November 2022 Feng Shui Forecast … Express Gratitude

November 8: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

November 23: New Moon in Sagittarius … Knowledge Gua

November 24: Thanksgiving Day (USA)

October 30 - January 12, 2023: Mars Retrograde Planning Cycle


We’re in eclipse season. Eclipses occur in pairs with a solar eclipse at the new moon and a lunar eclipse at the full moon. We had a solar eclipse on October 25. The corresponding lunar eclipse will be on November 8, Election Day. Things might be shaken up a bit. We’ll see. Check out Maureen St. Germain’s Divine Government meditation to help you be at peace with the process and results. It’s free and only takes eight minutes.


November 8 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse … Reflect on Blessings

The full moon is a time to note what’s coming to light and what’s being revealed, since the new moon two weeks earlier. It’s a favorable time to release whatever you no longer need, including emotions, patterns and habits that you’ve outgrown and are ready to move beyond. Letting them go enables you to create room for new dreams, desires, opportunities, and activities to come to you.


In your home, yard, and work area, the Wealth gua correlated with the October 25 new moon and solar eclipse. Did you clean and activate your Wealth gun over the past few weeks? Review my suggestions from last month for easy ways to shift the energy in your Prosperity areas. Then do a mediation on November 8 and reflect on the intentions you set. If you set intentions during the new moon, look for signs that the seeds you set have taken root.


The Wealth gua is the back left corner of your home, every room in your home, your yard and your workspace. Remove clutter and blockages from these areas to assist an ongoing smooth flow of energy. Also look for signs and symbols that may be in opposition to your intentions. These could include: something broken or in disarray, a door leading outside (exit door in Wealth), an abundance of Fire, Earth or Metal elements, paintings, pictures or art with images that deplete or wear down prosperity, and more. It’s easy to overlook what you have in your own space. After 30 days, you tend not to notice things in your environment. This is why it’s helpful to takes photos and study them. You’ll see things in photos that you may not have noticed in person.


Yeas ago, a client had a favorite clock in her Wealth corner. This would be a nice enhancement in many situations. This clock, however, was broken and it also depicted pirates on the high seas. The clock was a family heirloom and the woman’s brother had cheated her out of her inheritance. When she realized the connection, she removed the clock and planned to take it for an appraisal, prior to repairing and selling it. Sometimes, very subtle things in your home or workspace anchor situations and hold them in place. This type of thing can easily me missed.


Mid-November: Update Your Knowledge Gua

After the November 8th full moon, shift your focus to your Knowledge gua. This is the front left corner of your house, every room in your house, your yard and your workspace. The Knowledge area is about personal development and self-cultivation. It’s about knowing yourself at a very deep level. This area correlates with the November 23rd new moon in Sagittarius. Emphasis on this sector strengthens your ability to connect with yourself, to learn and grow, to cultivate your perception and deep inner wisdom, and to develop your intuition and gut feel for situations.


The feng shui color for the Knowledge gua is blue. Think of a slate blue, the color associated with mountains. Borrowing from the adjacent bagua areas, black and green are also supportive colors in the Knowledge gua.


From a health perspective, the Knowledge gua correlates with your shoulders, back, arms and hands. Carrying too many responsibilities can weigh you down. Shoulder trouble and back aches can be indications of doing too much for others or not doing enough for yourself. This month is a good time to refocus, to acknowledge how you feel and what you want, and to make adjustments that support your desired path in life.


The Mountain Trigram: Stillness and Meditation

The Knowledge gua also correlates with the Mountain trigram in the I Ching. This is symbolized by two dashed lines on the bottom with a solid line on top. Thus, the inner core of the mountain is fluid while the top is firm and hard.


_ _

_ _


Mountain energy represents stillness, tranquility, immobility, and calmness. If it’s too strong it can be stubborn and rigid. If it’s too weak, it can crumble and easily be dismantled.


Hexagram 52 in the I Ching, Meditation, is depicted by Mountain over Mountain, or a double mountain. Meditation is a reminder to go inward to discover yourself, cultivate your inner strength and wisdom and to find your answers. Developing inner stillness is the practice of transcending your inner turmoil. It’s setting aside your thoughts and inner chatter while you delve deeper into your true self.


Meditation can bring a sense of calm. I find that it also opens pathways for things to happen and for them to happen faster than me trying to make them happen. I find that mediation is a great way to renew my body and spirit. When you achieve inner peace, you can observe the world without being caught up in it or carried away by it. Cultivate more inner peace this month and notice how your world changes.


The Knowledge Gua is Governed by Earth Energy

In balance, Earth is nurturing, comfortable, stable, grounded and unifying. Take time to nurture yourself this month before taking care of others. When you attend to your needs first, you strengthen your ability to help others. When airlines review safety procedures, they remind you to put your oxygen mask in place first and then attend to your children. Similar here. Cultivate your own chi so the you have the capacity to support others.


