September Feng Shui Forecast  ... Take Great Care of Yourself

September 9: Mercury Retrograde through October 2nd

September 10: Full Moon … Reflect on your Intentions

September 22: Autumn Equinox ... Equal hours of yin and yang energy

September 25: New Moon in Libra … Partnership Gua


The beginning of September is a time to refocus on what’s important to you, to take care of yourself, and invest in your overall well-being. The corresponding area in your home is the Center. The quality of energy in the Center of your home is reflected throughout each gua or sector. This is a good time to clean out anything that doesn’t belong there, refresh the area, shift the chi, and raise the overall vibration of your space. By doing so, you boost your personal energy as well.

Mercury goes retrograde on September 9 through October 2. Purchase your electronics, sign contracts, and take care of important items before or after these dates. Mercury Retrograde cycles are excellent periods to review, research, renovate, and refresh. It’s the perfect month to refocus yourself and to refresh your home.

September 10 Full Moon

The full moon is a time to note what’s coming to light and being revealed. Do a mediation on September 10 and reflect on the intentions you set for the August 27 new moon. Look for signs that the intentions you set are taking shape. It’s a great time to release patterns and habits that you’ve outgrown and are ready to move beyond. Let them go. As you do, you create room for new opportunities and activities to come to you. An uncluttered mind and home provides the opportunity for new creations. Given the Mercury Retrograde cycle, this is a good month to have a personal retreat and to play with these concepts.

Update Your Partnership Gua

When we move into the third quarter moon on September 17th, it’s time to shift your focus and prepare for the September 25 new moon in Libra. Libra qualities include balance, harmony, justice, peace, charm and intelligence. Venus, the planet of love and money, is the ruling planet. Thus, this new moon relates to your Partnership or Relationship gua. This is the back-right corner of your house and every room in your house. To stay on track with the cycles, clean clutter from these areas and refresh them to strengthen the energy prior to September 25 new moon.

If you’d like to strengthen your marriage or a relationship, or attract a partner, the energies work in your favor from September 25 until the October new moon on October 25. Over the years, I’ve come across many bathrooms, powder rooms and laundry areas in the Partnership gua. Although this is a bit of excess water energy (from the plumbing) in an Earth area, it doesn’t have to be a problem. You can balance the energies through color and decor. Bring in some pink, brown or yellow, while minimizing white and blue. Seashells, natural items, brick, adobe and pottery are also helpful.

For other rooms, nice features in your Partnership gua include:

  • A beautiful photo of you and your partner
  • A set or pair of items … such as candlesticks
  • A table set for two
  • A beautiful sculpture featuring two people or two animals
  • Two people in unison or facing each other (avoid having backs to each other)
  • Rose quartz and an assortment of other crystals
  • Hearts

The Partnership Gua is Governed by Earth Energy

Earth energy governs the Partnership gua, the Center, and the Knowledge gua. Visualize the Earth spinning on its axis, passing through each of these areas, on its tilt.

In balance, Earth energy is nourishing, comfortable, stable, grounded and unifying. When there’s too much, a space can feel stifling, smothered, and overprotective. You might have muddled thinking, constantly feel worried or feel that you can’t do enough for others. If Earth energy is deficient, you  might have concerns about survival, lack stability or feel closed off emotionally and spiritually.  Read last month’s post about the Center of your home for an overview of Earth energy and Earth qualities.

Refresh your Partnership gua and the Partnership corners in each room, prior to September 25th. As you make changes, remember to do the Three Secrets Reinforcement with each cure or enhancement that you place. The Three Secrets process is a way to strengthen your intention and to transfer it to the related object you place or the action you take. Contact Peg if you need the process for the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

September 25th New Moon Meditation

Then on September 25th, do a meditation. Set intentions for your partnership, relationship or marriage. Take some time to write them down, sit quiet and then reflect on experiencing the end result of your intentions. Avoid focus on how they will unfold. Leave that part up to the Universe. Your job is to hold the intention and to hold the space for your intentions and dreams to come into form. Let go of worry about anything that you may feel is not happening and put expectations in place that your intentions are happening. At the beginning of a process, much happens beneath the surface or our of view, Trust that all is well and set the expectation that you’ll begin to see results at the proper time.

Would you like some help?

If you’d some ideas and suggestions to adjust any areas  of your space, contact Peg for a consultation. If you mention the September newsletter, save 20% and pay $75.00 for a half hour consultation.