Shift Your Energy

Would you like to feel better and have more energy every day? If so, I recommend that you do a 15-day free trial for Focused Life Force Energy and see if it makes a difference for you.


One client told me that she tried it and she liked it. When the free trial ended, she decided not to subscribe. Within days, she noticed a big difference … situations that were going smoothly were off track again. She didn’t have as much energy as she had previously noted, and relationship bumps were emerging. She decided to subscribe, and the situations calmed down and resolved themselves. Coincidence? Maybe. It didn’t matter to her. What mattered is that she felt better with FLFE activated.


FLFE boosts the energy in your home and yard (home service) and wherever you go (phone service), helping you to feel better every day. It’s subtle energy, so you don’t see it. Not knowing exactly how it works is a challenge for many people. It requires trust. What I’ve noticed is that generally my life runs smoothly. When we had a few bumps this month, it was due to an entity that hopped on board while we were at an event. Once I realized this, I cleared the attachment and things quickly got back on track.


FLFE helps to:


  • Have higher levels of personal energy and stamina
  • Support your immune system
  • Harmonize EMFs
  • Optimize brain function
  • Improve GI tract function
  • Optimize absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Clear negative history from your land and buildings
  • Enhance the potential for positive interactions and relationships
  • Improve your long-term health
  • Get a deeper and more restful sleep
  • Have higher levels of personal energy and stamina
  • Experience deeper levels of concentration and meditation
    Improve your productivity while working from home


Check it out for yourself. The FLFE service works with energy instead of against it. To find out everything included in a FLFE subscription, visit the Service Details page.


If you’re already a subscriber, remember to do the daily boost for important activities. You can boost your property for 30 minutes daily or your phone for 5 minutes daily. I like to do the property boost when I have a significant activity underway or if I want more clarity about a situation. Also, check your account and use your “Pay It Forward” (PIF) gift. If you have PIFs available, send a gift to anyone in need. I had three PIFs in my account that I gifted to those in need this past month.  


I've had FLFE in place in my home and on my phone for nearly three years. I'm happy with it!