Earth energy is strengthened by Fire energy and depleted by Metal, Water and Wood energy. In the Knowledge areas of your home and workspace, it’s great to have some meaningful representation of earth energy. A mountain picture can be well placed in the Knowledge gua or a Knowledge corner. It’s is a wonderful reminder of the foundation of this gua.


Representations of Fire energy will strengthen the Earth quality of this gua and give it more power. Although you also need some metal, water and wood energy for overall harmony and balance, too much can smother or negate the Earth qualities that influence and drive this gua.


Earth energy grounds and anchors your space. Earth items include:

  • Pottery, earthenware, bricks, and clay,
  • Seashells and natural items,
  • Wood furniture,
  • Square shapes,
  • Oversized or heavy furniture that hugs the floor,
  • Yellow, brown and earth tones.


Fire brings dazzling, sparkling energy to a space. It is represented by:

  • Fire, flames, lights, sunlight, candles,
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond, and cone shapes,
  • People and animals,
  • Electronics and electrical items,
  • Red, burgundy and the red palette.

Metal energy helps bring clarity to a space. Metal items include:

  • All metal: gold, silver, brass, aluminum and more (pots & pans, lamps, picture frames…),
  • Marble, granite, flagstone,
  • Natural crystals and rocks dug from deep in the earth,
  • Circles, oval and arch shapes,
  • White, gray, and pastel shades.

Water energy helps to create flow. It also brings reflective and philosophical qualities. Water is represented by:

  • Water features and water itself,
  • Mirrors, windows, glass, reflective and shiny surfaces,
  • Black and very dark colors,
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes,
  • Pictures of lakes, rivers, harbors, ocean views.


Wood energy is about growth and expansion. Wood is represented by:

  • Fresh flowers, plants, and trees,
  • Floral fabrics and patterns,
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns,
  • Vertical rectangles,
  • Green and blue.


Nine Feng Shui Tips to Cultivate Personal Development

  • Clutter-clear your Knowledge gua or Knowledge corners (front-left).
  • Add a light to your Knowledge gua.
  • Hang a Mountain picture or image to reinforce the Mountain trigram.
  • Plan a long-distance trip or vacation.
  • Sign up for a class.
  • Create a Vision Board.
  • Establish (and use) a meditation chair or area for yourself.
  • Organize your resources, books or library.
  • Prepare your bucket list of activities and experiences you’d like to do/have.


November 23th New Moon Meditation

Sagittarius moons are upbeat and positive. This bodes well for Thanksgiving and gatherings with family and friends. This year Thanksgiving might be more lighthearted and fun. Enjoy the holiday together. It’s also a time to reflect on your values, consider your goals, and envision your future. Which path and options feel best for you?


Do a meditation that aligns with the energy of the new moon on November 23rd. Set intentions for yourself, for your deep inner knowing and for developing your inner guidance system. Take some time to write them down, sit quiet and then reflect on experiencing the end result of your intentions. Avoid focus on how they will unfold. Leave that part up to the Universe. Your job is to hold the intention and to hold the space for your intentions and dreams to come into form. Let go of worry about anything that you may feel is not happening and put expectations in place that your intentions are happening. At the beginning of a process, much happens beneath the surface or out of view, Trust that all is well and set the expectation that you’ll see results at the proper time.


Connection to the Partnership Gua

The Knowledge gua in the front-left corner of your space works symbiotically with the Partnership gua in the opposite diagonal corner, the back-right of your home, every room, your yard and your workspace. A successful Partnership requires that you know yourself at a deep level in order to be in a meaningful personal relationship with someone else. Check this space was well. It’s also an Earth gua. It’s helpful to have some meaningful images or symbols that represent Partnership or a relationship with a special person here.


October 30th: Mars Retrograde Began… Excellent Planning Cycle

The Knowledge gua is also a good fit for the Mars Retrograde cycle that began October 30 and runs through January 12. Mars is the planet that represents your physical energy, your motivations and the way you go about meeting your goals. Mars Retrograde is a time to slow down, do some reflection and research, and put a plan in place for yourself for the next two years. It is not a time to begin significant new projects or initiatives. You’re more likely to be confused about which path to take. Rather, reflect on your intentions and goals, consider your options, and begin to write your plan. You’ll be in a better position to move forward between mid-January and mid-March. You can write a personal plan as well as one for your business, if you have one.


This cycle comes up approximately every two years. This is a time to plan for the future, rather than start something new. Use this cycle to look ahead and identify your direction for the next two years. Write your plans down. Then set them aside and enjoy the holidays with family and friends.


Check-in at the Full Moon

The full moon check-in aligned with your Knowledge gua adjustments is December 7th.  This is the time to revisit the objectives you set during the November new moon and notice how things have shifted for you. I’ll include a reminder about this in the December newsletter.


Would you like some help?

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