Signs You Need a Clearing

When your life is moving along relatively smoothly and suddenly goes awry, chances are that you picked up an entity or an attachment of negative energy somewhere along the way. Clear it away to get back on track!


It’s easy and common to pick up attachments in hospitals, at funerals or memorial services, and in healthcare centers, among other places. I know this. Usually, I’m vigilant about self-protection. Recently, however, I let my guard down and I picked one up.


I visited one of my sisters in a hospital and a week later I attended a celebration-of-life gathering for one of my husband’s former colleagues. The gathering was at a beautiful, historic estate about two and a half hours away.


On our return trip, my husband drove our car off the road, into heavy brush, to avoid hitting a truck that was stopped in front of us. A sign at the side of the road caught his attention, and when he looked ahead again, he realized that the truck had stopped to make a left turn. Fortunately, we had a soft landing! No one was hurt and the body damage to the car is being repaired.


The following day, I slipped on a rock while hiking and sprained my ankle. I’m usually super careful on rocks. This one had slippery moss that I didn’t see. I went down quick and hard. Fortunately, I could walk the mile back to my car and drive home. Lots of ice, immobility and rest is the cure.


While resting, I checked to see if my husband I had picked up an entity. Sure enough, we had. Most likely at the previous day’s events, as I had cleared myself after the hospital visit. I cleared both of us immediately.


Whenever things are off track for you, check your energy. Chances are you picked up a negative attachment. The solution is to clear it away. You might have your own technique, or you can search the web. Maureen St. Germain writes about her technique in a few of her many books. She also has published several blog posts about clearing energy.


If you’re not comfortable clearing yourself, or you’d prefer to be cleared by someone else, contact me. I use a highly effective technique that I’ve crafted after studies with many teachers. In my clearing technique, I clear 13 energy fields and your lightbody, clear and balance your chakras and then bring you into balance with the best energy in your current location. Separately, I clear patterns associated with deeply held blocked emotions via Emotional Freedom & Healing Release sessions, as well as clearing homes, land, and properties via space clearings. I also clear cars and pets. Read testimonials from my clients.


Negative energy lurks in many places. The first clue that you’ve picked something up is when things get off balance or suddenly go awry. It’s best to catch it quick and clear it away. I recommend that you clear yourself or get a clearing whenever:


  • You feel out of sorts or are ill
  • You have a series of unfortunate events
  • Unusual (negative) things are happening in your life
  • You’ve been in a hospital
  • You’ve attended a funeral or services
  • You visited a graveyard
  • You spend time with someone who is ill
  • Your energy is low or lower than usual
  • You’re snapping at people
  • You’re blaming others for what’s happening to you


After you clear yourself or are cleared by someone else, be vigilant and protect your energy field. Wear or carry protection regularly. You can do this wearing crystals, jewelry, or oils, carrying a talisman, doing energy work, saying protective prayers, invoking the energy of guides and protectors, and more. My favorite tools are copper bracelets, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, some protective pendants, guardian angels, spirit guides, and prayers.


The auto accident and my ankle injury are a reminder and wake up call to always be on alert and to be vigilant about protecting myself and my own energy before helping or engaging with others. It requires ongoing effort, time, and attention. The result is well worth it though --- a relatively smooth flow of events with minimal or easily resolved ups and downs.