rediscovered two salt lamps that I packed away five years ago when we downsized. Although we didn’t have a place for them at the time (they would have been clutter), we do now. I unwrapped them, refreshed them, and redeployed them into two Wealth corners in my house. One is in the Wealth gua, and the other is in the Wealth corner of my living room. I was delighted to become reacquainted with these lamps. Coincidentally, I found them as my husband, and I were reviewing and thinning out items we’ve been storing in our basement. We’re reassessing what we’re storing and letting go of things we don’t want or need.


Tips to Energize Your Wealth Gua

After you’ve tidied up or cleaned your Wealth gua and Wealth corners, place something nice in each area that lifts your energy. If you already have what you like there, simply refresh the energy. I like to do this by cleaning the item or items and doing the Three Secrets Reinforcement. If you need guidance for the Three Secrets, contact me.


There are many options, depending on your room. Some of my favorite items for Wealth guas and wealth corners include:

  • Fresh flowers or a beautiful plant,
  • A lovely mirror hung high enough to see your full head
  • A water feature
  • A picture of water or a waterfall flowing toward you or into the room
  • A light or lights … make sure they work
  • A treasure box with something that reminds you of wealth and abundance
  • A hanging crystal, one crystal or a cluster of crystals … amethyst is a good one
  • Something green, gold, purple or red
  • Something that reminds you of wealth.

What are your favorite items in your Wealth gua? Tell me. I’d love to hear from you!

Enhancing Problem Areas

When you enhance an area from a feng shui perspective, you’re bringing more attention and energy to it. Do this if the area is in good shape. If it’s not, I recommend that you improve the space first or set an attention to do so prior to doing any significant feng shui cures or enhancements. Think of this as bringing your space to neutral, rather than activating an area that doesn’t have clear, coherent, or abundant energy.


One way to do this is to write your intention (using positive words, in the present tense, and just as if you have it now), and place it in a red envelope in the respective gua of the room. For the Wealth gua, use the back-left corner. Alternatively, you might place a picture of the way you’d love the room to look, in this area. You can also do a Vision Board and include images and intentions on that. The important point is that you can take positive action without inadvertently setting the wrong energy in motion.


May 16th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Full moons are a time when things come to light. Each full moon day is a good day to review the intentions you’ve set and the actions you’ve taken. Do a meditation visualizing your intentions unfolding. Keep your intentions positive and in the present tense, just as if they are happening now. Audit your feelings, thoughts, language and self talk for self-limiting words and beliefs. When you catch yourself falling into the trap of self sabotage, stop and “cancel-clear” your feelings, thoughts, or statements. To easily manifest, it’s important to have everything moving in the same direction … the energy of your space, as well as your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.


There’s also a lunar eclipse on May 16th. Eclipses come in pairs, six months apart. The April 30th and May 16th eclipses are a pair. In addition to accepting responsibility, the May 16th eclipse is about settling in and adjusting to a new situation. This could be a new physical location, a new job or initiative, or even a new emotional state. You’re likely to be impacted by this eclipse if you have important planets 20 – 30 degrees in Scorpio.


The next set of eclipses is October 25th and November 8th (Election Day!). These are likely to be active months.


Second Half of May … Focus on Knowledge Gua

After enjoying the full moon energy for a few days, shift your focus to your Knowledge gua in preparation for the May 30th new moon in Gemini. The Knowledge gua is the front-left corner of your home and every room in your home, your workspace, and your land. Gemini rules communication and the search for learning, experiencing, and greater knowledge. This is a time to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, of the duality or polar opposites within you. As a part of the greater whole, actively embracing these aspects of yourself can lead to inner peace.


From a health perspective, the Knowledge gua correlates with your shoulders, back, arms and hands. If you have discomfort in these areas, audit the front-left corner of your house and every room in your house. Remove clutter and open up blockages.


The Knowledge gua is an Earth area and thus benefits from Earthy items. It also represents the Mountain in the I Ching, so mountain colors and images are supportive in this area. Enhancements for the Knowledge gua include:


  • pottery, brick and clay
  • seashells
  • yellow, brown, and slate blue items
  • square shapes
  • mountain shapes and images
  • flat or horizontal surfaces and shapes
  • plaid patterns


In my house, the Knowledge area begins at my back door. The earthy items I have here include pottery, brown furniture, floor mats, and some square pictures on the wall.


Earth is strengthened by the Fire element. Items that contain red, sunbursts, triangular, cone or volcanic shapes, sparkles, leather, and people and animals, will strengthen the qualities of Earth in any gua. It’s great to have some red or fiery items in your Knowledge gua to spark your inner self-discovery and journey.


Prep or refresh your Knowledge gua prior to May 30th (Memorial Day). On May 30th, set an intention for yourself and do a mediation to put your intention into motion. Then check back with the June 14th full moon to see how things are moving along.


When you focus on working with the feng shui of your home in tune with the moon cycles, it’s easy to be in the flow. It’s also a great way to review every part of your home throughout the year (and three area twice) to keep things energized and fresh.


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